How to Embrace an Uncertain 2012

Lose the Fear and Follow Spirit

Some claim that there’s no need to prepare for 2012. Others are quite prepared, fully stocked and ready to go. Most are just beginning to sense that it’s a good idea to stock up on food and stuff the garage with camping gear and water purification. Still, there are many avenues of distraction, varied responsibilities to attend to, and a lot of noise in the environment. Where—and how—does one begin such a daunting task? To embrace change is a very good thing. Make it a daily practice, and know that during this time it is okay to take a risk and go with a hunch.

It’s wise to gather information. There are so many excellent resources on the Internet: utilize Google and YouTube. There are so many avenues to take, many items to stock, endless preparation, every detail to consider; and depending on the nature of a gut feeling, even a trench to be dug and serious sheet metal gathered to cover your head. You could go to your local WalMart and stock up on canned beans, buy tons of rice and pad your mattress with money. But, how do you take all of this weight with you when you need to flee? Water is the single most important thing a person can have when things get downright ugly and out of hand. You may only be able to carry a small filter.

In the end, however, it is your faith that will, in fact, get you through. It is your attitude, for, you see, you may decide that you simply do not want to get through at all. It is the perfect time to delve deeply into the nature of your own behavior. To know your self is so important now. In this single thing, happy, productive, creative and healthy alliances are formed. Good and helpful, loving relationships are very, very important now. Further, the more comfortable one is to express, the healthier the situation is all the way around.

We are remarkable in spirit and have so much to learn. I know in my heart that all the pain we’ve had over past decades when witness to the serious suffering of planet earth and its inhabitants can be offset by the extreme joy we gain in knowing that everything will be okay. Fear is our worst enemy, from an individual and from a collective standpoint. The time is right for enterprising solutions. Sometimes there is a need to turn down the noise and listen to your heart (and your gut) and go with the flow. If the noise is too great, the distractions are too many. You are also in the company of millions if you are getting the idea a need for preparation is rising.

Turn away from a flow that just doesn’t feel right. Begin with a good look at your very own soul. Then, learn to love what you find there with all of your heart and march forth, proceed with what you know you have to do. Practice is not to be dismissed, for we can create good habits now. Contentment and even joy are important to cultivate. We appreciate beauty, and our greatest happiness comes from successful, loving alliances, cooperating with family, playing and working with friends and neighbors. Lose the fear, align yourself with your self, and walk in THE direction your soul wants to take. Shhh! Take the time to stop and listen. Honor your Maker; trust in Spirit. And, don’t forget to whistle all along the way…

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2 thoughts on “How to Embrace an Uncertain 2012

  1. tiarefi1

    Ohhh how right you are!!! I cannot help the tears that followed after reading your article and how it resonates deep within me. I have taken time off work which also included some of my long service leave from government… I usually travel during this period but instead spend it on meditation and prayer….. looking deep within myself as to which direction in life I will choose from here on…. closing retirement but not too old to still contribute to humankind – I am now listening to my heart…. to live in simplicity and not accumulate myself with all the unnecessary things in life – to appreciate the love of a good family and to walk in spirit at all times.. I am grateful that I can still get up every morning, take a deep breath of air and look forward to the day ahead – things that we take for granted each time – Ohh how thankful and grateful I am for all that I have. We cannot allow fear to enter if we are to live our TRUTH and like you said ‘Lose the fear and follow Spirit’. Thank you and God Bless 😀

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    It will be about being able to change, and adapt, and learning to see your life in a different way… will be about learning how to prioritize and flexibility will be key. People will have to take more of an active role in their own future, well being and happiness.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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