Who’s Your Wing Person?

Choose Your Wing Person Wisely

Studies show that even male turkeys and Bonobo monkeys utilize a form of “wingman,” and guess what? If they make a good choice (for the Bonobo, the best choice is most always his mother), it will improve his chances of succeeding with an eligible female. A lot has been said about having a wing person, but even more important than having one is choosing the right one for the job. Everything from mom to a pair of used crutches has been used with varying degrees of success.

The biggest reasons we could all use a little guidance in the dating department is that a wing person can give you courage, remove hesitation, offer up second opinions on a first impression and can create a bubble of positive vibes around most any situation. However, before you can coax some unexpected acquaintance to spread their wings and become a fallen angel to your love life, there are a few popular wing people I’d like to introduce you to.

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Wing Friend

Perhaps the most popular wing people will always be your closest friends. However, there are a couple of traits they will need to possess to improve your success rate. They should be a good friend. As statistics show that if anyone will be invested in your life enough to do the job right, it is someone who you are well acquainted with. A wing friend should also make you feel comfortable and confident. In fact, choosing someone who is normally very successful with women or men may not always be a good choice, especially if you have little in common. This is because you need to be able to speak the same language in order to coordinate efforts.

A wing friend should be assertive enough to get you noticed, but not so much as to steal the limelight away from you. I should also mention that many of the best wing friends will also already be in a committed relationship, which means that you will not end up competing for the same love interest. You also need to treat your wing friend with respect, as it can be a dirty, relentless job. You must reciprocate their efforts with appreciation, or you will end up tossing them like a batch of moldy strawberries.

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Opposite-Sex Wing Friend

Nobody knows the way around the pitfalls of their own gender better than you, and the same goes for your opposite sex friends. If you really want success with a member of the opposite sex, these friends will know the signs of flirting, and will be able to make suggestions as to an appropriate approach that might work. Another thought for men in particular is that women gauge the value of a man based on the opinion of other women. This is the reason why even a wedding ring can make a good wingman. The idea is that you come “pre-approved” with another female companion, which may give you a slight advantage.

The catch to all these advantages is that an opposite sex friend can also pose the look of competition, which may create an invisible barrier around you initially. The other possibility is that as a man it may make you appear less masculine, and pose some question as to your ability to hang out with other guys (sounds silly, but there are experts who would agree). Nonetheless, all these disadvantages can be turned around as long as you are comfortable in your surroundings, have a good rapport with your opposite sex wing person and keep your sex-related pickup lines on a short leash.

Wing Mother

If having good old mom near your sex life is a thought beyond horrifying, perhaps you have not thought completely outside the box. Occasionally, a mom will make a great wing person. Because not only can her experience with love prove valuable, she may also happen to know other moms with interesting sons and daughters, thus helping to expand the number of chairs around your gene “pool.” If your mom is also a bit of a socialite, she can create a wall of comfort around any target and will likely have a unique way of breaking the ice.

While a mamma’s boy is not your typically preferred entrance into any relationship, keep in mind that most women will not see Norman Bates wheeling his corpse of a mother around a restaurant, but rather a good son taking his mom out for a well-deserved night out. The only other thing you need to be aware of is that mom will likely need a ride home, so don’t ditch her at the end of the evening, as I guarantee you will never hear the end of it.

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Wing Dog

There is just something about puppies and adult canine companions that makes people more comfortable and approachable. The research is quite clear in that if you take a person walking in the park alone and add a dog to the mix, suddenly that person becomes a magnet for interest and small talk. It is as if a dog is your certificate of normalcy and the leash is the promise of you being a kind and gentle master.

One final thing to consider is that while any odd or handicapped friend, pet or mother will get you an instant pity card, women and men seem to be particular drawn to the classic beauty of a German shepherd, Labrador/Golden Retriever, husky, and of course the ever cute French bulldog.

One thought on “Who’s Your Wing Person?

  1. Gayle

    Interesting article, and I agree you should choose your wing person(s) carefully. I’ve actually had to keep one of my closet friends at a distance as I am beginning a potential new relationship. She has a tendency to get too overprotective of me, and while her intentions may be honorable, she would actually scare him away.


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