Angels, Devas, Spirit Guides and Power Animals

Because things we experience from the Spirit World are filtered through each individual’s personal beliefs and expectations, not everyone agrees on exactly what defines an angel, or a spirit guide, a deva, or a power animal. But here are some basics that most mystics and psychics agree on, including what kinds of advice each group specializes in giving.

Angels and devas are purely beings of light, and have never experienced physical form. Because of this, their advice may sometimes seem impractical, until you understand how to apply it. By the way, a deva is an angel with a very particular task, that of holding and expressing the blueprint for a particular kind of plant and, perhaps for animal groups as well. There is a Sweetpea Deva, and a Pumpkin Deva, and a Mushroom Deva, and a Redwood Deva. There may be Dolphin Devas and Coral Devas, too. Angels have many interests and tasks in addition to the much-loved Guardian Angels. Examples are Landscape Angels which watch over forests, rivers, seas, mountains and larger ecosystems, and Overlighting Angels which guide and knit together families and organizations and marriages.

Spirit guides, on the other hand, have had experience in physical form, and while their perspective is less time-oriented than ours, and encompasses reality beyond the stream of time, they relate more easily to the day to day challenges we humans experience. But did you know that animals can appear as spirit guides, too? I suspect many are what is known in Native American culture as Power Animals or Medicine Animals. But I’m not sure if the animals I personally have encountered in readings as spirit guides fall into the category of devas, or if they’re the spirit forms of animals who actually lived. Perhaps they’re both. Perhaps the cat hanging around in someone’s aura really is a beloved pet, and perhaps the owl on your shoulder is a power animal, a form of deva, or something altogether different.

What do you think?

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  1. psychic-matt-5152

    I once went to a native american sweat Lodge and the medicine man showed me a deck he had called Medicine cards with which you can work with as many as 52 animals spirit guides and even figure out your own totem Pole.Its FUN.
    My spirit guide for the last several years is named Lucinda,.who always brings the right message at the right time with an extra special does of SOUL.(:

  2. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Thanks, Verbena. My mom is a healer, but I don’t have her power that she has in her hands. You can feel the energy in her hand (she is a sag with a lot of cappy planets). But then, she praises me for my focus in the mind. Hugs,
    Miss Krystal

  3. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    ahhhhhhhh thanks so much, Lori. I envy you, my dogs never made it to even 13 years old. My dad had a setter that lived until he was 17, that was Rusty 1.
    For a while, in my teens, I lived in a remote town, about 35 miles from LA. I lived on a lake. Don’t laugh, but I had a way of talking to the ducks and geese.
    I had nothing to do then but fish (was raised by a gemini dad with a lot of cancer planets who made sure I could fish) ride bikes and ride horses, and swim. A shock for a Hollywood kid raised in the city. I can still call out for the ducks and they all come to me.
    My friends used to call me Lady Lake.
    But I still came back to the city.
    Go figure. Thanks Lori!
    Hugs, Miss Krystal

  4. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Hi Seha-
    I was always curious about the symbolism of the buffalo. My metaphysical studies were more eastern influenced (Asian). I would like to know a little more about the importance of the buffalo, if you will, please. I am intrigued! Thank you kindly, Miss Krystal

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Thanks Abigail…..
    I knew it was about signs but wasn’t sure…..I think it signifies my solitary nature too.
    Heres hoping that you & everybodyelse Great Memorial Day weekend !!!!

  6. Abigail Ext 9570

    Hi Gina Rose,
    It is your totem it signifies the power of the unconscious mind and the scratching on trees is symbolic of linking your antenna between the heavens and earth. So kewl that is WOW! Mine is the Cougar which represents coming into my own power, interstingly enough that was also my karmic lesson in this life.
    Blessings & Cyber Hugs

  7. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Seha,
    I have dreamed of a huge Grizzly Bear since about age 7….. for over 40 years…this huge Grizzly Bear comes to me in dreams, standing up straight, staring at me, and raking his huge claws on trees, telephone poles etc….leaving very long claw marks in the wood.I’m never scared in my dreams…rather comforted by his presence… I believe that the Grizzly Bear is my totem animal showing me signs.
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500
    A friend of mine is Shaman of one of the largest tribes in Canada….and also is RCMP.

