This Week in Tarot: February 19 – 25

The Power of Oracle Cards

Once again, the knowledge from The Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards will grace us with information that we can put to use throughout the week. Here is your color guide:

  • Red seeks that extraordinary place for creative energy.
  • Orange guides us to emotional discipline.
  • Yellow opens us up to exploring the thought process.
  • Green is about love.
  • Blue tells us that communication and expression are key.
  • Purple brings privacy and intuitive focus.
  • Neutral asks us to be one with universal consciousness.

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To enhance each day, burn colored candles that coincide with each card, wear the colors, or put a colored stone in your pocket that matches each card’s color. These colors will certainly pump up the volume on each day’s goodness.


DAY – INSECURITY (Red). Inside of each of us there is our greatest power and friend. If you remember this, fear will certainly be lifted off your shoulders and replaced with courage. Let the word insecurity be changed to inner-security. EVENING – DESTINY (Neutral). There is no doubt that your destiny is to be one with the universal power of love. Therefore, be thankful for the loved ones in your life for they are your destiny.


DAY – DESPONDENCE (Purple). As the king and queen sit relaxing without taking time to manage their kingdom, others step in to help with guidance. Therefore, what needs to be done will be done if the tasks are given to worthy people. Realizing that being in power is a big job also gives way to humble vibrations. EVENING – GRIEF (Green). Hurting hearts should bring out the tissues tonight, because getting to a place where you feel safe is not easy. Those who hold your hand as you lament during this process are feeling your pain. This too shall pass.


DAY – IMPARTIALITY (Neutral). Taking sides can be hard on relationships, especially in the workplace. Today, walk the middle path and keep your opinions flexible if you can. However, if you cannot be flexible, keep quiet.  EVENING – BITTERSWEET (Blue). Positive things are happening, although it has been a challenge to get the flow of positive energy going. Tonight is a good night to talk about feelings. Get rid of the bitter taste and only keep sweetness in your life.


DAY – IMPASSE (Orange). There are crossroads in life that happen upon us randomly. However, with mindful analysis you can get on the path that is going to serve you best. Being strong in the decision-making process is certainly very important. EVENING – PERFECTION (Red). Well, my dears, you took the right path. After all, perfection is certainly not easy to accomplish. Working on creative projects also heightens your spiritual vibrations. Be sure to end the evening with a warm conversation and a hug.


DAY – CREATION (Neutral). Many tasks have fallen into your lap. Some of them are difficult to accomplish, yet they will feel rewarding when completed. Life is like a big puzzle and all the pieces will fit just fine because there is a high level of artistic clarity. EVENING – ABUNDANCE (Yellow). Friends come knocking on the door, so be prepared to get out of the house and have some fun. All the energy put out tonight comes back tenfold.


DAY – REJECTION (Neutral). Today, job opportunities, applications for credit or reaching out to a loved one could result in nonacceptance. If you reject someone or something, such as an idea, it is for the higher good of all concerned. This energy of rejection also gives you the desire to keep going and make your ideas and goals manifest. Do not give up! EVENING – DISSIPATING (Yellow). This evening, it’s all about planning. This means that if you plan you will succeed. However, if you do not plan, procrastination will find its way in and you will be going in circles, not getting anything done. Know that you are more than you think you are.


DAY – TRICKERY (Green). This is going to be a trying day. Truth will be withheld in order to keep peace until the time is right to shed some light on the situation. Trust no one today; only trust yourself. If you are asked to help another, the vibrations change. And if you need help, it’s certainly okay to ask. There is no need to be greedy. EVENING – SELF-WORTH (Orange). The evening is all about what you deserve. Having faith certainly brings your self-worth to light and as the evening comes to an end it will be said that you have been an inspiration. Therefore, aim high and the experience will be great.

6 thoughts on “This Week in Tarot: February 19 – 25

  1. Lynda

    I am somewhat dissatisfied and disappointed that as of Sunday evening in Canada at 7:30 pm there is no new updated site & inquiry as to the tarot readings for the week of february 26 th carrying through the first week of March. It is after all the evening of Sunday Feburary 26th ? If I may please ask that you try n keep up for followers year after year us ?

    I have changed my email address after 20 years of faithfully following your site and repeated phone calls as to how to update my new email address and still you somehow can’t seem to allow me back into your site ??

    Also I am a repeated customer after 20 years of physic calling and sessions only to still b disappointed in the fact that your system can’t/won’t allow my new email address to be entered into your site ? WHY ?

  2. Alisa Reveles

    Why cant I let go of my Ex WIFE ….We were married 10 years and been together 12 years and this last year she cheated and we are now divorced. I want to move on but its been really hard.

    1. Quinn ext.5484Psychic -quinn

      Hi Alisa,
      I posted to you – but did not hit reply to your question. so here it is again 🙂 thank you for reading our blogs.

      Letting go doesn’t mean you stop caring – it means you free yourself from the pain. Attachments are unhealthy.

      Freedom is lovely,

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