The Fall Playing Card Forecast

Jump into Fall With Your New Playing Card Forecast!

Within a pack of fifty-two playing cards, each card relates to one of the fifty two weeks in a full year. The four suits represent the four seasons. Each suit has thirteen cards, just as each season is thirteen weeks long. Add all the numbers in each suit, and we get a total of 91. This is also the number of days in a season. Add the total number of a deck and we calculate 364, the same number of days in the lunar calendar.

Here’s a week-by-week forecast of each week of the fall.

The suit that represents the fall is diamonds ♦

1st Week of Fall (September 20)

Ace of Diamonds ♦

In this first week of the fall, you will be inspired. You will find that you can touch and feel your creativity and originality. Connect with this side of yourself. How do you wish to be? Open up and discover – in business, home and love matters, understand that you are indeed walking a strong path at this time. Use the power of your own creativity to bring much needed boosts. It is there all you need to do is open your eyes and mind and allow for the manifestation of much.

Love Card: A need for communication. Control of all desires & passion.

Spirit Says: Believe.

2nd Week of Fall (September 27)

Q of Diamonds ♦

In some way, a most wonderful woman will interact with you. This strong, practical and enchanting female force will bring some level of light or insight into your situation. An imaginative woman, sophisticated and with a taste of the finer things in life, always looking to entertain or be entertained. Watch for her and be guided by her. If this is you, if you are this woman, look closer in the mirror—this is your time for action. What is it that you have meant to do but have kept putting off all these past summer days? Identify it and take action now.

Love Card: A new chapter. Potential Lovers will attract.

Spirit Says: Have faith.

3rd Week of Fall (October 4)

5 of Diamonds ♦

This is a week that you have the power to make great change. You can, if you put your mind to it, effect other people in such a dramatic and positive way. There may indeed be challenges and some difficulties; however you hold the key to unlock the most bolted doors. Use your power to best effect for as many as possible. You can taste a level of success by identifying your own power and strengths. A happier family life is indeed assured by your ability to nip any issues in the bud.

Love Card: A loving, faithful woman passionate and romantic will feature.

Spirit Says: Look deeper.

4th Week of Fall (October 11)

10 of Diamonds ♦

A week of money and finance. All things financial need to be given the opportunity that they cry out for. A stronger sense of freedom and liberty brought through a better financial outlook is predicted. Whatever communications and discussions you need to have regarding finance, this is a week to take that action. It’s a week that will bring in important news, but you must take the action required to maximize the effect it will have. This week we see changes of residence discussed, planned or implemented, and landmark moments in connection with career and money. Rip open and study any unopened letters.

Love Card: Time to address an issue and make a decision. Compromises need to be reached.

Spirit Says: Expect miracles.

5th Week of Fall (October 18)

J of Diamonds ♦

A younger person will need your advice and attention this week. Engage and celebrate this persons positivity and zest for life. This person will show such qualities of ambition and no doubt surprise you. Yes, they may well astonish you with their unique way of looking at life and some of the actions that they take. Take time out and help guide this young spirit. Your investment will certainly pay dividend. Also become for this week younger and softer in heart.

Love Card: Lovers reunited. Chance meetings leading to intimate relationships. A week to allow and celebrate desire and passion.

Spirit Says: Heaven is indeed watching over you.

6th Week of Fall (October 25)

2 of Diamonds ♦

Discussions and partnerships. All week long, expect communications with one other person in particular; a lover, a friend, a work colleague. Someone is going to be sitting and talking and needing your advice and input. Communications on all levels will certainly feature heavily. It is also a week that secrets could be revealed. Think before taking any action. Information is power, so use it wisely and with care. There is some area you have not being seeing something so clearly in. Expect full clarity this week. New light and energy is coming in. Think outside the box. Expect the unexpected all week, and you shall indeed be delighted with the results.

Love Card: The week that soulmates can indeed see each other. Explicit ecstasy.

Spirit Says: Be brave.

7th Week of Fall (November 1)

K, J of Diamonds ♦

This week will certainly feature a most mature and masculine man. This man is intelligent and ambitious, a success in his own right. Disciplined through perhaps a military background this man is indeed a leader of men. He features strongly. He will give advice and you would be well advised to consider it. He will want to give to you. If this man is actually you, then expect people to request your counsel and guidance. Give it liberally as the benefits will be indeed great.

Love Card: Heart’s desire is coming closer. You will feel quite blessed. Serious proposals concerning matters of the heart.

Spirit Says: Heal yourself.