  8. Miss Krystal

    Hello Verbena. Thanks. I am so glad you had a nice time. Yes, the main office for CP is gorgeous. Especially the view!
    Hope you are getting situated nicely as you return home.
    Cheers, Miss Krystal

  9. seha

    I just love these stories and experiances with angels and spirit guides. I have had first hand experiances as well. I love when my spirit guide and the angels answer my request for help and insight.
    As a Native American, I believe strongly in these beings. I also believe that trees, cactus and all life forms communicate to us. They all have wisdom and lessons to offer us. We just need to take notice. My husband is also Native American and his tribe believes that their spirit guide lives in a cave on their reservation. This spirit being has given that tribe their culture and tribal language and is greatly honored. My husband’s tribe also believes that rocks, gems, minerals also have messeges for us, and can offer answers if we listen to them.
    According to my tribal ways, animals are very important guides. We have many stories about Coyote, who is usually a trickster. Ealgles and buffalo are sacred to my tribe. I could go on and on about the animal stories the elders in my tribe have passed on through the ages.
    Thanks again for sharing. Blessings,
    Seha 9668

  10. Lucrecia Ext. 9326

    Hi Idives,
    There are many ways to tell. I would like to encourage you to write down the day, date and time and how your messages are coming through. If you like give me a call and I will help you with this.
    Always with love,

  11. Miss Krystal

    Thanks, Gina Rose. We feel love and protection from these dogs.
    They are a wonderful form of security, and anyone who loves animals would totally understand. They are angels here on earth and in heaven.
    Bless you too! Miss Krystal

  12. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    That was funny !!!! The things we girls try on our hair….LOL
    That particular color red , that deep, glossy, mahogany Irish Setter red,is a very beautiful TRUE red color.
    My Doberman was a RED & tan Dobbie…. I like red chestnut horses that color too !!!!
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  13. Miss Krystal

    Hi Gina Rose. You are a red head, you will think this is funny.
    This is the honest truth. I love Irish Setters, by far my favorite. When I was a teenager, around 16 years old, I purposely died my hair the same color as my setter (the one I had at that time have had several) because I was so in awe with his coat. Silly, I know. He actually had his friend, Gabrielle, the Dobbie next door. But we were trying to connect him up with the other setter, Scarlet. But he always preferred the Dobbie. I know you love Dobbie’s. Well all of my setters who have passed on are my angels. Someone should write a pet memorial blog because I am sure there are a lot of readers and clients who love their animals. One of the greatest sights I have ever experienced was being in Galway, Ireland, taking a hike on a hill that looked and felt like an emerald quilt. I saw a man taking his Setter out with a few of her puppies with her, against the green emerald hill, honestly, I have never seen anything so picturesque. Like Dobbies, setters have a very sweet side, but can change an instant if their master is threatened. I love dogs that protect. I think most psychics adore animals, big or small. A long time ago, almost twenty years ago, I was a roommate to a natural red head, she worked the night shift, but she had a Doberman, Mocha, and I always felt safe that Mocha was there when I was home by myself and she was on the night shift. Thanks, Miss Krystal

  14. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Wow…..IreLand and ScotLand both have such a mystical, magickal feeling to them. And I love Irish setters, a very beautiful and smart breed.
    Blessed Be )O(…..Gina Rose ext.9500

  15. Miss Krystal

    Gina Rose, I stayed at the Limerick Inn! Loved it! I always had Irish Setters.
    The people were so nice in Limerick. There was so much psychic energy in the castles. Although I am not Irish, was always attracted to all Irish things. This is a wonderful culture that is very open to psychic stuff and spirits. Thanks, Miss Krystal

  16. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Those are your Guides, they don’t ALWAYS give you exact answers,they CAN’T always give you exact answers,their function is only to help ” guide ” you, the decisions, and choices, you make today further creates and shapes your Karmic path of tomorrow…..Everybody has Karmic guides, they can appear in any shape or form,they generally will choose a shape that YOU are comfortable with.
    …..Angels only intervene on very rare occassions.Gina Rose ext.9500

  17. Psychic Abigail

    Dear Idives,
    What you are describing is guides. Ask their names see what you get.Good luck!

