Astrology of ‘Alice’

The latest movie incarnation of Lewis Carroll’s classic, Alice in Wonderland, hits theaters this weekend. From the visionary mind of director Tim Burton (Edward Scissorhands, Big Fish), the film once again pairs superstar Johnny Depp (as the Mad Hatter) with Helena Bonham Carter (as the Red Queen) — giving us the same creative trifecta as 2007’s Sweeney Todd. One look at the natal charts of these three prime players indicates there’s a reason for their repeat roles — they’re a perfect astrological pairing.

Tim Burton: Practical Passion, Wild Determination
It may come as a surprise to anyone familiar with his ability to transport audiences to other worlds, but Tim Burton’s chart is nearly 50-percent grounded Earth Signs — which actually makes sense for a man who, to date, has had the wherewithal to make 26 films. With Sun and Pluto in Virgo, a Capricorn Moon, and Mars in Taurus, the director (who was born August 25, 1958) exhibits not only the staunch work ethic and perfectionist tendencies typified by these placements, but a practical nature and passionate sensuality as well, explaining his signature (and unforgettable) style.

Following Earth Signs, Burton’s Venus, Mercury and Uranus are in Leo and his Saturn is in Sagittarius – lending Fire influence to a little more than a third of his chart. Next up is intellectual, career-driving Jupiter in the beauty loving Air Sign of Libra. Finally, while he may be missing the artistic Pisces placements one might expect from such a creative innovator, Burton’s Neptune in mysterious Scorpio suggests the director has a penchant for the psychedelic side of life… an aspect that makes perfect sense for a man with his unparalleled imagination and wild vision!

Johnny Depp: His Near-Perfect Reflection
Long Tim Burton’s leading man of choice, Gemini Johnny Depp (born June 9, 1963) shares a lot in common with the director, astrologically speaking. With his only additional Air Sign placement found in an Aquarius Saturn, the actor’s chart (like the director’s) is more than half Earth — starting with a Capricorn Moon. This shared placement indicates the two men understand each other emotionally, which is why Depp is so able to communicate Burton’s vision in his performances, and why Burton has been responsible for some of the most memorable performances of Depp’s career. They also share a Scorpio-based Neptune, and like Burton, that is Depp’s only Water Sign placement.

Helena Bonham Carter: the Balancing Factor
Unlike Burton (who also happens to be her husband), or Depp (with whom she’s starred on multiple occasions), Gemini Helena Bonham Carter (born May 26, 1966) has a chart in which the four elements find near perfect balance. Dominated just slightly by Air Signs (in addition to the Sun, Bonham Carter has Mercury in Gemini), next up in her chart are the Water Signs that both Depp and Burton are lacking. In addition to the Neptune in Scorpio both men share, she has Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Pisces, bringing sensitivity, warmth, and sweetness to this otherwise heady and hardworking trio (and no doubt to her marriage).

That said, Bonham Carter’s characters often share a certain sinister quality (after all, the Queen of Hearts is known for saying “off with her head!”), and for that she can thank her third biggest influence — the Fire Signs (particularly Venus in Aries). In fact, least significant in the actress’ chart is the very Earth Element that makes her husband and her co-star tick. Translation? She fills the gaps in both men’s charts, making their triumvirate astrologically complete.

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