Psychic Alison Predicts Love Reunion

Psychic Alison and her guides have been talking to me since January 12, 2010 about my ex-boyfriend who is a difficult read spiritually. (Stubborn bull, he is.) My ex and I are both born under the sign of Taurus (he’s 4/23 and I’m 4/27). He’s always in my energy, thoughts and heart — sometimes too much. I expected Alison to tell me to run as fast as my little legs could, but instead her guides said otherwise.

On Jan. 12 she relayed that she saw him coming around March/April, but also felt something strong around Jan. 15 and then again Jan. 26 or Jan. 27. She was right both times. He popped his little head up on the sign, where we met, and then came and sat in front of my house on Jan. 26. Couldn’t wait to tell Alison. I only call her, because when I speak with other psychics from other networks, they vary — big time. On February 15 and 25, she gave more great news of seeing us in a long term relationship to marriage in the time frame of March 4, 2011, and that I will soar with my real estate business.

On February 25 she said that she felt his strong presence around me on February 15th. I didn’t mention it to her, but he visited my online dating profile again. She and her guides are great with time frames. I know psychics are not God, and that in the spirit realm time is different from our time clocks, but she reads our energy well. She was right about other times I have felt him too, but didn’t tell her that. I love to make her laugh, too. I trust her.

I’ve spoken to many readers and they seem to have the same notes for every subject with a twist, but Alison and her guides don’t give me that impression, and she says the more we talk, if my predictions vary too much, than it’s time to move on. Thank you Lord, and CP, for allowing Alison to be part of my energy.

– Cynthia, Milwaukee

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