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Michele from Mission Viejo, CA asks:

For the last 2.5 years, I have been writing books in several different types of genres. Unfortunately, I haven’t received a request from an editor to publish my book(s). I’m hoping to become a success author—I love to write and I want to help the household with bills and purchasing another piece of property for additional retirement income. Should I continue on this path in becoming a successful author so I may assist with additional income towards our retirement fund, or is there something else out in the cosmos that I am supposed to do to make money? Thanks for your help!

Abrielle ext. 9894 Responds:

Michele, what a wonderful question for all of our California Psychics clients who want to publish their own special stories! I am being guided to tell you, Michele, that as I considered your question, I was psychically given a vision of a bookcase, and in that bookcase were several books with your name on them as the author!

For you. Michele, and all of our future California Psychics clients who want their names on those books in the bookshelf, but have not gotten that call or letter from an editor or a publishing company, I am psychically receiving a strong message. That message is telling all of you is that there is not just one way anymore to get a book published!

The next image I receive psychically is that of a horse and a carriage, and then right alongside the carriage is a sleek rocket . My understanding of this unusual picture is that when we would-be authors are thinking of getting our book out there and we are thinking that it has to be approved and published by an editor of a publishing company, our thinking is like the horse and buggy days!

What my guides are telling me for you and all of us writers, is that we need to think about the multiple ways we can quickly get our important words and messages in our books to our future readers. The message I hear for you, Michele, is to look at self-publishing through the Internet. Not sure if this will work? Guess what—many, many bestsellers have come through authors who first had to self-publish because they were turned down by editors. Worried about the cost? For about what you pay for monthly cable, you can have a book listed to be published on demand!

Don’t have the money for self-publishing? I’m hearing the words, “look for a grant aided by your local librarian!” Not sure how to get the process started? All you have to do is research “self-publishing” through your search engines or free local library books.

Michele, I also understand the important question that you had about making money from your books. Psychically I am being shown a picture of a bank book with a computer right next to it. This picture is telling me two important messages for you Michele. Yes, you will make money from your publishing and the path is definitely through self-publishing. The computer alongside the bank book is telling me for the money to grow in your bank account through your books, you will need to use the computer to not only self-publish, but to promote your book!

For you and all our California Psychics clients wanting to learn how to promote your book, I am being directed back to the horse and buggy picture again. My guides are reminding me that the job that your editor and publisher did in the past to promote your book, you will have the opportunity to do yourself. I see a computer alongside that rocket and my understanding of this psychic vision is that your own self-promotion of your book through all the free promotional sites including blogging on the internet can be even faster than going the editor and publishing company route.

Not sure how to promote your book? Again, I am being shown the picture of our trusty librarian and the Internet—it’s all there for you, Michele, and all of us who want to see our names in print!

Michele, and all our California Psychics clients who plan to publish their books, best of luck to you! And remember, the message I receive is plan! All those wonderful books you have dreamed of seeing in print no longer have to wait for someone else’s approval and schedule. This is your own special rocket ship that you can launch yourselves, dear clients and I hope to see those books on the bookshelves soon!

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5 thoughts on “Money Matters: Publish Your Dreams

  1. Nelly Gold

    I admit is really hard letting-go…, cos i have been there too; when you think you are getting stuck…; the way out is to start thinking all the bad treatements you ‘ve received from the person, dismiss the good time you people had together, i mena the rule should only be apply when you made-up your mind to move-on. Goodluck.

  2. arise

    My friend knows a woman in a nearby town who published articles on a site that provides “how to” information. People pay a small amount of money to read articles on subjects they want to learn. For the last several years she has been able to support herself on that income. This is pure e-publishing, no printing involved. Another option for you.

  3. Dawna

    I have never LOVED writing, but I will say I am being pulled toward writing a book. Not for money, though it would be nice. I had a life changing experience, awful, and had to recover from a situation that many many others have experienced as well. They are lost, angered, and hurt badly when it happens. There is not any real consequences of what the person(s) did to hurt them. So many are left with nothing to help get through a crisis. Its a struggle to find help and support. I can do that. I can tell them what they need to hear. In a positive, healing, nature.
    I researched the subject far and wide, and find very few books on the subject. So I know that many would buy my little bit of wisdom if only to know that the same thing happened to others. I plan on not focusing on the anger involved, but to try to get them to find humor in the stories of others, so they can go on with out spending energy dealing with such a negative force.
    I hope to do this in the next couple years, I have my outline, and resources ready. LOL, even my Title. If its meant to happen, it will.
    Now, I just have to learn HOW to make that work. Publishing will be a whole new experience for me and I hope it goes well.
    Any advice will surely be welcomed!
    Peace and Love

  4. Jackie

    I just have a question. My house was robbed a few months ago and the police say that iy was definitely someone that had been in my house before.Is it possible to get details about that person who robbed me and possibly a name?

  5. Gayle Martin

    As an author myself I know the business. I’ve been writing books since 2005, so please allow me to explain how this business works.

    First of all, traditional publishing, which means you submit your manuscript to a publisher, and the publisher buys the rights, is only ONE option, and it is rapidly becoming a dinosaur. Unless you have an agent, it is virtually impossible to get past the gatekeepers, (as we in the business call the acquisition editors), and getting an agent is, more often than not, a long, slow and difficult process. And then, assuming you are lucky enough to get an agent, there is no guarantee a traditional publisher will buy your manuscript. If that is the route you wish to take, then be prepared for rejection letters and months, if not years, of frustration.

    Today more and more authors are opting to either self-publish, or use a subsidy publisher. Why? Because they want their books to be published and be read. The world has changed. This is no longer considered a stigma, and because so many authors are now choosing this option that is is having an impact on traditional publishing. This is certainly a viable option and something that you may want to consider.

    Finally, you are subscribing to THE AUTHOR MYTH. MOST AUTHORS DO NOT MAKE THAT MUCH MONEY FROM ROYALTIES. The Stephen Kings, and the J.K. Rowlngs are very, very rare!

    The days of traditional publishers paying big advances to authors are long, long gone. Most advances today are small and are usually consumed paying for book publicity. Book publicity can be very expensive, (typically thousands of dollars), and, oftentimes, that expense the responsibility of the author, NOT the publisher. Even when using a traditional publisher. And BTW, if you do get lucky and land a traditional publisher, and your book does not sell, guess what? They drop you.

    Ask yourself why are you writing. Is it because you have a story to tell? Is is because you want to help people? Or is it to make money? You say you want to use your book to purchase property or for your retirement income. Trust me as a voice of experience. THIS IS NOT THE REASON WHY YOU BECOME AN AUTHOR. You become an author one reason, and one reason only. That reason is because you love to write. Period. Your reward is having a book you can be proud of.


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