Is Your Summer Fling The Real Thing?

So, this is how it happened. One minute you were out with your friends enjoying the sun, the sand and the sangria – then wham! The person you’ve been waiting forever to meet walked up, smiled and said hello. It’s been hot and heavy ever since (hot being the operative word) and you’ve found yourself wondering… is my summer fling the real thing?

This short score-it-yourself quiz will help you figure it out:

1. Sometimes summer romances happen with people who wouldn’t normally fit. Say you’re a fly-by- the-seat-of-your-pants artistic bohemian and they’re a buttoned down financial type who requires every detail to be scheduled.

Can you picture your summer fling as a real part of your real life?

a. Absolutely. My feelings far outweigh our differences – besides, opposites always attract! (10 points)

b. Maybe. I can sort of picture my fling hanging out with my friends, but adjusting to each other’s day-to-day lives might require some work. (5 points)

c. Um, no… Honestly, unless there’s a margarita in my hand (or there was one recently) I think we’d probably kill each other! (0 points)

2. Summer flings often happen when you’re on vacation, where exotic landscapes enhance the romance factor and people who would otherwise never meet wind up growing close. But vacations come to an end and we all return to our routines in the places we actually reside.

So… is long distance a factor?

a. Sort of. I mean, we’re in the same time zone – and what’s a few hours in a car when it comes to love? (5 points)

b. No! Believe it or not, we live within 20 minutes of each other! (10 points)

c. Does LA to London count? So what if I wake up when they get out of work? (0 points)

3. Everyone wants to meet their soulmate. But sometimes, that desire outweighs practicality – and more importantly, the moment!

Are you making the most of the moment and the time you do have together? Or, are you preoccupied with where this is going and what will happen in the future?

a. It’s a little of both. Started out totally in the moment, but as time passes, I can’t help but wonder. (10 points)

b. I’ve already planned our wedding. (0 points)

c. Who’s thinking about real life when you can get some summer love? (5 points)

4. It usually takes time to open up to each other and be honest about feelings. But when you’re trying to determine the odds of a summer fling turning real thing, both partners have to communicate.

Are you being open about your feelings regarding the situation – and is the communication flowing both ways?

a. We’re not really talking about much – there are other, more immediate things to do! (0 points)

b. There’s a single channel of communication open but one of us still has to weigh in. (5 points)

c. We’ve had a few serious discussions about exploring the possibilities. Building a relationship takes time as well as compromise and we both get that. (10 points)


0-10: Alas, it seems you’ve found yourself in the middle of something wonderful – but wonderful doesn’t always mean lasting. In this case, it probably won’t last past Labor Day. But don’t fret, you can still take a chance and communicate your desire for something more (if you have one). Be prepared for an answer you don’t want, and be open to good news, too! Plus, on the bright side, whatever happens (or doesn’t), you’ll always have the memories of a really amazing experience. Summer is for love and just because the sizzle may have fizzled doesn’t mean it was any less hot – or worthwhile.

11-25: In order for any affair to blossom (no matter what time of year), both partners need to be in the moment, but open and communicative about their intentions down the road. If both you and your summer love have expressed the intention to pursue things further, and are aware of the obstacles but want to try anyway, then give it a go. But if not, beware. Remember, getting ahead of yourself (like all the way down the aisle of your mind) can be the one surefire way to destroy something that has potential!

26-40: There’s nothing saying a fling can’t turn into something more, and you seem to have the right attitude for making that happen! As long as your mate has expressed the same feelings (and you’ve been open about yours as well), you’ve laid the groundwork for romantic success that can outlast the warm weather. Now it’s time for the work to begin. But stay on the course you’ve set and you could very well be snuggling up for the snow season!

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