Your November 2013 Forecast

Check Out Your November Forecast!

Intense stress, determination or zealousness may be the result of Uranus and Pluto continuing their cosmic tussle from last month. Your forecast this month is all about letting go of what you don’t need, which will make room in your life for something new. That’s also true on a global level, with governmental policies coming under pressure. Those of us with placements at about nine degrees Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn will feel the effects of this influence the most. As I’ve said before, it’s all good. Here’s to a fresh start on your journey!

Transit Tales

Beginning on November 5, Venus will be in Capricorn for four months—an unusually long stretch through one sign (due to a retrograde period starting next month). It’s time to evaluate how you feel about relationship commitment and longevity (or stagnation) if your love life is stuck in a rut.

Mars continues its travels through Virgo, which doubles up on the Earth energy with Venus in Capricorn. Being grounded and genuine in your relationships may be your mission this month—and beyond.

Planets in Motion

A pair of influences will help your plans move forward: Mercury turning direct on the 10th will untangle communications, and Neptune turning direct on the 13th will strengthen your ability to spot any misconceptions, denials or illusions you may have that cloud your judgment.

Jupiter, the planet of spiritual beliefs, higher education and abundance, will be retrograde from November 6/7 through March 6, 2014. This influence favors activities that get you in touch with your personal integrity and help you see the bigger picture of where you’re headed, in all areas of your life. This is also a good time to go back to school to finish your education.

Uranus continues its retrograde travels until December 17, which can reveal any stumbling blocks you have regarding your personal freedom, expressing your individuality or making a change.

Lunar Magic

The New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio on the 3rd can reveal a new path that strengthens your prosperity, health or sexuality. The Full Moon in Taurus on the 17th can bring out your desire for security or sensual pleasure/overindulgence, especially for Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Planetary Highlights

November 1

Sun conjunct Mercury in Scorpio inspires ideas and discussions about sex/intimacy, research, death, finances or metaphysics.

November 3

The New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio brings a new cycle of activities—especially those that support healing, intimacy or whatever you’re passionate about.

November 5 – March 4, 2014

Venus in Capricorn inspires a committed, genuine and/or practical approach to relationships—both personal and professional.

November 6

Sun conjunct Saturn in Scorpio can deepen your determination or bring up a fear of moving forward.

November 6/7 March 6, 2014

Retrograde Jupiter is an excellent time to evaluate your spiritual life, integrity, education and beliefs about prosperity.

November 9 11

Mercury trine Neptune can evoke ideas and discussions that are unusually intuitive, compassionate or inspirational, especially for Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces and to a lesser extent for Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

November 10

Mercury turning direct helps communications and travel plans move forward.

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November 12

Sun trine Jupiter can heighten your optimism and sense of purpose, especially for Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces and to a lesser extent for Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

November 13

Neptune turning direct will help shed light on any illusions, denials or misconceptions you may have that block your clarity.

November 14 – 15

Venus conjunct Pluto and square Uranus can cause an intense overreaction to a change, restriction or social situation, especially for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

November 17

The Full Moon in Taurus energizes all things sensual, practical or ecological, especially for Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

November 21 – December 20

Sun in Sagittarius can bring out your inner optimist, spiritualist or explorer.

November 24

Sun square Neptune may undermine your clarity or motivation, especially for Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

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November 25

Mercury conjunct Saturn in Scorpio (second occurrence) accelerates ideas and discussions about sex/intimacy, research, finances, death or metaphysics.

November 27

Mercury trine Jupiter brings a sense of optimism or spiritual purpose to ideas and discussions, especially for Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces and to a lesser extent for Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

November 28

Venus opposing Jupiter intensifies the fun, confidence or gregariousness in social interactions, especially for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

November 30

Sun trine Uranus favors activities that are unconventional, innovative or altruistic, especially for Aries, Leo and Sagittarius and to a lesser extent for Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

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25 thoughts on “Your November 2013 Forecast

  1. Bella

    sorry Robert after u thought about it , you , yes you do sound like your a spiritual person .. Here’s my ???? When does 1 self need 2 be self medicating BCZ of someone else’s mess .. Ah & no why give them that power over your own self ??? FYI & when does / has this ever help ones spirit , I can see your a spiritual person so I know you DO know better I not even go gonna there bc I know you know better !!!! .. Try meditating instead ok . NATA wrong with going MIA I go MIA / hide out a lot 2 catch my breath .. Watch the traffic / world go by lol NATA wrong with that . Yep you must / need 2 take a breather right now get clarity & look inward 2 find your own self 1st b4 you can make anyone else happy ok … Stay calm / AND carry on ” it is what it is ” . No more crazy words / wording ok .. 4 you I think I would go back 2 the last thing you know/ knew 2 be true / RIGHT = 4 you I think it’s going 2 need 2 be 4 what is 4 righteous sake , but honesty I think with your childhood trauma I suspect it might be a hard thing 4 you 2 do .. NO judgement ok 4 you . Plz keep your faith spirit intact .. My warmest wishes go out 2/ 4 you 😉

