Love the Power of Your Free Will

Free Will is a Gift

I often get calls from people who seem to overlook the fact that they have free will and control over their situations. They ask me, “What will I decide to do about ___________?”

I can tell them what will happen if they go with plan A and how it will be different if they go with plan B. I can look into the hearts of people and help form a plan that will bring about a desired outcome. Or, I can look into the mind of a loved one and give warnings about what should not be done. I can even tell a person what s/he is most likely to decide if s/he sticks to their current course, so that they can change course if they don’t like what is coming. This means that a caller can change his or her mind and therefore change the course of their lives and the lives of others. Free will is a gift from God.

Your free will determines your actions. Your actions create results. Nothing has to stay the way it is. Change your mind and you change your world.

In my tradition, we tell a story about free will:

The Great Spirit gathered the animals around Him and said, “I have a secret that I want to hide from the humans until they are truly ready to know it. The secret is that each human creates his or her own reality. Each person has the power to change their own life.”

The robin came and said, “I will fly the secret to the Moon. They won’t find it there.”

The Great Spirit said, “No, the humans will eventually go to the Moon and they will find it there.”

The turtle came and said, “Give me the secret and I will hide it by burying it at the bottom of the ocean.”

The Great Spirit said, “Humans will someday go to the bottom of the ocean and they will find it there.”

The fox came and said, “I can take the secret into my den and hide it in the earth.”

The Great Spirit said, “Humans will dig into the earth and scar the land and find it there.”

Then the mole came forward. The mole was blind and saw with its heart, not its eyes. The mole said, “You should put the secret where the humans are least likely to look. You should put it inside of them.”

The Great Spirit agreed, and it was done.

This story highlights personal power, free will, and our God-given ability to exercise them. If you’ve read the Bible, you have surely noticed that God gave people a chance to choose. He did not create people who automatically worshiped Him or automatically made the righteous decisions. He gave the people laws and the opportunity to decide whether or not to follow them.

There are some religions that believe that everything is predestined and there is no free will. If you believe that way, then stop reading, stop worrying, stop doubting, and stop fearing, for in your belief everything is exactly as God wants it to be—including your current challenges.

For the rest of us, a psychic reading can help us to alter our course and make different decisions. I can’t tell you exactly what you will decide—that would mean taking away a gift that God gave you. What I can do is to help you decide on a plan that will get the outcome you deserve.

41 thoughts on “Love the Power of Your Free Will

  1. Stevie x5778

    Great article Reed! And one worth putting out there as a gentle remindere every so often. I get the same calls from people wanting me to chose for them. But that is not my role in the world, I can’t even chose my children’s path. All I can do is depart wisdom and messages I get from the Universe. It is ultimately each one of our own responsibility to take the path we want. Choose happiness. That is my personal mantra!


  2. Mangala

    Dear Psychic Reed
    I loved the story. It is inspiring. However, your reference to ‘some religions believe that everything is predestined and there is no free will,’ is misconstured. If you mean Hinduism,no doubt it believes that everything is predestined and also that we know nothing about it. It teaches us to keep doing our bit in life which are our duties [Dharma-which is what religion is called] and ‘the right thing’. Trying is in our hands and results in the Almighty’s. We are taught to act without expecting anything in return. A show of the good work that you do is discouraged and not appreciated.
    It would be nice to be in touch with you. Do read and discuss Hindu philosophy with enlightened souls, who will be able to explain better. Being proud of our own religions does not mean looking down on other religions- don’t you agree?

  3. jane madison

    thank you for this message this has been one of the hardest 6 weeks of my life I lost my sister very sudden it is so hard to deal with please help me with some answers for myself and famiythank you somuch I really don’t know were to turn thank you again

  4. Lori

    I don’t know if I will get an answer for you. My life turned upside down 2 1/2 yrs ago. My best friend and my husband, of 11 yrs. Told me, wasn’t in love w me anymore. I was crushed. Moved back to Jersey and moved in w my son. Haven’t found work either. I am in a better situation now. But, I have unanswered questions. One, found a great guy who loves me. I find, I still have little bit of wall up still, when it comes to love. I really need to know. Will this really work out. I see only good things about it. But still scared. Second, I just had 2 interview w the hospital, I used to work for. I would love to go back to the job I used to work for, 6 yrs. Will I get the job? I need to know. I hope you can answer my questions real soon. I feel like I am running out of patience. I need to know. Thank you for listening.