  18. Psychic Abigail

    The Raven has been at my house for 4 days now so there is a message coming soon that I need to pay attention to. I hope its a good one.

  19. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    My Great Aunt and GrandMother were from Limerick, IreLand,( they had Scottish blood as well as Irish)… they brought with them the ancient Celtic ways………..intuition,and being in sync with animals and Mother Nature’s signs, ( being “in tune” ) were a daily part of their routine.Gina Rose ext.9500

  20. idlives

    How can you tell if the voices in your head are angels or spirit guides? And do either of these send the visions or do they come from another source? I’m just trying to understand my gifts.
    I have both a man and a woman who give me info – usually predictions of things to come. Most often they tell me stuff out of the blue: information about others in my life. Sometimes the info seems helpful; other times I’m confused about why I need the information. Anyway, is it angels or spirit guides giving me this information?

  21. browneyes

    Thank you Abigail for your suggestion and dont worry about your spelling, I read typos very well, lol.I hope the thoughts that keep running through my mind are indicative of my future and not just wishful thinking. I know I have tried so hard to think differently but these thoughts just keep coming back and seems to be the only ones that make sense to me. Keep your fingers crossed for me girls.
    And also, have a wonderful trip Verbena. We will miss you here.

  22. Psychic Verbena

    TypePadI just can’t resist posting a reply to this, even though I’m supposed to be doing other stuff this week!
    I’ll bet a lot of your animals like to hang around when you’re doing readings or healings, right? I had one GREAT big dog, 146 lbs, part timber wolf, who absolutely insisted on participating whenever I did any of that sort of thing, lying under the healing table, sprawling hugely in the center of healing circles, observing proceedings during readings … and occasionally participating. I should add that he had a wonderful, hair-raising baritone woof that I swear almost shook the walls.
    One day I was working with a regular client on a long standing relationship issue, and we were going over stuff we’d discussed a lot regarding her problems, and I was repeating some of what I’d suggested several times before … when he got up, stalked over to where she was sitting on the floor, loomed over her, putting his face right in front of her face and said !WOOF! … and then turned around, went back to his corner, and laid down, grinning. The client turned to me and said, “Well, I guess he’s heard all this before and thinks I should just do what we discussed. What do YOU think?” I was too busy rolling on the floor laughing to answer! (and, by the way, she finally DID do it shortly after that)
    Gosh, I do love critters!

  23. Psychic Abigail

    Dear Browneyes you can start by going to a Barnes & Noble book store there are so many choices. Begin in the metaphysical section you will be guieded as to which books resonate with you. The Eagle means far vision ….you know my friend seeing into the future. The eagles can see it’s prey miles away with percision vision.
    Blessings Abigail

  24. browneyes

    I will start some research. Do you have suggestions on where I can start? Is there anything on the internet that I can read to find out more? And also what does seeing the Eagle for me mean exactly? Is this my guide or what?

  25. Psychic Abigail

    Oh my do I. I talk to them LOL I’ve had some of the craziest stuff with animals happen. I have one now that came to me last summer the next door neighbors cat. They got a new dog she got booted. Guess who started yacking and following me on my walks? Hmm Then my youngest son got attached to her so now she is here. I can’t have cats in my lease. This cat does not use a litter box she knows she would not be able to stay here if she did. She tells us when she has to go out! They called her squirt I call her Puss’n Boots. I will be aquiring a thearpy dog in the near future. I have seen him and I already know the name. My Guides told me.

  26. Psychic Abigail

    I gave you the answer on the dream Blog you are having premenitions.Start seeking the knowlege in the way of books researh and your own inner pull as you will be instinctivly drawn to the right thing no analizing just follow your gut. I see the Eagle for you today. CREATE YOUR VISON.

