Tarot Talk

I am looking at the lake this morning. It is frozen and covered with mounds of snow. People are outside skating on the edges where they feel safe. There are also those brave souls that venture closer to the center. There are always those just looking for some trouble.

The Ace of Coins is the essence of the Coin/Pentacle suit. This is a card that represents security, prosperity, being grounded, and morality. Basically, anything that we hold valuable/sacred is encompassed by this card.

One of my regular clients, Bev, called me for our morning cup. “I know I usually call to talk about that man,” she began, “But today I want to know what my guides want me to focus on.”

So I laid out a spread for her. And, as you all suspect, the Ace of Coins falls out.

“The Ace of Coins.” I tell her, “You need to be focusing on your safety nets.” As the spread went on, Bev was confronted with the reality that she’s been neglecting everything which keeps her grounded. “Ugh, I am always thinking about what he’s doing, wondering what he wants, and I’ve just been letting myself go. Everyone at work is mad at me. My skin looks like crap. I am falling apart.”

As we approach the new year, many of us will need readings to see what’s in store for us, what to look forward to, this year’s theme, etc. Are there new opportunities coming your way or maybe you’d like to stir the pot yourself?

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