Money Matters: Nurse’s Ship Is Coming In

Grace from Upper Darby, Pennsylvania asks:

Even though it took me a while (due to the lack of finances), I obtained a degree and licensing in nursing. It seemed with all the hype about the nursing shortage that I would have been able to step into a job, but that has not been the case. By now, I had planned to be financially independent and even though I work full time in the childcare field for a nonprofit agency that is not the case. In order to live, I have had to depend on government assistance and credit cards. What is holding me back from financial stability?

Psychic Abrielle ext. 9894 Responds:

Grace, thank you for reaching out and telling us about your situation as this is an important issue that many people are experiencing at this time. I see two pictures of a world globe: one with every world currency stretched like a rubber band around the earth, and the second picture of the world globe turning rapidly and the golden sun shining over the earth.

This picture is telling me that you’ve been affected both in your career and financially by economic conditions in the world. More positively, the second picture shows me that the economies all over the world are now opening to a brighter future, not only for you, but also for all our California Psychic clients who are looking for new jobs and better financial conditions.

Grace, the specific psychic vision I’m receiving for you is of a large ship docking at your residence and as the ship docks, sailors unload a golden chest on your step. I see you coming to the door, and upon opening the chest, you take out your nursing diploma with a red circle around the school you graduated from, a doctor’s bag and, finally, a ship’s sailing schedule with your name on it.

What I see with all these positive items in your golden chest is that you’re being guided to check in with the placement office at your graduating school. Although job placement at your school may have been difficult in the past, that sun shining over the world globe is telling me that your school has some new opportunities coming their way. One is especially for you at a doctor’s practice. The ship’s sailing schedule with your name on it tells me that the timing is perfect for you to move forward with your dream to work as a nurse.

For all our readers, I’m reminded to convey to you: so often a door seems to be closed not due to the lack of our own efforts, but it’s because of economic conditions which can affect timing. It’s important to know that conditions can suddenly change, and our ships are ready to come in and deliver jobs and money. The guidance I’m receiving for all of you seeking career movement and better financial conditions is: the golden sun of prosperity is shining on you wherever you are in the world, and events you need to happen will speed to you faster.

Finally, Grace, I see a vision of you standing in front of a bank, and you’re confidently opening the door and shaking the hand of a woman who appears to be the vice president of the bank and she’s welcoming you to all the financial services of the bank. It looks to me that you’re ready to deposit a nice sum of money in the bank. I’m hearing that this will occur within a year, and that tells me that you have moved forward positively on your personal finances.

Grace, my very best wishes to you and all our California Psychic clients for your success in the coming year!

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