  27. Psychic Verbena

    Hi, everyone!
    I really hate to miss out on next week’s discussion, but I have a trip coming up, so I’ll be back to join the discussion on the 18th or so. Have fun!
    Cheers, Verbena

  28. Psychic Verbena

    TypePadWell, Miss Krystal, if it’s any comfort, they all tell me I’m wierd every chance they get. Which doesn’t stop them from calling or emailing me when they want a peek into the future or hidden elements of a situation.
    Your complete trust in your guides is a wonderful example for me. Even after nearly 30 years I still have to occasionally wrestle with my rational mind, but my angels/guides have learned that a nice smack upside the head will get my attention and motivate me to refocus! Fortunately, I always put them in charge before I log on to take California Psychics calls!
    Blessings, Verbena

  29. Miss Krystal

    Hello Verbena-
    I do believe that the german lady is one of your guardian angels. And because you are a psychic, it could possibly even be a guide of yours.
    What an interesting family you have.
    I quite envy you because even though I adore my family, they were not open about discussing psychics. You are so lucky to have the support of your family. My parents wanted me to stay on the educational path. But I have been doing this for 18 years as a professional and I love it. I love using my guides and not having to refer to textbooks.
    Well, no doubt, you obviously have a gift and niche with angels.
    Cheers, Miss Krystal

  30. Psychic Verbena

    This morning I noticed the chickadees are back, and that means hummingbirds are next, and I thought how much fun it would be to just have a long chat with Psychic Abigail and others about all our favorite critters (that’s what I call them, too) and their magical contributions to our lives. Maybe one of us can come up with a blog piece that starts a separate discussion about the lore of animal messengers … ???

  31. Psychic Verbena

    Silverhawk likes me?!? I somehow missed that the first time I read your message. Wow. Thanks for telling me. And thank YOU, Silverhawk … I can feel all those warm, benevolent feelings even now. What a blessing.
    Gotta agree with Miss Krystal, Abigail. You do emanate powerful healing energy, and it feels very familiar to me, like an old friend.

  32. browneyes

    Well Verbena, as a matter of fact, Kelli gave me ten things to recite to bring me closer to my guide. I havent done it regularly yet but I will. Once when I had a reading with Blu, I ask him my question and the first thing he said was, “Why are you asking me? You already know the answer.” He then asked me what I thought and I told him, he said then that I was one of you guys and just didnt know it, lol. I kind of let it all roll off my back but I did wonder about it but then Kelli said basically the same thing. She said “You could work for this place, you are very intuitive”. The funny thing is, I never said anything to either of them for them to pick up on that.
    So do you think my having dreams of this sort is really a sign of my own psychic ability? I am sure gonna start doing this little ritual Kelli told me about and also what you just told me. I dont know if I want a praying mantis to show up in my car, lol, but I also would not be afraid if it did. I was taught very early to never fear anything that was shown to me and my mother used to tell me that when something did appear to ask it outright what it was doing here. The only thing is, I dont think of that when I dream and that is when my visions come.
    I just thought of another dream I had. It was like a picture of my grandfather that had all these visions. It was like when they insert a picture into the corner of the tv screen. I just saw him with his gray hat on and smiling at me but instead of being dressed in his overalls that he always wore, he was in a light blue dress shirt. Not long after that, he passed away and was buried in a light blue shirt. Just like the one in my dream. So weird huh?
    I promise to start asking for more guidance and clearer messages and I will let you know what happens. I love talking to you ladies here. Maybe a new career is in my future(smile).
    Take care Verbena and bless you all at CP.

