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Astrological Meaning of the Planets | California Psychics

Astrology and Your Future

Understanding the astrological meaning of the planets is much more than a way to help you make decisions. It is a reflection of who you are. It is an unbiased description of the truths about yourself and your needs that you may (or may not) allow yourself to recognize. It is also a reminder of the connection you hold to the Universe.

The Planets that Rule and Retrograde

When you were born, the sky welcomed you with a throw of the die. Not traditional die, but a masterful throw of ten planets (the sun, moon, and Pluto may not be recognized by science, but they are essential to astrology.) It is this frozen picture in space and time that transcends to represent your personality, characteristics, and general interests. But it gets a bit more complicated.

Every planet is either in direct motion on its journey around the sun or in retrograde. Retrograde is not a true change in direction of a planet, but an illusion based on its relative position as it is either passing or being passed by the earth. As a planet crosses the earth’s path it can be seen as traveling backwards, because we can’t feel the motion of the earth, but the planet appears to be getting either closer or farther away.

As the name suggests, entering into a retrograde is a big change from a planet’s normal path of travel, and therefore signifies a change from its normal ruling. By paying attention to these moments you can avoid unseen pitfalls by waiting until the planet is back on its normal path before moving forward with pending ideas or projects. Luckily these moments do not happen very often.

A retrograde occurs once every two years for Mars and once every 18 months for Venus. These moments can last longer than others, with Jupiter and Saturn lasting four months per year, and Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus lasting half of the year.

How One Planet Can Affect So Much


Pluto rules Scorpio’s domain and demonstrates how you both desire and deal with power. This includes how you evolve during such life changing events as death and rebirth. When Pluto enters its five month-long retrograde it offers the chance to reflect on how previous moments of change have affected you for better or worse.


Neptune rules Pisces. It lives within your dreams and intuitions, offering access to creativity and innovation. But mystical freedom occasionally inhibits your ability to tell the difference between reality and delusion. When Neptune goes into its 150-day retrograde it may be a good time to rediscover your spiritual peace and where you’d like to focus your attention afterwards.


Uranus rules Aquarius through rebellion and change. Some of life’s best and worst moments happen in an instant, and with Uranus guiding the way, you will never know what to expect. When Uranus enters its 148-day retrograde your thoughts should remind you that while change is unpredictable, you always have the freedom to influence positive change.


Saturn rules Capricorn, and its ruling dictates obstacles, practicality, and the restrictive nature of responsibility, obligation, and ambition. And while this may sound boring and structured, Saturn rewards such discipline with equally deserving gifts. When in it’s 133 day retrograde, Saturn asks you to reevaluate goals, contacts, and commitments, and how to use these to achieve greater satisfaction once its gears start moving forward again.


Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and offers luck, positive growth, and an abundance of everything that is good. And when good fortune is on the horizon you should ask the question, what truly makes you happy? During its yearly 120-day retrograde, you may want to consider how you can reciprocate recent blessings by reevaluating old ideals and beliefs.


The red planet Mars, ruler of Aries, understands what you want out of life and what you’re willing to do to get it. This includes making use of your motivation, confidence, courage, passion, and action. But some strengths become weakness when motivating factors lead to misguided aggression, fatal attraction, and uncontrolled anger. During its two month retrograde, Mars makes it difficult to complete new tasks, but revisiting an old task in a new way may be just what you need.


Venus rules both Taurus and Libra and can lead you to the discovery of beauty, attraction, and love. It is not a stretch to call its influence ‘lucky’, considering that luck favors Venus, but it’s limited compared to the fortune of Jupiter. During its short retrograde (42 days), Venus may lose its knack with new investments and love, and instead offers greater opportunity to revisit old ideas and past relationships.


Mercury rules the company of both Gemini and Virgo, offering insight to their communication, curiosity, and to some extent, intelligence. Your abilities to manage these gifts diminishes once you enter into a Mercury retrograde, which occurs three to four times a year for three weeks at a time. This leaves you open to more misunderstandings, mistakes, and new project mayhem. By focusing on more planning and less action however, you will see yourself through.

The Moon

The moon rules Cancer and governs everything that promotes emotion in your life. Your love, mood, family, enemies, jealousy, habits, happy places, and security are all tied to it. Your strength may be that much of these personal views are kept hidden, but it can become a weakness if you never share this side.

The Sun

Every planet is important in identifying who you are, but the sun not only bathes Leo in its light and warmth, it also energizes every planet on this list. The sun is the ruling force behind Leo and embodies everything to do with your personality, identity, interests, vitality, and ego.

You may be the star player in your story, but you are not a lone traveler. Your life is interwoven into the astrology book of how the planets rotate, retrograde, connect to others, and illuminate your path.

Astrological Meaning of the Planets infographic | California Psychics

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