  5. nevenka

    I am glad I open this tonight and reed. Yes God give us free will , and also 10 comandments to live by. We can make choice Haven or Hail ,god or bad. At times I can’t see to decide . Am I making right decision , at times I want to save the world ,but my way . So it is inside of human all secrets and we can’t see it ,we can’t find way to be sure when we express our selves that is right choice. My daughter choose to live with ”bum” That is her choice ,and she think is good choice. Her choice is killing me and I want to do everything possible that she see it is bad choice. He use drugs not working, but give her happy social life that she don’t see real life. She supporting him , he is 13 years older. She don’t come to me ,because I don’t accept him.
    PLEASE SEND ME E-MAIL ,HELP ME BEFORE I GO KOOKOO. Find that secret in me ,I am trying to get to it and I am straggling. Please help me to see my and my daughters future .
    Thank you waiting for your e-mail . Nevenka

  6. savanna

    Im a 27 year old mom of 3 been with their father for ten years we have had our ups and downs. I am so scared we just got evicted and have to be out by the 1st of sept. I fear that we will be on the streets with the kids and then i totally let them down i have been searching everywhere but i am not having any luck, i just lost my job and again i have been searching everywhere your words make alot of sense to me and my situation but i am lost and dont know where to turn. No family member will take a family of five and a dog in every one tells be go to a shelter but how can i face my children and tell them that we have to split from daddy living off one income is killing us bills piling sky high. I fear we will never get out of this hole and to top it all my husband decides to play the disappearing game after work money missing starting stupid gamea all over when its good its great but when the bad times hit man are they bad. Will he ever grow up will me and my three innocent children make it threw this horrible storm with him or without him. I use to feel my greatgrandmothers guidance and i cant feel her anymore my mom said shes watching now and probabley did all the guidance she could only i can change what needs to be changes only i can set my future but im stuck and lost on this bumpy road where it splits and now i dont know where to go. Please help….

  7. L.

    I do not belive more any prediction! I don’t belive wether chennel either. They both can do mistakes. If everybody would change the situation, so why worry about it? Any way we can change bad on good later without any help and prediction, didn’t we?

  8. Shakeel Shaikh

    What a great findins and what a great strength you have injected the human beings to build up the matters of their life with a contineous struggle.

  9. Shakeel Shaikh

    What a great findings and what a great strength you have injected to the people who have the mind to do something in their lives. Thanks dear.

  10. Manny Alfonso

    Beautiful ! This is exactly what I tell my clients when they need to make personal decisions after a reading. I always compare the work of a Psychic with the Weather Report , if it is going to rain , they have the choice to get an umbrella or get wet. Free will is what’s make us special. I do Tarot Readings , always influenced by Kabbalah and Astrology . Thank you for today’s post.

  11. janet morton

    This read could not of come at a better time for me. As a recovering addict and watching my son lost in his addictions and trying the same stuff over and over , expecting different results. Feeling his pain loosing his family and loosing his soul. I felt a sense of hope for him, a miracle could happen, just as I am a miracle. Thank you very much!

  12. Asha

    I read the article and received a message from the Angels to reiterate a psychic reading i got done this evening . I thankyou with all my heart. Your words are very inspiring. Thankyou for the most important reminder that Power lies with us to change our world. Bless you.


