Learn from Spirit Guides

One of my psychic students gave me a message during a practice reading. She saw me painting all kinds of art work – using an array of interesting and different objects. She said I would be fairly well known, and even sell my work as an artist. But my mental mind – the logical realm, screamed, “that’s silly.” First of all, I don’t even doodle let alone paint! As I was listening to her, I decided to access my guides for confirmation. I wanted to know if she was receiving information correctly. I waited after her reading to let her finish the rest.

Though her reading felt right on some level, I wasn’t convinced. But my spiritual guides confirmed what my student conveyed. So I told my student, “Well that is a good reading, but the art thing is funny because I don’t even paint.” My student replied, “You taught me not to let the client influence you no matter what. Listen to your Spiritual Guides they know the answers for the client!” My student read me correctly, but I still couldn’t accept it — I don’t paint at all.

Two years later, I was in a car accident and had to be laid up for awhile. So I couldn’t do much. Someone suggested that I start painting, since it would give me me something to do. So low and behold, I started painting!

I grew into an artist. My dad gave me pieces of wood, glass bottles, and other items. I created art from those pieces and I even got commissioned for a painting by a well-respected business. They wanted a wall mural!

My student’s reading materialized. And my my Spiritual Guides knew all along. My doubts lied within. Sometimes messages from our Spiritual Guides seem way out there or not logical. But keep their messages in the back of your mind. Don’t denounce any possibility. Remember, these things do come to pass in a positive way even though we can’t always see it in the moment! I am grateful for Spiritual Guides who are always there for us!

When you receive a reading which may not gel immediately, just write it down. I assure you that if you’re open to the possibility, it will come true — even if it doesn’t make sense right away. The messages psychics convey are from their — and your — Spiritual Guides. Trust in them.

I continue work with my guides to convey messages to my clients. My guides have taught me to trust in myself.

They’ve taught me to accept what I can’t see, something that is intangible! I’ve learned to just know or accept that what I see or hear from my Spiritual Guides is accurate. After all, Spiritual Guides know before we do what will transpire, and they have our best interests in mind.

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