Numerology: Your Personality Matches

Understanding Numerology and Personality Matches: First Meeting—First Vowel

Did you know that when you first meet someone, you can tell a lot about who they are just by asking their first name? As amazing as it sounds, numerology provides insight into a person’s personality just by knowing  their first name—particularly the first vowel in their name. It’s a quick way to determine if their personality matches your own.

The Character of Their Characters

In numerology, you can break down a first name into three major components—the Cornerstone (the first initial in a first name), the Capstone (the last letter in a first name) and the First Vowel of someone’s first name.

The First Vowel in a person’s name sheds light on who they are just below the surface, and it gives a valuable glimpse into their inner workings, thereby giving you the ability to recognize compatibility and to see if your personality matches theirs.

First Vowel A

Example Names: Randall/Anna – Numerical Vibration: 1

Personality Type: Independent

The “A” person is not only ambitious and independent, but they’re also very direct and determined. When encouraged, they excel. When criticized, they rebel. First Vowel “A” is a seeker of truth and a lover of honesty.

First Vowel E

Example Names: Dennis/Beth – Numerical Vibration: 5

Personality Type: Exciting, Expressive

The “E” person loves life and freedom and thinks life in general should be exciting. They don’t like to feel boxed into anything. They want to know all about you as well as tell you about themselves.

First Vowel I

Example Names: Bill/Michelle – Numerical Vibration: 9

Personality Type: Leader, Transformational

The “I” person often has a unique family history. They are people we admire and they easily step up to the plate even when called to. Their best personality matches are people who help them find balance.

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First Vowel O

Example Names: Donald/Donna – Numerical Vibration: 6

Personality Type: Parental, Protective, In Charge

The “O” person is a parental figure, whether they are actual parents (of children or pets) or not. They don’t like to be told what to do and do best when in charge. Being in charge brings out the best in them.

First Vowel U

Example Names: Justin/Julie – Numerical Vibration: 3

Personality Type: Animated, Colorful

The “U” person is talkative, expressive and the ultimate storyteller. Part of them will always be childlike. It’s the key to their youthful beauty which always lights up a room. They enjoy spontaneity and offering advice.

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First Vowel Y*

Example Names: Gwyneth/Tyler – Numerical Vibration: 7

Personality Type: Spiritual, Optimistic, Nature Lover

The “Y” person has a healing, spiritual side and they are also very intelligent. This is a dual letter, meaning that the “Y” person can be equally optimistic as well as cynical. If you make them distrust you, they’re not likely to forget or forgive—and you’ll know it.

*Y is considered a vowel when it’s flanked by two consonants. For example, Gwyneth (Paltrow). When the Y is next to a vowel, for example, Yul (Brynner), it is considered a consonant.

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  1. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    Y-Y-Y a new discovery for me, thank you LJ for this information. does this apply to all words too?
    great article, wonderful information, as always.



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