Fierce, 40 and… Fire Free?

Sexy Scottish Scorpio Gerard Butler turns 40 today. Best known for his roles in Phantom of the Opera and The 300, this scorching sex symbol can thank the heavens that four planets (The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune) were all in Scorpio at the time of his birth. What else could explain such smoldering charms — particularly when you consider that he doesn’t have a single planet residing in a Fire Sign! Indeed, Butler’s chart is comprised of nearly equal parts Water and Air, with only a little bit less Earth thrown in, making him as intellectually complex as he is emotionally deep and only slightly less sensual… Grr! But how does such a fire-free being emanate such heat (and more interestingly, how did he ascend to fame in his field)? Easy. Planetary placement within the Houses is what dictates which areas hold importance in our lives. And in the case of Mr. Gerard Butler, First House dominance dictated powerful magnetism, an assertive nature and an iron will.

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