Your Daily Focus: December 18 – 24

Your Daily Focus: December 18-24 | California Psychics

Understanding Your Daily Focus

In this week’s Daily Focus, I want to look at some specific astrological transits and talk about how they might be affecting us as we move through this week. Every planet moves at its own pace, the bodies that are closest to us orbit more quickly, and since the moon is the nearest object to us, it wins our orbit race by changing signs roughly every two days. Mercury, Venus, and Mars also move through the signs with regularity, affecting our energies, moods, and course throughout the year more than the outer planets.

For those that are further away; Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto, the transits are slower, taking anywhere from two years for Saturn to more than fifteen years for Pluto, affecting us in larger ways and on more communal levels. Depending on your own birth chart, and where your planets were at the time of your birth, these transits may affect you differently, with varying degrees of intensity.

Saturday, December 18

Full Moon in Gemini: A moon for embracing your whims.

Tonight is a Full Moon. The moon rules our inner desires, our fears, and our hopes. It’s the part of our psyche we often keep tucked away. Gemini doesn’t like to be tucked away, it likes to wander, ask questions, and experiment. This is a great time for indulging yourself. If you’re in the habit of telling yourself no, take a look at the things you are denying yourself and ask why. This is a good time to let yourself be silly, childish, and curious.

Sunday, December 19

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn: Jealousy and Petty Revenge.

Venus deals with desire, pleasure, and beauty. In Capricorn, it’s focused and grounded. Venus in Capricorn knows what it needs. It’s easy to think about Venus as the good planet and Mars as the bad one, but both planets have their darkness and their light. Here in retrograde, Venus is obsessive. The practical aspect of hardworking Capricorn is lost to the intense need to have what you want right now. Be wary of your willingness to get what you want throughout this transit.

Monday, December 20

The moon in Cancer opposes Mercury in Capricorn: Our ideals are at odds with how we meet our needs.

The moon is at home in Cancer, where it can obsess about desires, feelings, and insecurities. Mercury in Capricorn is straightforward, to the point, and utilitarian. These emotions are at odds with each other, leaving us feeling a bit bereft today. It might feel like when we’re given a chance to speak our needs, we fall short. Maybe it’s just hard to admit to our own vulnerability today when it seems like other people have it together. Odds are they are in the same boat you are.

Tuesday, December 21

The moon is void of course between Cancer and Leo: Letting go of productivity.

Today, from roughly 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. PT, the moon will be between signs, and what we call void of course. This means the moon is untethered, and it lacks directional energy to give to us. Days like this tend to be wildly unproductive. If you’re working a typical 9-5 type shift, you might find yourself struggling to push through today. Try to plan ahead to get things done before this or wait until the moon moves fully into Leo.

Wednesday, December 22

The moon in Leo trine Chiron in Aries: A time to heal old wounds by facing fears.

The Leo Moon is not nearly as emotional or insecure as the Cancer Moon. In fact, this moon is great for facing up to our own issues. Chiron is a comet and constellation in the sky named after the Greek hero Chiron, the twice-wounded healer. This is a good day to look inward at the places we still have healing to do. The fire of Leo and Aries allows us to charge ahead, face what we need to face, and take it with a grain of salt.

Thursday, December 23

The moon leaving Leo: Self-deprecation as a coping mechanism.

The Leo Moon is fine with laughing at itself. It’s the kind of attitude that comes along with making an ass of yourself, and then laughing right along with everyone else. Leo leans on humor as a way to deal with anything from fear to rejection to anger. This is a good time to take those negative feelings and express them in a real yet detached sort of way.

Friday, December 24

The moon enters Virgo: Sorting your insecurities won’t actually make them go away.

The moon leaves fiery Leo for steadfast Virgo, where suddenly it wants to reexamine everything it was previously able to write off. You might be inclined to nitpick yourself, your goals, your flaws, and so forth—try to refrain. It’s important to remember that obsessing and planning doesn’t actually involve any action and that it may alleviate some of your anxiety, but ultimately action happens in the moment, where it matters.

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