Feel the Presence of the Divine

Feeling the Presence of Your Higher Self

I will often meditate by simply sitting still. I will ask my higher self “What do I need to know now?” If an answer comes, great! If it doesn’t, that’s great too … it will come another day. Today I used this technique to ask myself what I should write about and the answer I received was the word “presence.”

So what does it mean to be present? I suppose it means something slightly different for everyone but here’s my take.

Ever have those moments when you’re engaged in conversation and it’s as though someone is speaking through you? As though the words rolling off your tongue are not your own but belong to a much wiser, clearer thinking version of you?

Ever have those moments when perhaps you’re simply walking and something catches your eye…crystal clear…perhaps a person or something up in the trees above and it causes you to pause and pay attention…real attention…to that one thing?

What about when you’re in love and look into your partner’s eyes and catch a glimpse of their true Spirit and the beautiful connection you both share. Magical, right?

We seldom forget those moments.

Perhaps these seemingly abstruse moments in time do not ‘require’ understanding. Perhaps they’re just meant to ‘be’. Perhaps in those moments we are present. Not attaching ourselves to any outcome, not projecting any thought or desire to the future. Surrendering complete control in the moment.
It’s in these moments of presence that clarity comes. Our thought process is clear and we remain flexible to the ebb and flow of daily life. Our decisions are wise and life doesn’t seem so messy after all. A sense of calm and ease overtakes us as we develop a deep feeling of gratitude for all that is.
The saying “Let go and let God” comes to mind.

Past experience is useful in garnering understanding, taking that which we need from it and moving on to new experience in the present. The future will be what it will be – a direct result of our past thoughts and actions. If we can be happy and mindful in the present moment, we will create a happy and peaceful future. If we dwell about the past, we are sure to attract anxiety and negativity in the future.

So how do we remain ‘present’? I believe it’s a life long process of committing ourselves to surrendering control to the moment and letting go of the past. Easier said than done, right? Clearly we all need to think about the future in some terms, providing financially for our children, life goals etc… But it’s possible to have those ideals in place while surrendering control to the moment. Trusting that if these goals we desire are in accordance with our Soul’s highest purpose then they will be achieved. Manipulating the present to achieve a desired future outcome is an inherently flawed approach. For example….

I was married to a person who, although wonderful in so many ways, did not connect with me on any spiritual level whatsoever. From this past experience I have developed an understanding of how critical that spiritual element is to my success in a relationship and as a result I decided not to enter into a future romantic partnership with a person I do not share a deep spiritual connection. I let the desire for my ex husband to become spiritually aware go…and so we became divorced. **Please note, We knew divorce was the right decision for us because our relationship was intrinsically flawed – had we connected on that fundamentally important spiritual level, without question, the relationship would have been worth fighting for.

I am learning that as we develop spiritually and commit ourselves to a life that is spiritually full, presence becomes a naturally occurring state. Meditating, sitting in stillness and quiet, deep breathing, expressing gratitude and smiling are all wonderfully positive ways to raise our vibration and keep us present.
I wish us all frequent moments of peace and calm presence as we continue to develop along our spiritual journey.

3 thoughts on “Feel the Presence of the Divine

  1. amy

    Thanks for reminding me of what’s really important. I have constant rehashing of the past in my mind and it makes my todays feel awful. I worry and stress. If I stay in the moment and fear nothing from the past can hurt me now, I will be better at functioning and closer to my higher power. I have to stay still and remain grateful…thanks again, just what I needed at this moment,

  2. Vishal

    Thanks for this great article. If all of us behave in this way and consider spiritual attraction more important than a physical one, a lot of negativity will disappear from this world without any doubt…

  3. Aisha x5865

    Dear Nelly
    What a great article on being present.
    It is so important in my own life, and yet it is so easy at times to forget the simpler way isn’t it?
    Reading your article gave me pause to just breathe in THIS moment and be thankful for sharing part of your heart and your spirit with us all



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