DreamCast: A Phoenix and a Toucan

Jackie in Ottawa, Canada writes:

In my dreams, I frequently get visions of things that float into sight, come closer, and then disappear. I can interpret most of these symbols, but I am having a harder time with these two: a phoenix with a crown, and a toucan. Your insights would be appreciated.

Hello Jackie,

Most of us have awakened from a dream wondering what the heck it meant. The symbols or scenarios may have been peculiar — like a talking fish — or just outside our ordinary experience, like your phoenix, which is a mythological bird, and your toucan, which I don’t imagine you see many of in Canada.

Symbols arise from your psyche, and are thus highly personal. Still, I can offer clues about their meanings. For instance, the phoenix, which ‘rises from the ashes,’ is often a symbol of transformation. Are you experiencing a profound shift in your life? This might stem from an event, change of attitude, or elimination of a habit. The crown might symbolize your ‘crowning achievement,’ acknowledging your spiritual or emotional progress.

The toucan is a colorful bird. Perhaps it’s telling you to be more ‘colorful‘ in your self-expression by using your creativity and honoring your uniqueness. Of course, if you’ve always wanted to visit South American (or another toucan-friendly area), the dream might be encouraging you to travel there.

The easiest way to interpret a baffling symbol is do a short meditation immediately upon waking. Close your eyes and picture the symbol, then see what comes to you. Does it feel positive or negative? Does it remind you of a person or situation in your life? Also, you can research the symbol online and see if the information strikes a cord. If you’re still baffled, most likely you’ll have another dream that will help illuminate the message.

Sweet dreams,


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