Get Stoned on Love

Whether you wear them in hip jewelry, use one as a meditation or healing tool or decorative object in your home or office, you can’t deny that gemstones (the naturally occurring crystalline forms of minerals) are everywhere! But have you considered using their magical properties to improve your sex and love life?

With more and more people being drawn to the metaphysical world, gemstones have become an integral part of the healing regimen of many believers in their respective powers. If gemstones have the remarkable power to heal, what else can be done with these beautiful and powerful objects? Find out how you can use gemstones to attract and develop the relationship you’ve always dreamed of.

Heal the past

The first requirement before entering into a relationship is to heal the hurt of any previous ones. Taking emotional baggage into a new, possibly promising, situation can drastically affect the outcome. It’s like walking barefoot outside and then going into the house where new, white carpet has been laid. You will leave tracks of the elements of where you have been. By bringing the past into the present, you leave little room, if any, for growth and discovery.

Enter gemstone therapy. Start with the rutilated quartz (Venus-hair stone). It cleanses and energizes to help the person who wears it to release any negative ties to the past. Mangano calcite (heart crystal) can also help. It is associated with angels and helps to bring unconditional love to the wearer. Just like the rutilated quartz, it is used to release fear and grief from past traumatic situations. In addition, both the rose quartz (the love stone) and the rhodonite can be used to help the individual increase their feeling of self-worth. The pink opal, which is used to heal emotional situations, and the blue quartz, which calms the mind and inspires hope, are also good for this first phase of finding love. Exposure to these stones can better prepare you for the next step in finding deep and lasting love – selecting one who is worthy!

The law of attraction

When you are ready to take that next step and actually give someone the opportunity to reside within your heart once again, chrysocalla (the stone of peace) is the stone to use. Known as a healing stone in Native American cultures, chrysocalla attracts love. On a first date, it can promote level-headedness (so that we maintain our perspective on things) and can decrease nervousness and irritability (so that we may make that incredible and unforgettable “first impression”). To easily filter through the crowd to find that special someone, try chrysanthemum. This stone awakens your true life purpose and brings unexpected opportunities in your endeavors – be they romantic or otherwise. Other stones that may draw a worthy lover to you are jade, kunzite and watermelon tourmaline.

Influence your lover

Now that you’ve found your perfect lover, remember that being in a relationship is work! Both individuals have to work at maintaining and preserving their current “state of love,” as well as keeping the relationship exciting and rejuvenated. Life brings about its own set of stresses and lovers may find those occurrences particularly distressing because of their own feelings and those of their partner. When the stress of the outside world invades the privacy of your intimate relationship, grab a hematite (the blood stone)! Hematite is used to improve relationships. Also try an emerald (sacred stone of Goddess Venus), which helps preserve love. The moonstone (stone of Goddess Diana) can reunite lovers who have argued and are on each other’s nerves. If you want a little tete-a-tete with your significant other, have some scolecite handy. It influences a heart-to-heart connection, deepening intimacy and strengthening emotional bonds. When all is said and done, lithium quartz brings harmony into the relationship. This gentle, yet powerful, stone is perfect for anyone seeking harmony in any kind of relationship.

Sex it up

To make those “special nights” really spark, the sunstone is a must! It can stimulate your personal power of attraction, plus cultivate sexual arousal and increase sexual energy. For a night that’s almost too hot to handle, partner the sunstone with a ruby, to help sexual love be more passionate, and red tourmaline, which fans the flames of passion like nothing else.

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