Maximize Your It Factor

You know that you want to feel like your best – and hottest – you. But how do you go about doing that? Sure, you can go on a diet or buy new clothes, but the true self-confidence that makes for serious sex appeal (read: the “it” factor) comes from something different – it comes from within!

Here are five tips to ramp up your “it” factor – and exude the confidence that will leave a trail of admirers wherever you go!

Okay, this may sound cheesy – but a little friendliness goes a long way. Be nice to the people you meet – not falsely so, but genuinely. Take pleasure in the people around you, and you’ll find that they take pleasure in you. Plus, the effort of being open has a wonderful side effect – it attracts potential partners. When you’re friendly and happy and it shows, you reek of approachability. Think about it – would you be more likely to talk to someone who smiled at you first? Probably. So let that inner light shine… and reap the rewards when your smiles lead to great conversation, new acquaintances and perhaps even seduction!

Keep the mystery alive
Sometimes, people make the mistake of thinking that being friendly means sharing their life stories, or rambling on about themselves. If your goal is to up your “it” factor, quite the opposite is true: you want to leave a little something to a potential paramour’s imagination. So… instead of talking about yourself, ask questions in the early stages of conversation (without grilling the other person, of course!). Nothing is more attractive than being interested in what someone else has to say – without necessarily being swayed by their opinion. When questions are asked of you, answer them honestly and directly. Being mysterious doesn’t mean being cagey, though – it’s fine to say a few things about yourself. It’s simply that you want to save something for later, when the person in question has earned your trust and interest.

Wear what works…
People with that special something have a way of making the simplest outfits look incredibly glamorous, sophisticated or unique. The key is not necessarily being particularly gorgeous – in fact, you may find those who best demonstrate “it” have noticeable imperfections. It’s simply a matter of knowing what works for your body (without overstating it – read: trashy is usually a no-go). To rev up your “it” factor from the gym to the office to the hottest nightspot, use your clothing to play up your best assets and play down your flaws. Don’t go too trendy: rely on a few classics, add some of-the-moment items and provide your own signature twist. Now that’s sexy!

Pursue your passions
Whether it’s a career, a hobby or that indescribable joie de vive that you feel spending Saturday mornings at the local museum, take the time to uncover at least one thing that makes you feel passionate. Why? Because passion of any kind implies sexual passion – and it oozes from your every pore. Active engagement in life is one sure-fire way to enhance your attractiveness. You’ll feel alive – and there’s nothing sexier than that!

Be assertive
This one may be one of the hardest aspects of maintaining your “it” factor, as no one single person has super-high self esteem 100% of the time. But one thing that can be said for “it” individuals is that they understand their intrinsic worth. They’re not afraid to take chances. If you see someone you like, suggest that you’d like to spend some time with them, or ask them out. What’s the worst that can happen? They’ll say no. Big deal! You’ll never have to regret that you let an opportunity pass you by – which is what confidence is all about – at its best!

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