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The week begins with an enthusiastic Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in Aries, great for social repartee and humorous exchanges – if the Mars-Pluto square doesn’t cause a confrontation of some sort. Moon in Leo teams up with other fiery influences on Tuesday and Wednesday to make passion sizzle. During the weekend, the Full Moon in Libra rattles relationships on Saturday, but favors shared activities (and sharing your heart) on Sunday. Best days for socializing: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Aries: Your brainpower intensifies your charisma at the start of the week, so share your feelings, ideas and insights. Just be mindful of getting drawn into an argument. Romance can be found at a party or club midweek. During the weekend, selfishness can upset love on Saturday, but a rendezvous brings satisfaction on Sunday!

Taurus: Home fires burn brightly on Tuesday and Wednesday, when hosting a dinner party for friends or a cozy date with your sweetie can bring delight. A sexy tryst is nearly assured on Thursday! This weekend, duty or low energy may sidetrack romance on Saturday, but your sweetness makes you a magnet for love on Sunday!

Gemini: A conflict may unhinge a friendly gathering at the beginning of the week. Your natural objectivity can help restore harmony. Flirting in-person or online brings a sexy interlude on Tuesday or Wednesday. A romantic getaway is favored as well. Romance is turbulent on Saturday, but your humor and enthusiasm inspire romance on Sunday!

Cancer: Emotions will get out of control at the start of the week unless you remain centered. Showing your appreciation brings/inspires love on Tuesday or Wednesday. Sharing your feelings inflames passion on Thursday. This weekend’s Full Moon may ignite a family problem or pattern on Saturday. Hosting a party (for two?) energizes you on Sunday!

Leo: Having a positive attitude can bring romance or even a career opportunity on Tuesday or Wednesday, so be open to receiving a gift from the Universe. Analyzing your love life brings a valuable insight on Thursday. A misunderstanding can unhinge love on Saturday, but verbalizing your feelings will get love back on track on Sunday!

Virgo: Sexy wordplay will energize intimacy at the beginning of the week, but be mindful of emotional boundaries. A dash of drama in your words or style inspires romance on Tuesday or Wednesday. Money may be a source of conflict on Saturday. A poetic expression of your feelings makes romance sizzle on Sunday!

Libra: A discussion with your sweetie about the future is favored on Monday, but be mindful of emotional triggers. Socializing/networking with friends or coworkers can bring romance on Tuesday or Wednesday. This weekend’s Full Moon in your sign may feel destabilizing. Still, taking the lead in love can bring good results on Sunday.

Scorpio: A power struggle is likely to arise on Monday; use your insight to see the bigger picture of the issue. A public event or career-related activity can bring romance on Wednesday or Thursday. Romance can be found during a group gathering on Thursday. Analyzing the past will bring a startling insight about your love life this weekend.

Sagittarius: A brainy connection can spark a passionate romp at the start of the week, if you avoid willfulness. Exploring a new locale will prompt a romantic interlude on Wednesday or Thursday. An educational or spiritual activity can bring romance, too. This weekend, socializing gets out of control on Saturday, but friends bring fun on Sunday.

Capricorn: Emotions are turbulent on Monday, so strive to stay balanced. Some creativity between the sheets is sure to intensify pleasure on Tuesday or Wednesday. Passion escalates even more on Thursday! A trip or online flirtation can bring romance on Friday. An issue about authority, commitment or responsibility may unhinge love during this weekend’s prickly Full Moon.

Aquarius: Your humor or wisdom inspires romance at the beginning of the week. Partnership energy soars on Tuesday and Wednesday, so plan something fun with your sweetie or be on the lookout for someone new. A clash of views about the future can upset love on Saturday. An exotic locale will set passion ablaze on Sunday!

Pisces: Romance blooms on Monday, if a social situation/issue doesn’t spoil the fun. A courageously creative show of feelings will heat up passion on Tuesday or Wednesday! Thursday is a good time for an intimate date your sweetie. Sex may seem complicated or blocked on Saturday, but a humorous or entertaining activity energizes romance on Sunday.

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