Make Friday the 13th Your Lucky Day

Friday the 13th is so reputed for bad luck, that fear of the day has an actual name — paraskavedekatriaphobia (try saying that three times fast)! But while this day of the week/date of the month combo may indeed carry some historic associations, there’s no need to be superstitious. In fact, if you know how to play your cards right, this calendar conundrum could turn out to be your lucky day! Here are three unique ways to take today’s odds and turn them in your favor!

Take an impromptu trip
A recent study showed that there are fewer accidents on the 13th of the month when it falls on a Friday. Whether it’s because there are fewer cars on the road or drivers are more cautious, we’ll never know, but it doesn’t matter! Take advantage of this statistic and brave the two hour drive to that amazing restaurant you’ve heard about or start a weekend away somewhere that doesn’t require a flight. There are bound to be last minute deals in your favor and who knows — you might just have the place to yourselves, since others will have given into their fearful feelings and stayed home.

Shop ’til you drop!
A little known fact about Friday the 13th is that retail revenues decline on this day, no matter what time of year it rolls around. While stores won’t be likely to advertise mark downs made for this reason, odds are you’ll be more likely to find day-of deals. Smaller, privately owned retailers may even be willing to haggle! So, do a little digging (it never hurts to know the best rate you can find for whatever it is you’re looking to buy) and see if you can get a store manager to beat it. You might be surprised at the deals you’ll be able to strike in the (silent) name of superstition!

Create your own fate
Finally, research shows that those who believe themselves unlucky are more likely to be frightened of Friday the 13th (or hold onto any number of other superstitions/irrational fears). So, rather than buy into the hype (and essentially set yourself up for strife), why not turn it in your favor? Declare that today is your lucky day… and watch how fast the tides turn, bringing with them blessings large and small. After all, energy is everything. Spend yours in the right way (and the right places) and it will return to you tenfold… which can be good or bad, depending on what vibrations you emit.

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