New Moon Forecast for February 2013

Creativity, Spirituality and Love

Each New Moon is the start to a fresh life cycle; an opportunity to refine and even reset our goals for the short and long term. This month’s New Moon in Aquarius brings with it a chance to hone our creative powers, connect with our individual spirit and strengthen our awareness in the relationship department.

Here are some tips for harnessing the energy at hand!

Find Your Magic

In the practical nature of our day to day, creativity is one of the first things to go out the window. Who has time for frivolity, right? The catch is creativity is not frivolous. It’s one necessary element for fulfillment. After all, while we may not all be artists, we all have a soul that needs expressing!

Whether you express your creative flair in your wardrobe, in a painting or in making your favorite dessert, isn’t important. The point is you need to put yourself into something beyond the monotony of your day to day. This New Moon encourages you to find your magic… and let it out! Don’t think people will understand the real you if you let it show? Find out with a reading from Psychic Burke ext. 5655.

“Astrology is a form of a person’s spirit connecting with their life’s destiny for their life path.” – Psychic Vivienne ext. 5489

Uncover Your Knowledge

Spirituality is more than a code of religious beliefs—in fact, it may not include any religion at all. The Aquarian New Moon encourages us to channel the wisdom we each have inside ourselves. That little part of you that’s deeply connected to the universe as a whole knows what’s best for you. Get in touch with it. Now is a time to strengthen your ties to the loving energy that surrounds us. It’ll help you align with your own highest path and the greater good!

Open Your Heart

This New Moon occurs right before Valentine’s Day—and aren’t we lucky it does! The energies afoot on the eve of February 10 encourage us to open our hearts, and with that, rekindle a willingness to give of ourselves. The best part? This allows us not only to offer, but receive love in return! Are you having problems receiving love? Talk with Psychic Esmeralda ext. 5366 to see how you can clear a path to receiving the love you deserve.

24 thoughts on “New Moon Forecast for February 2013

  1. colleen

    Burke is everything good in your life rite now? Your so on track with my moods everyday I was just curious to know how your doing? I think you have an awesome soul and beautiful mind, and i hope the very best for you!!!!

  2. Milie

    I think I met my soulmate , but unfortunately the timing couldn’t be worse then it is . Any chance we will end up together in the future??
    I had to send him away , but my heart aches longing for him every second of the day .

  3. Daycee

    I am a senior lady that would like to meet an interesting companion,I’m not in the best of health i don’t desire meeting someone that health conditions are worse then mind … I recently relocated and drove a 26ft uhaul and it was towing a 12ft trailer,I said that to say i am still a strong will woman with a good mind altho i have health problems …

  4. Laura

    I am experiencing the sense that this is the time for me to make some changes in my life and finally I have he strength to address some major issues. Problem is that the one person I thought would always be there to support me is also going through a similiar process and due to his extreme sensitivity, has shut me out. I am hoping this is temporary but am confused. My birthdate is 7/13/66 and his is 11/15/65. Any advice?

  5. Laura

    I have been experiencing the mindset that I am ready for change even if it is difficult. That I am strong enough now. The problem is the one person who I believed would always be there, is now going through his own changes and has shut me out. I feel at a loss. My birthdate is 7/13/66 and his is 11/15/65. Any advice?

  6. Kathleen

    I am a 55 yr. old Leo (never married) and have been in many relationshps, unfortunately not with the best “choices” who is now afraid to be involved… Is there any hope of finding someone?

  7. Melissa l. long

    I’m in love still with my ex boy friend his a cap,I’m a cancer he still Love to call me up and take me out to dinner .I been with him for 6 years been apart for about 8 months ,My heart bleed for him at night .But it a new guy on my tail and he’s only 29 of age and I’m 45 of age he’s hot and he make me smile but i’m not feeling him like he’s feeling me.

  8. Pamela

    Question I have.. My ex boyfriend of 20 years again contacted me thought a dating site. Om Dec 22th he contacted me.. He stated broke of a relationship he had with someone he meet on a site .He explained they have been broken up for 3 months.. I think he is playing around again this is what he does.. What can I do? Please advise.


  9. Diane

    I enjoy reading what you have to say about what the moon or sun and stars will affect us…
    I just hope that this full moon will really bring me something very positive in everything you are money and a lots of good luck.. I really need it to find a very good job and
    everything else too…………

    Tank you

  10. Thuy tran

    My name is thuy tran i have had been Struggle For the last 10 years Seem to Can’t Get myself out of all different situation I would love to know What will be for the year 2013 for me I am looking forward to hear back from you I really appreciate For you to give me a chance to write something down You have a wonderful day!!!!!! Thuy Tran

  11. Shelley

    Is it possible to give me a direction: I want to know what path I am to follow now. I have tried getting into a new career, medical field. I went to school but appling is not coming up with anything. My heart is into being an creaartist. But I don’t know how to get my designs or paintings out there to be looked at. Other than word of mouth. I have tried at some aspect, home interior painting. Which I enjoy, but again when I got into a company they charged me for every lead they gave me. Before I even got a yes from client. I don’t have funds to support that. Yes, I kow it will cost some money to advertise.

  12. pauline

    I am a highly middle aged woman who is struggling financially. While I need that special someone and my heart is open and ready for that, I am more concerned about growing my tutoring business right now. Tell me something I do not know and I will make a budgetary effort to talk for ten minutes.

  13. Lashpal

    Thank you so much for sharing moon forecast. It is very true I am connecting more and more to universe and becoming clear inthese days what i was not before. Thank you again.

  14. Francis Hilger

    I was told , I was gonna win The Lottery soon. I had a number to play and I didn’t. Unfortunately . It came out straight. I was feeling terrible. Will I get another opportunity or was that My Chance.

  15. julie fortbes

    I find that there is a lot of truth behind every forecast I receive it is always spot on about what’s happening in my life,relationships and friendship also where money is concerned !!!


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