Incredible Readings With Psychic Sonja

Psychic Sonja Taps Into Your Future

Sonja ext. 5071 is a clairvoyant astrologer and dream analyst who is deeply devoted to helping you live your life to the fullest. With over two decades of experience providing her highly accurate and no non-sense guidance, she has become an expert in affairs of the heart and the pursuit of one’s true passion. Sonja’s most intimate guide, “Swami” connects with her heart-to-heart & confirms the information she sees, hears and feels. Sonja has appeared on hundreds of radio shows across the United States and Canada. She consistently dazzles callers with her ability to connect. A true believer in your ability to create the future you desire, “You have to believe to receive” has become her mantra for empowering you to turn your dreams into reality. Let Sonja’s vibrant personality and fine-tuned intuition lovingly infuse your life with the positivity and truth you deserve to achieve whatever your heart may desire.

Here’s some incredible testimonials from the people that Sonja ext. 5071 has helped…

“Sonja, what can I say but a million thank yous from the bottom of my heart. I could’ve stayed on the phone with you for hours since I felt like I was talking to a sister and friend. I look forward to our next conversation and what the future holds for Greg and I. I’ll start looking for that job you mentioned and trust my gut. Thank you again for everything!” – Gina, Staten Island

“Wow! You are so gifted. I could have spoken to you for hours. I had a candid eye opening experience and I feel as if you pointed me in the correct direction. Bless you Sonja.” – Joanne, Mohegan Lake

“Hi! Everything you have told me to date has happened. I am just amazed by you! We are on the right track now, any fears I have, I am reminded by your words daily to just be quiet and remember that he loves and wants me only! Everything you told me has come true so when you told me that, I have no choice but to believe in you! Thank you for helping me get my relationship back on track! I can’t thank you enough! I love her!! She has been on point with everything going on in my relationship! She is the best I have ever read with!! I love you!! I will be talking to you soon, and thank you, thank you, thank you!!” – Barbara, Houston

“After I typed in my code I got really excited because I knew I would get answers and I did and got confirmation as well. My reading prepared me to not take what he said to heart. Otherwise, it would have hurt me without the insight you gave me. I believe what you told me to tell him will help him have courage and strength. Thank you and sending blessings your way. Will be talking to you again soon.” – C.B., Evansville

“Besides being a fantastic psychic, Sonja, as I found out tonight, is quite an empath too. She felt my pain and wished she could reach into my heart and pull it out. Calling her is a win-win proposition – you get a gifted seer and an extremely kind person. Thank you for everything, Sonja!” – L.P., Wading River

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One thought on “Incredible Readings With Psychic Sonja

  1. Aquarian lady New Jersey

    I just had a reading ten days ago, and I had to have 2nd reading yesterday again , as something Sonja predicted can True right on target! Nothing short of a miracle ! As I had not seen my Ex in a year! Sonja told me, you will see him before thanksgiving!and surprise surprise I did! Just when I gave up all hope, this amazing reader and person, was a ray of light, in what was a very dark tunnel! When I called her back, she even described the reunion and emotions to a T! I truly have found my own Fairy God Mother! What would have been a very depressing holiday, was turned around by the hope she gave me! The added bonus was this was the first rind EVER a reader was right on target with a time frame that quickly!!!! I can dare hope, the additional predictions will unfold , but, for now, my heart is lighter and I feel truly Thankful to have found Sonja at the perfect time! I think it was fate! Please do not waste your money on cheaper readers, there is a reason Sonja is higher, as with most things in life, you get what you pay for! Sonja, this Miss Aquarius, with the Aquarian man, cannot send you enough Big Italian hugs! I hope you see this review! You Rock! I cannot wait to chat again, as I feel a true connection with you! Your gift is heaven sent, you will truly be blessed for sharing it to help others find their way! God bless beautiful Lady! Talk to you soon! Julie


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