Money Matters: Empower Your Career Path

Should She Pursue a Career in Medicine?

Sherryl from Kingston, Jamaica asks:

I’ve read many of your posts on helping persons with their queries, and I’m very impressed. Good job!

The problem that I’m having in terms of a career choice is that I don’t want to choose a specific career field, go to university and train for the career and end up not liking it or, worse, failing it… this could cause a lot of stress and loss of money… Please, I need some advice as to what I must do. I’m very fascinated by any course in medicine, but I would really like to pursue a career as a medical doctor or physiotherapist. This is the biggest decision in my life right now, because I want a career that would help me support myself and my family. I would appreciate any help or advice that you can give to me. Thanks much.

Psychic Abrielle’s Response:

Sherryl, your question is such an excellent one for all our California Psychics’ clients who want to pursue a medical career, but are concerned that after years of medical schooling, they may not actually enjoy the medical job they’ve studied for!

For your medical career future, Sherryl, I psychicially received a picture of a see-saw, with you standing nice and balanced in the center of the see-saw. On the left side of the see-saw is a doctor’s bag and piles of books. On the right side I see a medical certificate with a calendar representing one year. You can guess which side of the see-saw was high in the air!

My guides are pretty specific on this one for you, Sherryl, and they want to convey to you that the see-saw does represent your career. You eventually will be that doctor, and the best way to know for sure which medical doctorate will make you happy is by first starting on the right side of the see-saw.

For you Sherryl, and all our California Psychics’ clients who can’t wait through long years of medical training to be assured that they’re making the right commitment, there is a fast way to walk through those hospital or clinic doors and begin experiencing all the career choices available in the medical field by doing the following:

I’m being shown a picture of an elevator, with about fifty floors. Each floor represents all the different positions you can apply for within the medical area. These jobs you can do with either a high school education or a one- to two-year certificate obtained through a technical medical educational program, or on-the-job medical training. Fifty job choices!

Now you’re all probably saying, how do I choose which floor? Where do I go from here to walk through those hospital doors as fast as I can? My guides are pointing to the image of the elevators. They’re reminding all of you that before you enter an elevator you have usually done some sort of research and planning so that you know exactly where to go!

For Sheryl and all our California Psychics clients who are eager to get on that medical career elevator, I’m hearing a message that the fast way to find out which medical job you want to pursue is to start your research with the Internet. I’m also hearing strong encouragement about the future growth for all medical jobs way, way, way into the future!

The suggestion is to research “medical jobs with a high school diploma”; “medical jobs with one or two years training”; or “on the job medical training” on the Internet. And I’m being guaranteed that you will quickly find the “floor” you want to go to in that medical career elevator, either applying immediately for that medical job, or beginning short-term training.

Sherryl, the next picture I’m being shown is of you being flown in a beautiful airplane, and it looks like you’re wearing a medical uniform. My guides are explaining that, yes, you did land that job in a short time at that medical facility and you are now learning about all the areas of medicine that will make you happy and fulfilled!

Best of luck to you, Sherryl, and all our California Psychics’ clients who want to pursue fulfilling medical careers!

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    My question to a psychic is that i have been struggling all of my life,do you see any kind of a large sum of money that i will be receiving, any time soon. are maybe a job promotion,any kind of information that you can share with me would be helpful. my birthdate is may 26,1960,thanks…..

  2. PAt

    No big deal, the medical profession is almost the only one left these days………………..WHat about
    those of us in the Arts?


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