Ditch Unhealthy Relationships for Real Love!

Ditch Unhealthy Relationships for Real Love!

Unhealthy Relationships Hinder Your Life Path

My role as a spiritual advisor is to be a channel of divine love and blessing. I take a compassionate approach and try to be as uplifting and positive as possible. However, I won’t just tell you what you want to hear. I feel that I have a responsibility to be honest with you and I take that very seriously. It can be difficult because I don’t want to disappoint you, but at the same time, I cannot encourage you to pursue an unhealthy fantasy or obsession that is ultimately a hindrance on your life path. The most common hindrance I get calls about are unhealthy relationships, or the fantasy of a relationship that is, in reality, one-sided.

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Clinging to What’s Bad

People often cling to unhealthy relationships. They try to hold on to somebody who is not good for them. This is especially true of persons who are more “other oriented” and self-sacrificing. Most often it’s the woman or the more emotional/feminine partner who calls me. They build their whole world around somebody whom they love, even though they risk their entire reality crashing down if it doesn’t work out. The masculine ego, on the other hand, tends to have a stronger sense of self-preservation which can manifest as selfishness at times. It also makes one less likely to become trapped in a hurtful relationship with somebody who walks all over them and makes continual demands. The feminine psyche is usually more forgiving.

Giving Until You Feel Drained

I am not betraying anyone’s confidence here. It’s just that this situation is so very common! I can’t even tell you how many times a caller will remain committed to a partner who is guilty of one or more of the following: emotional or physical abuse; cheating and lying; disrespect; demanding money to spend on alcohol, drugs, and gambling; taking time, energy and resources without giving anything back; and failing to return calls or call in the first place. If you are doing all the work in your unhealthy relationships, and you give and give until you feel drained, just hoping they’ll change someday, know that you’re wasting your time because there’s a good chance they won’t change.

You’re Not Being Realistic

You do all this work and yet your partner insists that they do not want a commitment. They may even say, “I am not in love with you,” or “We are not in a relationship.” Despite hearing these words you call me asking when they will be ready to commit to you. When you use the word “when,” you assume you have a future with this person. That may not be realistic because you are in an unhealthy relationship.

Words and Actions

The cards can reveal a lot about the person you’re inquiring about. They may carry emotional baggage from past failed relationships. Maybe they want love, but they are afraid of being hurt again. Maybe they love you, but they fear commitment. The bottom line is you need to focus on what they are actually telling you through their words and actions, but more importantly, their actions.

You Should Be a Priority

If you are not a priority in their life,  let that unhealthy relationship go! You can do better. Being involved with a person like this damages your self-esteem. Even if you think you won’t ever meet someone new and better, let the unhealthy relationship go. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and you deserve real love from a person who is worthy of your love. If you stay with a person who is unworthy of your love and avoids commitment, you are potentially pushing away a better person. So stop trying to change somebody who doesn’t want to change, and free up your time and energy for the person who is willing and able to be your partner in a healthy relationship of mutual love, trust and respect.

You deserve real love!

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7 thoughts on “Ditch Unhealthy Relationships for Real Love!

  1. Natasha

    Wow, that’s me. I love my boyfriend so much, but his ex just keeps pulling him back. She uses the kids as pawns. When we are together, there’s always an emergency. I am tired of being in the middle and not the priority. I need and deserve more. It’s time to start thinking about myself and not him. Thank you Arwen!

  2. Diana

    Oh ny good Lord, how I envy those who have got free from abusive relationships. I am stuck in a foreign country with no family or friends for many years now in a one side relationship. I no longer have family back home and know no one here. He has cut me off from all the people I wished to know and now I have become handicapped and can no longer walk far. so I am cooped up in the house, and he comes and goes as he wishes, he holds the strings of the money bag and mostly everything. I have tried to get away several times but cash has always been the problem to be able to live a decent life away from this madness. How do I get out of this situation, I just do not know.

  3. Sara

    OMG you hit the nail on the button that described my relationship; however I did let it go. I don’t know I had a ahha feeling one day as I watched him. Thinking to myself do I need this, is this the person I want to spend the rest of my life with? The answer came to me and said “no”. So I ended the relationship because I do need to be important and treated with respect. I was with this person for five years waiting for things to change and now I am serious about leaving and moving on so that I can feel better about myself instead of drained..Thank you for the read it was what I needed today..

  4. Faith

    Thank you for your words on unhealthy relationships. Am divorced and in very stable gainful employment and have been in unhealthy relationship with a married man for three years. Am tired of being the one who spends on our dinners and drinks, fuel and the only one buying presents for him and he has never done anything for me even on my birthday. Once he claimed his visa card was lost to avoid paying the bill at a restaurant. I have tried to get rid of him but always he comes back forcibly into my life as he claims he loves me and cannot do without me. I am taking your advise seriously and getting rid of him as i know this relationship just drains my resources and emotions and is not going anywhere.

  5. Francisco Barrios

    I am married but my wife sleeps in the sofa in the living and I sleep in the bed room we might have sex one a month if I am lucky there his a girl at my work wich is a very good friend of mind we have gone out to eat a few times she is 30 I am 61 but i cant get her to do no more can you help

  6. t

    Been there and done that,your right just let it go,there are a lot of people with a ton of baggage out there,with hidden agendas of some sort?


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