End the Cycle of Fear Using Past Lives

Is Your Past Life Holding You Back?

When stuck in a cycle of fear, it’s sometimes difficult to understand that fear can come from previously unresolved past life issues. Do you ever wonder what causes it? Where can you find the answer so you can move on? For some, a good psychic reading may be enough. As a Spiritual Counselor, I’ve had my share of clients with difficult phobias and paralyzing issues. Modern psychology would point to “childhood emotional trauma.” But the root of so many issues can be found in our previous lives!

In the mid-90s I was reading at a fair in Laughlin, Nevada. This young man approached me, and as he did I felt a rush of cooling waters. It was as if the depths of the sea were swallowing me as I sank in the dark waters of an abyss. Then I became aware of terror. As I read for him, I asked him if he had a fear of water. He replied, “Yes and I can’t figure out why. I feel like I can’t breathe when I try to swim; like I’m going to die.” As I told him of the vision conveyed to me from Spirit, his eyes welled with tears. I saw that he had been a young sponge diver, diving off the coast of Greece, many, many years ago. A sudden storm caused a strong sea surge and he was lost from his boat, companions, and any hope for a rescue. I saw him exhausted, drowning in the fierce waves. His last thoughts were, “No one knows where I am! I can’t breathe!”

My client told me he felt so much relief after hearing my words. Oddly enough, his father’s family were from Greece and had migrated to America in the early part of the last century. He kept saying, “I know I was there. It makes so much sense to me now.”

We’ve kept in touch, and he’s found peace. He has learned to swim and he bought a jet ski to enjoy the Colorado River. He could not believe that a simple reading would explain and relieve his phobia of the water and make it his new friend.

We are a culmination of many lifetimes. Each one gets us a step closer to unraveling the truth and each one supports the one that came before it. Much like an echo, we meet our lovers, children, parents, peers and friends over and over again until we get the lesson right as we evolve toward divine perfection.

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39 thoughts on “End the Cycle of Fear Using Past Lives

  1. alejandra

    Hello, I’m a sixteen year (will be seventeen in september). My birthday is 9/10/96. Since the age of five, I’ve had a repetitive dream that seems and feels like a flashback. The flashback or whatever it is: it always starts out pitchblack, and a voice that I can’t hear, but at the same time I CAN hear it. It talks about God having a daughter named Eden. She fell in love with Lucifer (before he Fell). They had a child, a baby girl. Her name was Alexandria. But then Lucifer went rogue and Fell. He only wanted Power and nothing else. He then created the “kingdom” of Hell. At that time, Eden was still pregnant with Alexandria. Then the War happened. And that last a while. Heaven won. But Lucifer wanted an heir to his “throne”. And (in his) mind,who better to be his successor than his own daughter to take over,right? Well then I see him running after Eden, yelling , he eventually caught up to her and since they didn’t have modernized weapons in Heaven, he stabbed her in the back with his sword and she fell to the ground. Alexandria crawled out from under Eden and Lucifer picked her up and held her to face him,and said “Finally. I have my heir.” For most of her life, he had her locked up in a dungeon, tied to the wall, LITERALLY, with ropes of darkness. Dark inky-looking blackness. Then,(I’m guessing) it skips a whole other part of her life because her life turns into mine. My heart, my soul, and part of my brain and my ENTIRE INTUITION tells me that I AM Alexandria…

  2. Bharti Patel


    I have aphobia of water… i always fear when i am swimming and i cant swim any betrer. Also there are other areas i have fear in friendships with friends, also struggling with life in financial side too.

  3. sammie hyden

    When we tend to hurt or push away those that we love it can often be traced to fear, fear of abandonement and a poor sense of self. have you asked yourself each time why i dont want to be around this person? its hard to have meaninful relationships if you forsee rejection or pain from it. you will have to give it at least one chance as test

  4. Tracy

    That was a very interesting article. It hit home with me, I also have a fear of the water. I know why I have this fear though. When I was about eight years old, my bother’s and I went to my grandparents house for the summer. My aunt and uncle lived next door and they had a pond. We went to the pond with my uncle to swim, but I never learned how to swim, so my oldest brother decided that he would teach me by picking me up and throwing me in the deepest part. I panicked and jumped on my other brother’s back to keep myself above the water. What I didn’t realize is that I almost drowned my brother trying to save myself. I’ve always have been afraid of the water. My maternal grandmother is also afraid of the water, because she saw her brother drown when they were kids. Is it possible to inherit your parents or grandparents fears?

  5. gopinathan k

    I am more and more starting to like your site.You people are slowly getting towards truth
    rather than staying away from it on some stupid pretensions of knowledge which is actually
    ignorance.I have found in my life it is experience in any matter that gives us the courage
    it is so, people who have never experienced something say it is all rubbish and illusions.
    Now to go back to connections to past lives and phobias and fears in this birth are more
    than true.Because one birth is over when you complete a sentence and put a fulstop.
    The next(birth) one starts from the next sentence.So you can see how it is a continuous
    process(the continuity of lives/births.)

  6. Tajah

    To those of you who have suffered depression or anxiety past life readings can help to recognize the circumstances that may be the cause. Give me a call and we will look into your past life and get the clarity that you need to move forward!

  7. Tajah

    @Cheryl I really feel for you…your anxiety, we often incarnate in groups with similar conditions or issues. These may be part of a larger picture of past life experiences. Such as, a ship wreck, or a major earth event. Genetically the conditions are passed on due to common past events.