8th Week of Fall (November 8)

6 of Diamonds ♦

Ambitions that have been difficult to achieve. Jobs that just have not been done will need now to be completed. You will indeed feel a surge of energy, and this energy now needs to be channelled into the right area. As you work through these jobs, you will experience ambitions and flashes of inspiration. Be sure to act on this inspiration, as it will not just restore stability but actually fast forward you ten steps closer to what you seek.

Love Card: A step closer to true happiness, whatever your situation. Fate and destiny start to push you in a direction. The week of lovers and romance. Romantic days and most passionate nights.

Spirit Says: Look for signs from above.

9th Week of Fall (November 15)

3 of Diamonds ♦

A week that will allow you to tap into your practical side. This is in the main due to a strong level of stability that comes through in a strong wave. Creativity again features, and you find it blossoming. You seem to be having new thoughts and new ideas. These small seeds will grow into bigger ideas and manifest into reality. Be sure to take time to meditate and allow the ideas to flow. Focus and then refocus. Have faith and believe.

Love Card: Embrace and celebrate your sexual energy. A pleasure-loving week.

Spirit Says: Forgive.

10th Week of Fall (November 22)

8 of Diamonds ♦

This week is all about money coming in and money going out. Some levels of frustration need to be addressed. In the main, these will be that things just are not moving fast enough! Stay calm, learn and embrace patience. All will be revealed very soon. Don’t be surprised if you hear an announcement of a marriage between two people marrying quite late in life. A week of calm action—recharge your battery, as winter is coming and you will need your resolve to be strong.

Love Card: What is it that your heart wishes for? What are your deep desires? This week they can start to be granted. Commitment is on the agenda.

Spirit Says: Speak your truth.

11th Week of Fall (November 29)

4 of Diamonds ♦

Some really difficult decision needs to be made. No more sitting on the fence. Address the issue; make the decision from your own intuition. Live with the decision, and then let life continue to flow. Do not block change, procrastinate or resist the flow and ebb of life. Let it flow through you, and you will indeed be surprised at the results that come through.

Love Card: A most charming and charismatic masculine force features. A strong need to have and give love. Tune into you the masculine driving force of love and passion.

Spirit Says: Be optimistic.

12th Week of Fall (December 6)

9 of Diamonds ♦

Courage and leadership—these are qualities that you will indeed demonstrate in all aspects of your life. Take all opportunities right now, right this week. This really is a case of striking whilst the iron is hot. Ideas certainly do become reality. Be bold and filled with courage. This is your time. Seize the day! This is probably the most powerful week of the fall. This is a week when literally miracles can and will occur. The impossible can become quite possible. Divine is indeed guiding you each day, open up your heart and mind and listen. You will experience some strong coincidences and be surprised more than a few times during this week. This is the week to ask for what you want; submit your heart desires to the divine and allow for spirit to guide you.

Love Card: Warnings of complicated love situations and triangles could feature. They will need attention. Stay focused and on point. Stay true to yourself.

Spirit Says: Tune into your emotions.

13th Week of Fall (December 13)

7 of Diamonds ♦

As the fall ends and we head into winter we certainly need to have hope. Winter is to bring rewards and recognition and you will get the first taste of this, during this week. You will understand clearly now some lesson that was learnt that will make winter much easier and fruitful. Make a new plan to implement during the winter days. You will now feel ready to tackle the darker, shorter days resolute in your ability to survive and conquer the most difficult scenarios. Completion of projects is key to success this week. Complete and take stock—rest up and await rewards as they shall be many.

Love Card: A week of entertainment and pleasure. Feasting, socializing, reunions and unexpected Love meetings. The week of hedonistic pleasure—enjoy it all!

Spirit says: Visualize and you shall indeed see.

This is just a quick snapshot highlighting some of the vibrations effecting your life each week throughout the fall. For a much more fuller prediction of what your week and future holds in all areas of your life, be sure to phone me for an in-depth and accurate psychic reading using the power of the playing cards. I look forward to reading with you very soon. Call me at Anton ext. 5893. Blessings!

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  1. Tina Kelly

    After Fall is almost over. Nothing in the prediction is close to what really happened. Maybe it was in general and not specific to anybody’s horoscope. Please adjust to make it more accurate next time. Thank you very much.

  2. Tina Kelly

    Could you please let me know if your “The Fall Playing Card Forecast” was prepared for everybody in general? How do people’s lives come on the same path? A lot of inaccuracy will happen if this prediction apply to most people. Let me know in case this can be a forecast for me too. Contact me at my email address I provided you above. Thank you very much, TK

  3. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    thank you Psychic Anton for such a profound look into the future. week 5 hits home, and I am prepared to delve into the youthfulness of the moment.


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