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Inga-Britt from Stockholm, Sweden asks:

I’ve started my own business to help people through their life crisis and to coach them forward afterwards. Recently, I started an art consulting business. I have difficulties to feel out, and I’ve tested lots of different ways. Should I go on with three different company ideas, or do you see in which direction I should go? Also, I write a lot. I’ve thought about writing a book about how to get through your life crisis. I’ve written a novel and lots of other books. I’m also an artist, and have exhibitions as well. What does my future look like? I have difficulties in getting customers, so my money is drifting away. Must I give it all up, take another job or should I still try? I’d left my work as an IT-consultant, because I could not stand it anymore.

Psychic Anya Dawn ext. 9179 Responds:

I truly admire your intelligence and indefatigability, but you must wonder why with your persistence and many talents, you never receive equitable monetary results for your efforts? Let’s look at what you’re doing when you said; “I have difficulties to feel out, and I’ve tested lots of different ways.”

You follow the initial set-up of a business as long as you’re challenged by it. Commerce entails dealing with exasperating influences, as well as following through with long-standing monotonous steps. You’re not interested in developing a plan further, because you believe you will win without addressing the incompleteness of your plans.

What you’re doing is evident to many, but you’re unable (not unwilling) to see that your plans are not fully formed. The explanation has been hinted at, given detailed clarification and even shouted by people trying to assist. What is holding you back? You believe you can only win.

What are your choices? Follow through with one existing business? Stay in a job, and look at your interests as pleasurable hobbies? Maintain a job and leave it when you have been maintaining a flourishing business over a period of years? Or stay with only two businesses ventures that make money and be dedicated to them?

I’m certain you have already heard and/or thought of all of these options, and more. You could be truly successful with all of the prior choices. You know you have what it takes to do it… but right now you’re more focused that you have what it takes, rather than doing what it takes! It’s that simple.

Every time you plan a new method, you think this time it will work. You enjoy formulating new ventures and discussing them with up-and-coming people. What you’re doing is not similar to lighting a match, where at one given point it just catches fire. Starting or reinventing businesses will not make the spark ignite.

Both the planning and discussion phases give a feeling of accomplishment. Envisioning attainment verses experiencing it is as different as a shadow is from the object making the shadow. Patient pursuit is quintessentially the finest aim maintained by all who achieve their ambitions.

If you ask someone how they became “successful” and they gave it true thought, they would tell you that they didn’t try to do anything, they were just doing. It sounds almost like explaining something unobtainable, yet if anyone strives too directly toward a goal, it cannot happen. This is because of the illusory state in which we live. No human lives in true reality, so by formulating goals too directly, we end up pursuing something that doesn’t exist.

By attempting to not stand out from others, a person truly stands out. Stay on course, do not look for reward, and you will receive above and beyond what you were searching for when you kept changing businesses. Instead, let it come looking for you.

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One thought on “Money Matters: Be Your Own Boss

  1. tracy

    Anya, You are exactly right. 28 years ago I opened my own small business and simply provided a service to my customers and was honest and tried to please customers consistently without really having a business plan or goal to follow. I beleive by simply being genuine and passionate about your work will take you where you want to go, without ever realizing you are getting there. One day you wake up and you have a thriving business you can’t run alone anymore. This is when it can really become a challenge you never set out to have.The other side of the dream many people have in owning their own business can become a nightmare.


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