  33. Verbena

    Say, browneyes, have you ever had a talk with your guides and asked them to help you set up a program to work more consciously with your gifts? Because I’ll bet anything that the other psychics agree with me that your gifts are nothing to laugh at!
    Seems to me your warnings are just part of a total gift package, and if you work with your guides to develop the rest of the them, my feeling is that you’ll also get a better handle on the visions’ meanings. There are all kinds of ways to build a relationship with your spirit helpers, but my favorite is very simple and straightforward (although you might want to be alone when you do it!). I just stand in the middle of the room and say, “Hey, you guys, I need some help learning how to work consciously with you … or doing (fill in the blank) or understanding … or developing …” Then say, “I promise to be as alert as possible for your suggestions about how to proceed.” Then pay attention to books falling on your head, *snicker* praying mantises on your car seat (see Psychic Abigail’s post above), and other things which seem to catch your eye for no reason.

  34. Verbena

    Say, Abigail, do you have good pet stories, too? The couple of other psychics I know who attract animal messengers also seem to attract rather amazing pets.

  35. Verbena

    Oh, gosh, I just LOVE the story of your grandfather fixing the coffee pot. Life is so much more fun when we’re willing to suspend logic when our guides/angels suggest it and just go for it.
    And your grandmother? Has she gotten her letter of congratulations from the President yet? My Grannie lived to be 104, and I think her letter arrived a couple of weeks after her 100th birthday.
    I’m fascinated by the German woman you see. I don’t recall any recent past lives in that area, but I can think of two women she could be. If she’s big and built on Wagnerian proportions, it’s probably my great aunt Hootie (Hazel), who often makes herself known to other psychics when she feels I’m ignoring her. The other woman just popped into my mind, someone I haven’t thought of in probably 20 years … she may still be alive, and her name is Hede von Nagle and she gave me the most amazing psychic reading I’ve ever had.
    My great aunt Hazel was the last person in our family before me who was dedicated to a spiritual path. She was a pretty well known Rosicrucian and channel, a musician, a poet, and she and her 6 sisters used to spend every Sunday after church doing table tipping with their huge oak dining table (seated 12!) and producing ectoplasm for visitors. She made a trip all the way from CA to TX when I was 6 months old to see me, to tell my parents I would grow up to take her place, and to instruct them on how to raise me. Which, of course, they ignored! They didn’t even tell me about it till I told them more than 30 years later that I was becoming a professional psychic.

  36. browneyes

    As I read these entries, I am reminded of my grandparents and the visions they used to see. People laugh at me when I tell the stories but they would see either faces of men or women and then not too long after the vision, something would happen in a family members life, either divorce or something similar usually. My grandfather saw a shadow on the ground in the field as he worked one day and looked up to see what was making a rectangular shadow. There was nothing there. Later that day when he returned home the family got word that one of the grandchildren had been bitten by a snake. He died and the little coffin was the same shape and size as the shadow my grandfather had seen.
    I also have had dreams with family members in them. My mother approached me in a dream one night in the spring of 1990. She simply walked up to me and stated, “I’ll die this summer”. This dream was so vivid and I told a few friends about it. Sure enough, July 25, 1990 I lost my mother to congestive heart failure.
    In January 2001, my deceased uncle came to me in a dream and told me he loved me. I told him I loved him too and that was the end of the dream. My dad passed away on March 15th of that same year. That dream came to mind very often as I grieved for my dad. One day as I was thinking of that dream, a little voice told me to go to the cemetery and look at the headstones. My uncle that had come to me in the dream had died on March 13th of 1980. March 13th of 2001 was the last time my father spoke to me, then he was in a coma for the last two days of his life. I felt a great peace after that and felt that my uncle had been giving me information on when I would lose my dad. He was my fathers youngest brother. Several other dreams come to mind and a silly vision I had one day of something being spilled and within the next few minutes, orange juice was spilled all over my car. I just wish I could know what the visions and dreams mean ahead of time but I only get the message afterward when I can connect the true happening with the warning that came before. I truly respect you ladies that can receive the messages and determine what they mean as you can.

