4 Keys to Having Fabulous Holidays on a Budget

The Gift-Giving Season is Almost Here!

Despite the current challenging economic picture, the holiday gift-giving season is quickly approaching. We can either panic all the way to the nearest bank, or we can enjoy the ride by applying some wonderful strategies to help us celebrate the true meaning of holiday spirit!

1. Let Family Traditions Take Priority

The holidays aren’t really about spending, but about celebrating cherished traditions, which doesn’t have to break your bank if you’re a savvy consumer. Sure, traditionally you buy one another gifts, but give some thought to what else you enjoy doing together that might create a future tradition. Dinner cook-offs, picnics, and arts and crafts projects are just a few examples of cherished traditions which place the focus on making memories instead of spending money. Psychic Faith ext. 9608 says “Recognize and share your gifts. It not only brings confidence and success to you, but empowers others as well.”

2. Be Cagey About Your Currency

A little can go a long way if you’re willing to put in the work. Plan a budget that you will stick to, shop early to avoid holiday-inflated prices, and take the time to comparison shop instead of impulse buying. Following these guidelines will give you a bigger bang for your buck and leave that all-too-familiar post-shopping guilt by the side of the road. Psychic Yemaya ext. 5143 reminds us, “There are many ways to celebrate. Consider if you may need to release familiar obligations, if they do not bring you joy, in order to find your own space to create holiday happiness!”

3. Substance Trumps the Pricetag

Spendthrift gifts of little to no substance will be forgotten as soon as the newness of the item wears off, if not sooner. Taking the extra time to put real thought and intent into choosing presents will add some heart and soul to your gift-giving. Making something unique or tracking down a hard-to-find item is sure to make a big impact on the receiver of your gift, and focuses on the true value of the piece instead of its price tag.

4. Keeping it in Perspective

While the holidays are indeed a special time of year, they do not make the year, or our lives. Treating one another with appreciation and celebration is something to be enjoyed throughout the year, not something to be reserved for a handful of days out of the 365.

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3 thoughts on “4 Keys to Having Fabulous Holidays on a Budget

  1. gregorio

    I do believe that holidays were made for love and enjoyment. Let’s say Christmas for example, during Christmas both rich and poor people can have enough of what they want from the stores because things were cheap.
    People even gather together,share ideas, eat together which is shine of love

  2. Reed x 5105Reed x5105

    In my opinion, the holiday season might best be celebrated by spending time with family and friends, enjoying some time away from work, taking personal inventory and planning goals for the coming year, or observing a spiritual practice.
    Sometimes holidays, such as Christmas, can become celebrations of commercialism – and while shopping can be fun, I am unconvinced that the institution of commercialism actually deserves a full scale celebration.

    While I plan to purchase cards and a few small gifts, my goal this year is to revive old family traditions and renew my practice of gratitude for the people and things I already have in my life.

    Best wishes and Happy Holidays to you all!

    Reed x5105


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