  8. Tajah

    @Maureen, you sound like you have definite Past Life weight that needs to be addressed. A reading and purging technique could be very helpful for you. Feel free to call me at 5732.

  9. Caza

    I am really struggling and finding 3 particular areas of my life very hard. Work, relationships and my home living. I need something to give as i just can not cope. Help????

  10. kristina boucher

    hey! recently I’ve been able to see spirits and read spirits from people ever since my aunt died unexpected two months ago…this feeling is out of the world…I would love to speak with you…email me back if you can, it shall be greatly appreciated

  11. jessica

    My life has been nothin but stress and more stress.Is my life lookin any good in the future with anything?My love life,careeer etc?!?Thanks for any help or advice given…Lookin forwd to ur message!!

  12. Courtney

    Hi, When I was born I had a very deadlu disease called spinal meningitis. Obviously I do not have it anymore. Also when I was 6 months old I had RSV and had broncitis over and over. Do you think that is why I have a fear of dieing? At night I am always worried of being killed or even taken away. I don’t know why though 🙁 because I have always loved the dark. Please, respond and let me know your opinion.

  13. Jessie Bodger


    The story of that young man really inspired me.

    I have struggled in life from childhood and am still struggling (career,relation,finance) and I need your URGENT help?

    I believe the struggles is to do with my past life.

    Ms Jessie Bodger

  14. Valereie

    I am very scared of closed in areas and being buried alive also snakes as I get older its getting worse. Also I have this dream I wake wet with swet but cant remember what it was about .But I have a hard time going bake to sleep.

  15. Danny

    That’s a bittersweet story, it brought me back to issues surrounding our awareness of death, particularly if it seems imminent–a very close cousin with very young children passed away from breast cancer a few years ago, and ever since then I think about this often. It breaks my heart whenever someone is in that situation, because I know how I would feel, and how my family would feel, if I found out my death was untimely and imminent, and well you never know.

  16. April Westrup

    I am 58 yrs old. I have been married 4 times, and feel so ashamed. My last marriage was filled with mental and physical abuse. The past 10 yrs, I have lived with a companion who is 72 yrs old. I love him like a friend, but just recently I wish I could go out and talk to other men. I feel guilty for even thinking this. My companion has been very good to me although we live on a very limited income of approx. 1500.00 a month. In the past ten yrs, he has had to pay his ex-wife over 100,000.00 of alimony. I know that we will never be able to travel or afford to go out. I feel I am stuck. He is in very bad health, and I wonder if this is meant to be the rest of my life.

  17. anne

    I was just wondering if you can answer a couple of questions that my mind is boggled about for one will i be with this guy that i just met out of town for along time. and will i get a place of my own soon and get through finacially please help me i am under alot of stress and presure. thank you

  18. blackie

    I don’t have but one fear that is another woman saying I love you becase that would be the end of anything lik friendship or anything. I have been had enough and women around really think a man owes them everything and believe you me I have paid enough of that price and friends don’t even mean friends anymore handout is what there looking for and I a all handed out. I don’t even want a female other than my sister in my presence after dark.

  19. gillian fitt

    i always seem to push people away from me who i really care for, and i know it will hurt me and them but i cant help myself, and cant let things drop, when i have been told over and over again,



  21. Psychic WhitneyPsychic Whitney

    Great article Tajah! It’s such a testament that there is no space and time when connecting to the spiritual realm when we do readings…that sometimes we see, hear, and feel past lives! Love it!

    Whitney, ext. 5716

  22. Tabatha

    I have fear, My job had slow me down from working for the last 2 month. I was bless get my bills paid but not my rent from last month and this month. Before this month out will I’m able to get get paid or work some out, now my job has pick me back up for full time next pay period. will I be ok.

  23. Pam Furno

    Tajah; I have had multiple readings from CA Psychics. Only a few were very helpful. My last reading was one in which I was referred to psychic books but I still have no answers. In reading your post today, I know to my core that I have gone through many past lives with my family or origin but they refuse to acknowledge me even after the loss of my husband; even in the midst of raising a son alone (teenager) and even in my own misery. I try to find things to be thankful for but these things are becoming more and more rare. Can you help point me in any other direction as the ones I have been following have NOT been working! I am in a program about adult child of alcoholics both for myself and the frustration is in getting my son to go. AHHHHH. Please help! Thank you in advance.

  24. andrea

    That was a very good reading/explanation of how fear is the biggest problem with a lot of people. I see the science and psychology working together here, and it makes sense.
    this was an excellent commentary.

  25. shiva rama krishna

    Dear mam,
    i am impressed by your analysis about past life fear of a person,
    i wounder how the reading is done and how u made the person resolve his problem and live happily,
    my sincere request to you can you make my past life analysis and give me the solution,
    i generally fear about my job, it is fluctuated i cannot fit much time why does it happen, financially i always suffer a lot kindly let me know.
    i was thinking to call you, but i cant understand your accent, so kindly send me the mail
    thanking you,
    your’s sincerely,
    shiva rama krishna mothe

  26. Rajendra

    Really good. i am fully agree with you. i am also passing through the same situation. my BOD 23.12.1962 BIRHT TIME 20.05. PLACE : RAJKOT, INDIA.

    Can you say something help full about me ?





  28. Cheryl

    Hi I have suffered with anxiety from a very small chid for no particular reason. It could be genetic S my dad and grandfather also suffer with it. Regards cheryl


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