  37. Miss Krystal

    Verbena, you are brilliant. Thank you so much.
    I believe you are right! Because ever since then, I have had a great sense of direction. However, my memory is too good. Sometimes my clients think I take notes, but honest to God, I do not. I swear. It comes in handy to remember too much, but sometimes I wish I could forget some things. I talk to my relatives a lot who are on the other side. They give me confirmations. I am close to my grandmother, who is on the verge of turning 100 this year. She is starting to get visions of the other side, so I am nervous because I know she is coming closer but, I would never let myself even try to see when this could be. Actually, we had a wonderful experience together a few months ago. I was making coffee, and the coffee pot was clogged. We tried and tried to fix it.
    I put a picture of my grandfather who had passed on, next to the coffee pot, as my grandfather was a brilliant handy man and, could fix anything. Honest to God, within a few moments, the coffee pot began to work, as if nothing ever happened to it. My grandmother and I looked at each other, it was such a natural high, we could feel him there, it was glorious. Sometimes he visits me in my dreams, but he always says goodbye in the dream and gets on a train, waving to me. So we can have angels visit us in all sorts of ways.
    Tell me something, Verbena, do you have any connections to Europe?
    I feel you have a past life somewhere around Germany/Austria. Does this mean anything to you? There is a German woman standing over you, is this one of your relatives? Thanks, Miss Krystal

  38. Psychic Abigail

    Verbena I could write for ever about the critters. One of my guides names is Silverhawk and she likes you!It’s not just animals that I get from my guide. This is short sweet story. I got in my car one morning to drive to an appointment. As I’m driving I had a sense someone or something else besides my usual crew was with me. I jumped as I realized I had a passenger sitting in the seat next to me! Good lord it was a huge praying mantis. I started to laugh hysterically I knew it was my guides way of saying quite the mind and meditate more you are going to fast. Rejuvinate the healing power from within. Praying Mantis reminds us of the power of stillness and the power of prayer.
    God Bless

  39. Verbena

    I think I’ll pass on the bull Moose experience, thank you very much! I think my favorite way of receiving signs for myself is through visits from animals and birds. Your opossum story is wonderful, and I think the Ravens your guide sends are incredibly magical. My regular messengers seem to be hawks and Steller’s jays, but the day before I did my first test reading for California Psychics an owl actually landed in the middle of the path, about 10 feet from me, my dog and my cats as we went on our morning walk. It’s incredibly awesome when those messengers arrive, isn’t it?

  40. Verbena

    I’ll be interested to see what the other psychics say about this. The little guys you described sound like what I call gremlins or elementals, and sometimes I think they’re just around to keep me on my toes with mischief like stealing my crystals. Actually, the most useful thing they do for me is fix mechanical problems around the house and in my car … when I remember to ask them to. I don’t know many people who work with the little people, but I know there are some interesting books about them. Try “The Findhorn Garden” and read Roc’s story. And, if I were in your position, I’d keep putting out offerings for them. Why not make some new friends?

  41. Verbena

    My family is pretty matter of fact about telepathy and clairvoyance, although I’m the only one in this generation who’s actually taken spiritual/psychic service as a life path. I can remember playing with pendulums, using energy and minds to wrestle over control of a Ouija Board (before I was told they’re dangerous!) with one of my sisters. One grandmother had Tarot cards, the other one read palms, but only as party tricks. My Dad definitely saw spirits. But I also remember that no one else saw the spirit animals and people that I had with me all the time, and they thought it was a little creepy.
    I had the loveliest picture, when I first read your Angel story, of your Angel sending awakening of your gifts through to you when She held your hand.

  42. Miss Krystal

    Thank you Verbena, Yes, the angel did take my hand. I had also a big lesson to learn.
    As far as how long I have been psychic, I started to catch on that I had psychic ability around five years old, the same age when the Angel arrived.
    When did you realize you were psychic? Thanks, Miss Krystal

  43. Psychic Abigail

    Verbena I love the topic. I would always tell my oldest boy he had angels on his shoulders and he better be thanking them on a regular basis since they were working overtime keeping him safe. On my trip back east he says Mom look!He has 2 angels tatooed on his shoulders today. My main spirit guide is a wonderful big tall Native American who sends me messages through animals on a regular basis. When I have an important message coming he sends the Ravens to my back yard. When there is danger to someone in my home my back yard fills with birds of all kinds yet the ravens knock on the patio cover to let me know they are there. When I get the doves while I’m doing a reading on love I know it is a love to last and impending marriage. He even sent me a opossum when I was being lied to by an ex-boyfriend…oh oh busted by the nature spirits! I often ask did you have to send that one? One year was so bad I went dressed as Ellie Mae Clampet for Hallowen. Ever look a bull Moose in the face during rutting season? Its scary!

