Money Matters: Are You a Leader or a Follower?

Lisa from Cincinnati, Ohio asks:

My work life has been in turmoil for nearly two years. I landed, what I thought, was the job of my dreams nine months ago. But I lost it because of anxiety (by the way, I’ve never experienced anxiety in my life until then). I loved my new job. It was a total shift in my career. Now, I’m back in my old industry, but dying to get out. Will I ever experience contentment in my line of work, either in a new industry or old?

Psychic Anya Dawn ext. 9179 Responds:

You were able to obtain a great job during a time of high unemployment. Undaunted by snags, you immediately found another position when vacancies were scarce. When others don’t even know how to get started, you independently find ways to be resourceful. Despite that, there isn’t an instrument in your personal “tool belt” to obey others.

That’s why your last job ended. They wanted you to follow plans that would not work. Knowing the consequences for any proposed undertaking, you upset the corporate applecart. They couldn’t accept you knowing more than them. How could you resolve issues when senior staff couldn’t see a problem? Alliances were not going to break down for a newcomer to the organization.

Instead of resolving issues for established businesses, you naturally identify business possibilities and develop them. If you find another job in the new industry, the same issues will reoccur. Even if you minimize yourself, it will just slow down the inevitable. There isn’t a way to integrate your way of thinking into the corporate timepiece. You will not receive contentment unless you become self-employed.

You’re a start-from-scratch businessperson; pre-packaged businesses or distributions aren’t your forte. You would see errors in how others outlined their program. As a go-it-alone person, partnerships will not work for you. You’re unsurpassed in maximizing productivity when you’re not focused on plans, nor carrying out others’ plans.

Keep costs low and common sense high. Lean toward the bare minimum of equipment, getting around unnecessary advertising and postpone having a designated office. Look at money making notions you already thought about doing, and just start doing them. When you can easily survive on what you recoup from your earnings, go full-time.

Success can and will be limited by your choices. Frame what is worth keeping… but remember time consumption activities, including lifestyle and social endeavors are background scenery that may become your whole life. You know what needs to be done, so get in there and start doing.

You’re relying on other’s rules when you’re playing on their field of operations. Anxiety will not be a problem in the future, because you can trust your own strength. There was nothing wrong with your behavior on your desired job; you were just meant see the bigger picture for yourself.

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