  2. Bella

    This is 4 Robert are you a Capricorn ?? Lol / Ok your still not doing something OR something is not clearly working 4 you I do hear / feel ya I think you need some more alone time 2 seek out some TRUE clarity BCZ sounds like NATA your doing is working … I do meditation 2 it’s good keeps you centered BUT when your still a mess with all the BS is still there it’s go gonna filter on down … so my friend what good did it do ya … This year has been about transforming taking a good look @ your self inward take a good look in the mirror @ 1 a own self , make the MUST changes if things are not working you must cut the loss / your ties .. AND make that change BCZ your the only 1 who can .. If you don’t make the changes you need 2 make /MUST changes if you don’t then you only have your self 2 blame .. When it comes 2 love / romance ” a heart wants what a heart wants ” but my friend something’s isn’t working right with her NO offense .. It sounds like you need 2 take a breather 2 gets some = seek clarity on what’s gonna make you happy … A lot of folks with the holidays coming up feel the need 2 have someone else beside them I think it’s BS iits not so bad being alone NO isn’t so bad bc it does 1 a lot of good it makes us look inward @ your own self … I understand someone always wanting ya 4 something , all my life I’ve been self aware MOST folks only wanted me 4 things / BS stuff chances are if they would of come right out & asked me I probably still would if done ur instawd if doing the BS dance around .. It’s insulting , a lot of folks think they know me but they don’t really me USE me yes are they my friends I think not .. I cut all my ties & Unless it’s VIP 2 me 4 doing right / righteous things good luck @ trying 2 talk 2 me , lol I got so tired of it I don’t talk 2 nob1 no more .. FYI it’s not a bad thing , the main thing now . is this I’m very happy / content more than I’ve ever been b4 in my life bc yes I had 2 let a lot go that wasn’t working , 4 me however it was 4 the best , Quess what I’m finally truly happy now but I had 2 dig deep think about what changes I need 2 make / made 2 aqquire my objective , FYI it was hard but I held on tight & I dug deep = I hung in there it’s taking only until recent 2 see all my hard work finally 2 come about / pay off .. If it’s not working get rid of it . Don’t be afraid 2 stand on your own 2 feet which somehow I don’t think you have a problem with that .. Happy holidays 2 all , my warmest wishes 4 you Robert .. psps / FYI plz remember if your not happy the only 1 you have 2 blame is your self .. 😉

  3. Robert Sanchez

    I’m just sending this out there. I’ve been struggling for years as a child to now being 40 to find my place and purpose in life to be successful in myself being happy. With a good career paying job and a successful relationship. All has failed no matter how hard I try. Its never good enough for everyone else around me being my boss or a socalled better half. I’ve gotten good paying jobs. To losing them because of a girl or major changes becoming so negetive that they’re incontrolable and have to be let go. To where I’ve lost it all and feeling like a failure. To where I seek to be under the influence and hide from everyone. I just want to be left alone. People all of a sudden are concerned and worried for me because I don’t want to answer my phone. But before that all they’re worried about is having their hand out. Not worring about me. Just give me. We don’t care what you feel. Why now? Fake people. That I can live without. Even bosses take advantage of you to work hard put in the overtime and work 6 or 7 days. How gets the short end of the stick. I’m tired of being tired. This is my time to unwind missing in action for four days. Just being medicated and not trying to hurt anyone in the process. All I know is I got to find a church and get back into the spiritual thing. Thats always been a best. Things always go right when your right with him. I just need some vacation time from everything and everyone. Is that so bad? God bless the world. Amen

  4. Bella

    Jacci I’m sure it will work out 4 the best .. FYI times have been rough / tough 4 almost everyone … I’m sure the best IS still yet 2 come , plz have the faith it will prosper , all my best wishes go out 2 you !!! 😉