  13. Teresa

    That story is the most true thing I have heard in a long time. We do make our own choices and only we have the ability to change those if we choose to do so

  14. Irina

    Blessed Being
    I found comfort in your words ,because my world has been turned upside down. My beloved mother passed away last week and I have to be thankful that God was merciful and spared her the end stages of her horrible illness. My grief is great and she let a big void in my life. She was my rock. Full of wisdom and love for not only her family, but also had a lot of impact in other peoples life and turned many peoples life around for the better without saying much. She was very humble but she had a presence and aura nobody could overlook. I find myself in financial hardship because the last 4 years I took care of my mother to spare her he nursing home. In my grief I have to know fin a job fast- otherwise I will be in a lot of trouble. I also thought that I had found my soul mate, but in my worse days of grief, when I needed him most he failed me and kicked me when I was down. All because he let jealousy enter his mind, because on of my friends wrote a condolences letter on Facebook for me and said he loved me much . This is the 7tday he wont answer my calls and he did not respond to me…..I walk a very fine line with all my grief and with all the heartbreak I feel I feel like my soul is tearing me apart and the person I could of asked for help is not in this world anymore. I know you have a business to run and most likely don’t give fee advise to anybody, but maybe you can find it in your heart to make an exception for me. I really need some advise. Please help me find an answer. thank you and God bless you always– Irina

  15. Mark


    I like that parable. Holds a great truth. A good thing to remind those who become lost in the day by day, frustrated to the point they do not know in what direction their life is headed. Once in a while you have to step back where you are in life, re-evaluate what it is you really want, make a new game plan, or get back on track and follow the straight narrow path to your dreams. I found the parable hopeful. It teaches and reminds us to have faith in oneself.

  16. libby 5288

    What a blessing you are are, your article really is very different, but very true and spiritual, Wow!, I totally agree with all you have said, n blessings to you, wishing you GREAT Success at CP. Love and Light Libby:)

  17. Carol Schneider

    Hi.. I was offered a free question and when I wanted it answered. I didn’t know it would be on the telephone, so I answered in 12 hours…to give y’all a chance….I expected it to be by email.

    I won’t be home in 12 hours tonite…ugh….Hope I didn’t lose out on that one.

  18. christine sona

    hello I hope you can look in2 my future to make a long story short I was hurt very badley at work the garage door fell on2 me which left me disababled and out of work I have had 3 surgerys I do have a lawsuit pending after 3 years I just wanted to know if you can see me getting better and winning my lawsuit I am so broke my husband & I used to make compine $96,000 a year and now we make only $25,000 a year I really need your help for hope that this night mare will be soon over with my b-day is 12/05/1964 thank you christine

  19. Fuad Kombe

    C’mon gentlemen of the universe. People of uncertainty. people of the confused forces of wisdom and Human thought. I believe every things starts with an accident. yes an accident of the things we find ourselves entangled into. Little choice and will did not play at all when the choice of who to give birth to you happened in the night of crucial moments by your father and Mother. That was the beginning of your small chances of survival here on earth.
    Little was done to make you out of the dark womb of your mother. Your mother was a sleep when you called for your first sip of one zero decimal pant fraction of milk from her bruised breasts.
    destiny, yes by accident. that’s it, you have been born in the rich family by accident. come the hay days, you will need your efforts to make life out of your sweet. Sleep from morning to evening and you see how much hanger you will have nobody cares. Hard work pays but again by accident some people end up miserably out of words to explain their own ordeal. your choice should coincide your destiny and you will see great things.

  20. Jeannine

    Good morning Reed,

    This article is very inspiring. Thank you to remind us of the Free Will definition given to us by God. And also the role that you, as a psychic, can play in our life but most important the role we can play also .

    Have a beautiful day !


  21. Ochikiri Sylvanus

    Please provide me with a comprehensive detail of TAX RATES applicable to PAYE deductions.



  22. teri

    As the true pisces i am…..thank you for the uplifting
    Spiritual guidence of what is free will. We often forget
    we create our own reality good or bad, I choose God as my true
    reality. I often think of myself as Mary Magdalyn.
    thank you again.

  23. Ochikiri Sylvanus

    I appreciate your vision to assisting people like us ho require your help. Please review my case.



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