How Do Psychic Predictions Work?

Bloggers, a very important question concerning psychic predictions came in yesterday to Psychic Marin ext. 5113. Here is the question and Marin’s response…hope it helps!

Amy writes:

Hi Marin,
I had a really good reading with you a little while back & you gave me future predictions but I wanted to know if they can be altered? I am over analyzing everything now & feel like I have no control over the future…can you clarify how psychic predictions work?

Hello Amy. Thank you for your kind words. When giving predictions, I look at two different aspects of a persons life — destiny, and free will.

Destiny, or preordained fate, is programed into your soul prior to birth. Simply put, it is what you have come into this life to achieve. This could be a number of things. Meeting someone from a past life, having a certain career, winning the lottery, or becoming a mother.

Free will on the other hand, is your navigation, or how you go about accomplishing your destiny. It is our free will that can create abrupt changes in our life,leading to changes in psychic predictions.

For example, you may be destined to work in law enforcement, but how you position yourself for that career, when you enlist in training, where you relocate or with what agency are all choices you must make because you have been given free will.

A psychic reading can help identify your destiny, and give you a starting point for success. Readings can also serve as check-ups as you venture into difficult areas and need confirmation that you are still headed in the right direction. There will be times when you are uncomfortable within your free will, or uncertain about choices you are making. This is the natural process of learning and growth. If you have a sound mind and honest morals, you will naturally be inclined to lead a more peaceful path with fewer conflicts as you pursue your destiny.

So contrary to your statement about feeling like you don’t have control… you do have control over your future because you have free will! You can choose how to structure your life as you set out to accomplish your destiny. The joys in life stem from our free will and our unique decisions. If our divine higher power had predetermined the set course of action in our life, we would miss out on the variety, suspense and pleasure in living.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” — Henry David Thoreau

5 thoughts on “How Do Psychic Predictions Work?

  1. Fiona Page

    I have been phoning my psychic over the past few months and I really enjoy her advices and insights. I believe that we are still in control of our future no matter what our psychics tell us. After all, life is a matter of choice!

  2. LimeLight

    I have a story that involes something different about predictions.
    For a year I was paying a bill that I felt was truly unjust. I spoke with company over and over again trying to clear the debit to no avail. I prayed on it a week ago and ask that God to lift the burden. The following day I spoke to two psychics in reference to the debt I had been paying and both said that they didn’t believe it would not go on my credit, but I would get six weeks of harrassing phone calls from the company. I thought immediately, no way. I didn’t need that in my life experiance. So I prayed once more with complete faith. That next morning I received an apology e-mail from the company’s director stating that the debt of $2,700.00 had been cleared. I thanked God for answering my prayers!
    I felt that a higher Source took control of the situation. Predictions can change within a matter of minutes or 1 day.
    I began talking to spiritual advisor a year ago, and none of my predictions have come true yet, but I expect those great things to happen in good timing.

  3. Josiane

    I would like to add something, and I hope you won’t mind!
    I believe that when we do a reading (I do it for friends, at home!), we talk about the most possible path.
    How can there be such a thing, if we have free-will? We should not have a most possible path, because we wouldn’t know what tomorrow would bring, since we don’t know what we would choose…!
    The thing is, let’s admit it, we are very much like robots: we recreate the same patterns over and over. If something makes you angry, it will always make you angry… unless you CHOOSE that the next time it happens, you will react in a different way. So, it’s normal that we can predict a possible future: heavens knows how you will react to events! So, they also know what the outcome will be!
    Most of the time, you don’t have power over what happens in your life: the only power you have is how you react to it. This is your free-will. As of the choices you make for your own.
    If you want to change a reading (which is not always possible!), change who you are. But make sure the changes you make are atuned to who you want to be. Be careful to make sure that it is for you benefit, not for someone else, or a relationship. If you choose, for example, to be patient and wait for someone to love you back, don’t give your power away: make sure it empowers you! That you find strength in it, that you develop yourself with the qualities that you know you should have more of, and so on. Use that time to make sure you are becoming more beautiful! So if this relationship ends up not working, you won’t have regrets!
    It’s all about you…

  4. Psychic Marin x5113

    Hello Maryanne. Thanks for your comments and additional insight. I liked your comparison of free will being similar to navigation without a GPS… that it is. Sometimes that “wrong” turn is really a short-cut to our destiny!

  5. Psychic Maryanne Ext. 9146

    Thanks for a great article defining destiny and free will.
    Often, free will seems to be the part that is most unsettling to clients in stress. Free will means there is no road map or GPS to our destination. It is important for us to not over-agonize about each step on the path to destiny that we choose to take-we will get there. Don’t give up; don’t become so overwhelmed that you spend too much time wishing for that GPS so you wouldn’t have to make any decisions (we all spend a few minutes or hours in that mode-just don’t get stuck there) and savor, enjoy and be proud of each step you take on the path of your free will. Remember if the path doesn’t suit you, free will allows you to change to another path to reach your goal. And reach your goal you definitely will.
    Psychic Maryanne
    Ext. 9146


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