  5. Bella

    yep Kristin this is a very frightening month remember 2 look & the tote bigger pictures , I hope it’s bit about about a ” man ” have you ever done a chart it sounds like you have ??? maybe you can give ms Quinn a call / try i swear by her IF your a true believer she’s a great psychic 2 have as a guide / a confidant 2 have , she’s done several readings 4 me / 4 a few of my bffs friends 2 that she don’t even know she has done it / read 4 them .. yea she usually does try 2 put. in her great wisdom .. FYI like myself they all do swear by her 2 lol lol … ASAP & when I’m not in so much pain / I can talk good she’s gonna so a in depth relationship reading 4 me concerning my own love life .. She knows all about that mess you were talking about 1 of my bffs from NYC is in your own shoes … she explained it 2 her & my bffs lol she got it lol … She tried 2 explain it , 2 me a while back but sorry & no / FYI I still don’t get it but I am a Capricorn = I am very hard headed BUT I’m trying 2 change / mend my ways lol , you see i am not being a very good listener right now , due 2 I have just walked away from my love BCZ it consumed me / = I lost my own way – self in him , yes I still do love / miss him he’s someone that I thought was / would BE my 1, true soulmate 4 ever well maybe he is, maybe he’s not , right now I’m not feeling his love maybe I never gave maybe it’s BCZ yep I just pushed him away = I walked away from him, a man I have loved dearly 4 over 3 years * , who ms Quinn does says he does love me back !!!! I wasn’t feeling it / him so I took a big deep breath / leap of my faith & I walked away from him & yes I have loved him 4 over 3 1-2 years.. Recently I I found out 4 sure he did something very cruel 2 me – VERY hurtful 2 me all the while some of my legal bffs was trying 2 help him out 4 me while i was dealing with cancer issues = I already knew about this , I chose 2 stand by him when every 1 else left him 2 do right by him yes I 4 gave him a long time ago , with that being said I had 2 make some tough choices @ this time in my life so I let my love / his friendship go = IT broke my heart 2 let him go … I know / KNEW in my heart it was the right thing 2 do 4 me , due 2 it wasn’t working 4 me NO more you see !!!! Yep with my loves 1 , yea i do miss him yes it does hurt me every day & yea I had 2 own it 2 … however I had 2 / I did the right thing by 4 me = “” it us what it is “” … Plz try 2 remain calm 2 carry on / focused on staying positive … I’ve buried my hurt / MY pain in my Drs. appt / stuff with my cause = MY legal work most days it does ease up on MY – the pain … you know the saying “” what don’t kill you can / will only makes you stronger / = everyday above ground is a good day lol “” .. Yes I know it’s a lot harder / easier said than done yes I do hear you , all my best wishes 2/ 4 you maybe this night help … All you can do in these trying messed up jacked UP times in this world IS 2 try 2 sort it all out , make some kind of sense out it , then get up & try try try again , = try not let it defeat you even if 1 / you might not want 2 get up & try again , yes That’s what gives us all some hope !!!!! 🙂

  6. Bella

    This is 4 William, I’m sorry 4 your concerns I’m sure it’s all justified, I do hear the desperation in your voice / tone once again I’m sorry 4 what it’s worth & I can read = it TELLS 4 sure it’s justified …. I’m a breast survivor now I’m trying 2 survive throat cancer BS that just want seem 2 go away ??? BUT 4 now I’ve decided 2 stay focused & say “” FORGET about it “” if you catch my drift 2 beat out MY own / ” the odds ” “” it is what it IS or it’s HOW it will BE “” but 4 now “” FORGET about it lol !!! NOW I’m gonna make a run 4 public office instead of sitting around crying over split milk , BCZ I’m so so so fed up with the no none sense BS with a lot if kids getting caught up in ADULT problems sick or NOT sick I’m done / over it all “” what will be will be “” .. NO I don’t know what it is could be that has you stressed , FYI it don’t even matter if I did BCZ it don’t matter what’s is going on with you it sounds like you have a plan 4 resolutions .. I’m sending out my prayers / thought 2 you BCZ I’m a firm believer in NOT casting NO stones = NO judging NO 1 until 1’s walked a mile in 1’s own shoes .. I am a very BIG defender of this policy / life’s motto . I’m sorry 4 what it’s worth so here a ((((((William))))) / my warmest wishes 4/ 2 you I do wish you well , blessings full of kindness plz remember ” it’s NOT over until ” GOD ” says it’s over “” IF your a believer , maybe this will might make you smile 2 know a stranger does care !!! 🙂

  7. nin

    This article was really informative. As a Scorpio, I will definitely take this information as guidance.. I believe beautiful things will come of it! Thank you!!

  8. Jose Moreno

    Will I ever get this big abundence of money the 12.6 million and my future wife to be will we ever come together and make a beautiful family together she is in London and her her father’s inheritance and live happily together her name is Jenny James please let me know if not so that I may move on now I have been waiting since the beginning of this year.

  9. Jacci

    Can you give me any insight about a brand-new career that I’m starting on Monday? Will it work out for me will it fail?

  10. Sally Anne

    THANK YOU ……am praying for a breakthrough in my personal relationships. I AM a VIRGO/ CANCER/ GEMINI person. Any thoughts???

  11. Kristin

    November is exciting, energizing frightening time for me since my north node transiting natal north node. Feeling uncertain, also four planets transiting with node in Scorpio 8th house. Need to talk to someone. Help feeling lost and scared.

  12. gurinder

    thanks a lot for reading good to hear will have good time ahead 2013 spoils everything thanks no job no work no study no family no visa no one imagine how hard time it was thanks god for coming great time

  13. william Bumpous

    This is the month that I longed so long to come.I will get rid of old snd start my journey.I will go to the place where a life long friend waits anxietously.I am so tired.So much is to happen in small time.How will I manage this without energy?So much to do.I know where I belong now.Thanks.I know what happens to me if I stay which is a tragedy that happens to me.

  14. isaac jackson

    isaac and am 22 years i like to be like you people and share the rest of my life with you to who want to my firend bye


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