Getting to Know Psychic Anasela

What Can Psychic Anasela See for You?

Anasela ext. 5154 has been reading professionally for 38 years, with the belief that she inherited her gifts to help others. She is easy to talk to, hypersensitive, Clairaudient, and reads Tarot cards. A psychic’s psychic, Anasela is often asked to read for other intuitives. She does her work with a deep sense of heartfelt truth and compassion. Anasela ext. 5154 can speak Spanish fluently.

Here’s what some of the people she’s helped have said about her:

“Amazing! Everything she said happened, exactly the time she said it would, hope the rest happens!!!” – H.O., Sunrise

“What a powerful connection. As a healer and intuitive myself, it’s sometimes difficult to see situations from a detached viewpoint. It was magic to connect on a deep level and travel to a place of unity where we could share profound insights. Thank you Anasela, it was an honor to be in your presence. We will connect soon again.” – F.P., Scottsdale

“I just want to say ‘thank you’ with every ounce of my heart and soul, and ‘thank you’ for the incredible guidance these past three years that has lead me to my windfall of success. I couldn’t have done it with out you, thank you, thank you, thank you for leading me past the tears, anguish and frustration so that I could see and follow my blessings. Love you Ana!” – James, Fairfax

“Anasela, my loving friend, you are the wind beneath my wings. I will hold on to all you have seen for Chuck & I for I know it is only truth that you speak. For all who read testimonials, please know that this beautiful woman, Anasela, not only is blessed with extraordinarily rare God given psychic ability, she is a God given present to us all. I trust her with all my heart & soul. Till next time dear friend.” – Rosemarie, Tonawanda

“What can I say about this amazing lady? Anasela been my amazing spiritual counselor the entire 7 month of hell I had with my estranged wife. Everything she says happens and still more to come. I confine everything with her. Thank you for all your help Anasela ext. 5154 you are a blessing and I so love everything you do for us!!” – Frass, Weatherby Lake

“Anasela, please know that through all of my tears, I never doubt you. I truly feel blessed to have you in my life and KNOW that you speak only the truth. I will be patient, will regain my strength (believe me, I am known for that, though you wouldn’t know it by how this man I love brings me to my knees) and I cannot wait to rejoice with you that ‘C’ and I have finally reunited the way it is meant to be. ‘Packing my bag.’ Love, Rosie” – Rosemarie, Tonawanda

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“I usually like to wait for predictions before a testimonial. But Anasela put forth enough info during the reading which was accurate & spot on without asking questions that impressed me. I didn’t get a long term ultimate outcome to my relationship, but it seems to be positive given time & effort. Very accurate with her short term visions, therefore can rely on her short term predictions to come to pass.” – Brent, Riverview

“Thank you always for your positive, caring and uplifting advice. I hope the job is the start of all good things to come. I always appreciate that you take my calls and talking to you makes me feel much better. Thank you for giving me your positive energies. Will call again to let you know how things are going.” – L.T., Daly City

“Anasela knows that although I read with others, I always come back to her. When we speak, I feel the sensation that she is lovingly cupping my face with her hands, looking me in the eye while speaking the truth. Tears of joy is the latest gift she has given me.” – Rosemarie, Tonawanda

“Anasela, thank you calm and wise reading. I trust in your guidance and think you are so truly gifted. Thank you for sharing your gift with me.” – K.D., Ojai

“Thx again for your inspiration and guidance. Can’t wait to call back and let you know that everything panned out like you said. You have been my biggest blessing! I cant thank my guides & angels enough for bringing us together 3 years ago when I began my journey. Its a great feeling knowing that I have you in my corner giving me that xtra push thru the blood, sweat, trials & tears to get me to where I’m meant to be. Love you!” – James, Reva

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  1. june

    Its nice to help people but not all people can afford a lot of money for help. So we just try to keep walking and hope for the best.


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