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Liana from Toronto, Canada, asks:

It seems that no matter how much I try, I can barely survive with what I earn. It’s been the story of my life—I’m now trying to change the way I think about becoming financially successful by using techniques I’ve been reading about. For example: the magic of believing. My problem is that as soon as I start to really feel and believe that something great will come—there is a negative energy clouding my judgment. How do I train myself to really believe that I can have what I want by using my inner guide, spirit, subconscious etc…?

Psychic Abrielle ext. 9894 Responds:

Liana, when I read your wonderful question, I see how important it is not only for your life but all of our readers! What you are asking is the most basic question in all our hearts and that is how do we create and believe in a better future for ourselves?

Your questions deal with so many important levels of creating our lives, that I am going to give you a summary of how I psychically receive how our futures create:

1. Your guides help you connect your purpose and future.

2. Your mind and heart help you create your purpose and future.

Two big words that you just read are connect and create. And that, Liana and all our readers, is what you need to maintain the power to believe in what you want and create in your future.

So you and all our readers are now asking, how do we connect with and create a better future with our guides and our hearts and minds as a creating team?

Thank goodness we’ve all of us, every single person on the planet, been given a special gift. This gift is not only a metaphysical gift, it is also a scientifically proven gift by a Nobel Prize-winning physicist.

What that gift is and what the scientist proved is “how we look at something changes it.” I’m going to paraphrase that fact so you can quickly use this in your life. Whatever you vision in your mind (think of your brain running a film) will create (change) your life.

Liana and all our readers know that what we see around us we usually believe in, right?

Scientific evidence tells us that may not be the most positive path. What if we turn that around to what you see inside of you, you believe in?

Here’s a step by step process that you and all our readers can use to create and believe from the inside out, rather than the outside in:

1. Write out the vision of your life—be specific and bold! Ask your guides for help and listen to your heart.

2. Pick one special time of the day where you spend at least ten minutes “looking” at your vision like it is your own personal film running.

3. Throughout your day take a few seconds and pick one small scene of your special “vision film.” See it loading into your brain like a DVD and you are watching a ten-second clip of your life.

4. Keep a journal to note the changes in your life, and keep thanking your guides for all the help they are giving you to connect your future.

Liana, my best thoughts to you as you create a future that helps you believe! And to all our readers, a reminder that most of us have been creating our lives from the outside in for a long time and it may take a little time to create from the inside out. Remember, your guides will help you!

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  1. katrina

    I always love Abrielle’s posts. Her insights and images are brilliant and inspiring. I love the way she works. What an asset to California Psychics! Keep writing – can’t wait to read more, Abrielle. Big hugs from Katrina. xo


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