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Rumki from Dhaka, Bangladesh asks:

I am Hindu by religion and interested in spiritual activities. Recently I feel a connection between Lord Krishna and me. Is it real? Can you please provide me names of my Spirit Guides, their messages, and way to connect with them?

Thank you. Best wishes.

Dear Rumki,

Yes, your connection with the blue-skinned Hindu god Lord Krishna is very real, and I can see him in your energy field, standing in front of a traditional hump-shouldered Indian cow, playing his flute. It’s clear, by the way, that the fact that he’s playing his flute is a particular message for you, a form of advice about how you may want to approach events in your life, at least in the near future.

Krishna uses his flute to spread blessings and joy, and to call people to him. But he also recommends that you become like a hollow reed flute, allowing Krishna to breathe through you, thus creating a captivating melody for all creation to enjoy. Also, Rumki, playing flute music, especially if you learn to play the flute yourself, will not only put you easily into a meditative, receptive state, it will also call forth Krishna and your other Guides for assistance.

You have at least five other Spirit Guides. One appears as a beautiful woman in traditional Hindu garb who says she was your great-great grandmother. She also says that it’s no coincidence that she was named Radha, after Krishna’s consort, because, although recent generations may have forgotten, your lineage or bloodline has had a powerful connection to Krishna for centuries. Radha was a powerful force in your family, and a source of great spiritual strength for all, as she is for you.

Only one other guide asked to be introduced at this time, an obviously scholarly young man who says you should call him Pandita, the word for “scholar” in Sanskrit. He, like your ancestress, has been with you since birth, and his task is to translate your life, your thoughts, and your messages to your Guides so that they can provide you with support and assistance, and bring people and opportunities to you.

You can find many very helpful articles on the CaliforniaPsychics.com site about how to work with Spirit Guides, including past Spirit Guides columns. For now, Pandita’s recommendation is that you meditate, listen to or play the flute, ask for assistance where you need it, and closely observe the results. A very easy way to receive messages from Guides is to use a favorite book or sacred text. Just hold the book closed while you ask a question in your head or aloud, then let the book fall open, place your finger randomly on the page, and read what’s there. You’ll be amazed at how relevant the answers are!

For you to find true happiness, Rumki, it’s important that you have an active spiritual life. Your Guides will help.

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3 thoughts on “Hindu Spirit Guides

  1. kohila

    how did you know whether the connection is true or not.
    I too devotee of krishna so like to know it…
    thank you

  2. kohila

    how did you know whether the connection is true or not.
    I too devotee of krishna so like to know it…

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