Jessica Simpson’s Blonde Ambition

Sensitive, talented and strong-willed, singer and TV personality Jessica Simpson was born today in 1980. Sun and Mercury in Cancer indicate she’s caring and deeply emotional. Cancer is also the sign of food, so it’s intriguing that Simpson’s weight gain sparked a public debate over the attention paid to women’s bodies, which in turn led to Simpson’s VH1 reality series The Price of Beauty. Actually, bringing attention to women’s issues is likely part of her karma. Simpson may be a pop-turned-country diva, but Jupiter and Saturn in Virgo indicate a destiny of service.

Still, Venus in Gemini says she has multiple talents to draw upon, not the least of which is verbal self-expression. Pluto squares to Sun and Mercury heighten her will, while trines from Uranus intensify her charisma and inventiveness.

As for romance, with Venus opposing Neptune, the fantasy of love can be better than the reality, which may explain why her marriage to Nick Lachey didn’t last. Fortunately, Simpson has plenty of time to find Mr. Right.

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