Halloween is Here: Let’s Hunt Ghosts!

Exploring the Realm of the Supernatural

One of the most popular types of TV shows right now consists of people who hunt ghosts. Sometimes they have very expensive equipment and claim to be experts. The truth, however, is that all they have is a bit more experience than you and a camera crew that follows them around. You don’t need either or even a big budget to have fun hunting ghosts.

Potential Tools

Today, the modern ghost hunter has a variety of specialized tools to use hunting ghosts. For a beginner, they may include:

• A cheap cassette tape recorder and tapes. Some people are using digital recorders on their phones for this. Cost: well under $50.

• A digital, non-contact thermometer. This will let you scan for changes in temperature and “cold spots.” Cost: again well under $50.

• An EMF sensor. This detects the strength of electromagnetic fields. A change in such fields may be a sign of ghosts. In fact, sometimes these devices are called “ghost meters” and can sell for hundreds of dollars or more, but you can find good ones for under $100 and often for well under $50. My current favorite is the “Ghost Meter Pro.”
A wide variety of these devices are available on eBay.

You’ll also want to include flashlights, a videocamera, a still camera, and friends looking for a fun evening.

Potential Sites

Just about every city and town has legendary haunted sites. Although older locations tend to have more legends, even modern towns have locations where ghosts have, supposedly, been sighted. If library visits and web searches don’t turn up anything, a graveyard is always a possibility. Do NOT enter any location, especially at night, without written permission! That’s a sure way to end up spending the night in jail instead of ghost hunting. If you cannot legally gain access to a site, stay in a public area. You might also check local papers to see if there are any “ghost tours” for Halloween.

Once you have your investigation area chosen, the next step is the easiest. Relax! Get comfortable in the area and let any ghosts get comfortable with you. If you are seeking contact with a particular ghost, find out what that spirit enjoyed and bring it with you. Perhaps it had a favorite song, scent, food or liquor when it was alive.

Bring Out the Ghosts!

Ghosts tend to be rather secretive, otherwise we’d be seeing them all the time. So the next thing to do is call to them. If you know the name of the spirit or spirits you’re seeking, use your own words and ask them to come with any messages. Otherwise, again using your own words, let the spirits know you’re friendly and are open to any messages you may have. Dim the flashlights or replace them with candles, and relax.

They’re Heeere!

If you have a sound recorder, turn it on. Be quiet. If you have some of the other devices listed about, you might want to use them, too. An area where the temperature is markedly lower than surrounding areas—a “cold spot”—could indicate ghostly activity. So could an increase in EMF activity. Using the Ghost Meter Pro actually allows ghosts to answer yes/no questions. If you notice any movement or unusual lights, try to record it with a still or video camera.

Party Time

I suggest that as a beginning ghost hunter you only spend two or three hours in the actual hunt for ghosts. Thank any ghost that may have attended (whether you were aware of them or not) and collect your equipment. Return home for a Halloween-themed party. During the party, look at the photos and videos for evidence of ghostly manifestations. Take the audio recording and play it back at full volume. You will hear the hiss of the tape over the heads. If there were ghosts in the area willing to communicate it is likely you will hear their voices within the hiss. This is called EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomena and is surprisingly easy to obtain.

Enjoy yourself! Certainly ghosts—if they exist—are more likely to make their presence known to happy people than to grumps.

“The opposite of fear is knowledge.” – Blythe ext. 5339

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5 thoughts on “Halloween is Here: Let’s Hunt Ghosts!

  1. LJ

    My DVR is packed with ghost and medium shows – it makes me happy that from the time since I was a kid, so many people have become “aware.” Your idea for Halloween fun is a great idea – I loved this article, thanks.

  2. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    Mitch Albom said “Death ends a life, not a relationship”

    to all our readers who connect so beautifully to the other side, keeping us in touch with our loved ones. may this Halloween be fun and fearless as you here from those you love who have passed over.
    keeping our relationships alive in our hearts…

    Happy Halloween everyone.

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  4. misskrystal

    Happy Halloween Donald-
    Always love your articles. Please write more.
    You are a cool UCLA, Bruin, Donald. I appreciate you! Miss Krystal

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Happy Halloween Everybody

    and a Merry Samhain to my Wiccan friends….it is our New Year !

    Blessed Be to Thee and Thine )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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