  44. Awali

    Greetings in light and peace!
    Many Psychics say that there are a lot of dwarfs around my house, at first I didn’t mind it at all, until I met a new friend who is a Tarot Card Reader. He told me that there is a white spirit in my home, who serves as my guide, this white spirit is just staying in my stock room and goes out to play in my water falls and usually sit in my dining area. the Psychic advised me to feed this white spirit with rice, sugar and water. I followed his advise and suprisingly, I found out the following day that the offered food was all ate up. I did the offering for the whole week of Holy Week and was really shock that foods really consumated. My other friend told me that white spirits are really dwarfs. but this time, I no longer offering them foods, because last time I offered, food was not touched, thinking that there must be specific time this dwarf or white spirit observe. But, just this morning, my hanging lamp fell off and the chain suddenly got lost, we painstakingly look for it around the house but failed to see it.
    What do dwarfs really for? Are they playing significant role in human’s life?

  45. browneyes

    When I was a little girl about 9 yrs old, I went to a state park with my parents. They allowed me to swim but only if I stayed in the shallow water at waist level. Of course I strayed a little farther and suddenly hit a drop off. I fought and fought to get back above water as I could not swim at that time. Suddenly as I was kicking and thrashing under the water my toe struck a rock that I recognized as the place I had fallen off of. I unbelievably pulled myself closer to that rock with my big toe. Something kept me from panicking and I made the motions with my arms to move my body closer to that rock as I pulled with my toes barely touching that rock. I managed to get back up and out of the deep water. My parents had not seen what had taken place and I never told them. All these years later and I was watching old home videos one day and portions of that day had been recorded by my parents. To my surprise, on the side of a tree by the water, I saw a face. It was so visible to me in that film. I feel that it was Jesus looking over me that day and spared me for something that he wanted me to accomplish in this life. I still dont know what it is and maybe I have already accomplished it but I know he was there with me that day. Dont know if this story fits in this category but was reminded of it when I read Miss Krystal’s story above.

  46. Verbena

    Hey back, Miss Krystal!
    I love stories that give me goosebumps, and yours did, BIG time! I always feel like it’s my angel or spirit guides cheering …
    I have two questions about your experience: Was your angel actually able to hold your hand while you walked together? and were you always psychic, or did your gifts show up soon after your angel encounter?

  47. Miss Krystal

    Hello Verbena-
    Your entry brought back a significant memory.
    I had an angel in real life visit me as a little girl. She came to me in a big moment of crisis and danger.
    When I was five-years-old, my parents were out of the country and I had a caretaker that I was not happy with. I ran away, and got lost in the Hollywood Hills (were I grew up) searching for my grandmother’s house.
    Out of nowhere, an elderly lady standing very tall, with snow white hair came over to me and started to walk with me, we must have walked for an hour, she took me to grandmother’s house, which was on a big hill (about four miles on the other side of the hill I lived on). She took me to the door, my grandfather answered the door, he was crying, and said, “We’ve been looking all over for you, we thought you were gone, your grandmother is at the police station making a report about a kidnapping.” He asked me how I got to his house? I took him outside to show him the older lady who escorted me, and she was not in sight, she was gone. There was no way an elderly woman could run down a steep hill. When my mother got back from her trip, she heard the story and told me, “You had an angel come to your rescue. That was an angel that came to save your life.” Today, 35 years later, I still remember that angel,
    I am very pleased to share with all of you that there are Angels out there walking around. Thank you, Miss Krystal


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