Gemini’s Wondrous Twin Power

It Takes Two to Communicate, and It Takes Two to Love

All of the astrological signs suffer from a rather narrow, over-simplified view of their talents and qualities. Gemini may well get the least credit for having any depth, which is a terrible misunderstanding of this rich, ancient sign. Gemini’s wonderful mental and physical agility, the great ability to see both sides of any issue, allows for you to seem a little aloof or disengaged.

This is terribly unfair to you as gifted communicators, and, as Werner Erhard, founder of “est” said, “love is a function of communication.” When we experience complete communication with others, there is recognition of love. So is there any greater power than “Twin Power?”… Hmm—don’t think so! And this is made clear in the mythology of the Gemini Twins.

The primary stars of Gemini are Castor and Pollux, the great Greek twin heroes. Pollux was the divine son of Zeus, who was a great boxer, while Castor was born of a mortal king and was a master horseman. They were totally devoted friends, and saved the crew of the Argo a number of times on the quest for the Golden Fleece. Stars would appear above the Twins’ heads when these great acts would take place. To this day, when St. Elmo’s fire (an electrical discharge around ships’ masts and bows) appears in twin light displays, they are called Castor and Pollux. Such a Castor and Pollux light display actually doesn’t indicate that a thunderstorm is coming to an end.

When the brothers were attacked and the mortal Castor was killed, Pollux asked Zeus to take him instead. Zeus decided to make them both immortal and place them in the sky. This is the limitless love that we see particularly among soldiers who are willing to die so that their “brothers” in battle might survive. That love that knows no boundaries amongst lovers and families belongs to you Gemini, so if anyone accuses you of being “shallow,” you can tell them the deep love story of your remarkable sign… and with your language skills, you will tell it beautifully!

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