Your LOVECAST®: Inner Healing for a Fresh Start

Inner Healing for a Fresh Start

Your Love Horoscope

The Dark Moon in Scorpio on Tuesday encourages you to do some inner healing so you’ll have a fresh start after the New Moon in Scorpio arrives on Wednesday. Mars transiting into Libra on the following day (through January 2, 2016) can ignite your energy or irritation over a close relationship (or your love life in general). Best days for socializing: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Here is your love horoscope.

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Aries Love Horoscope

It’s all about love as the New Moon brings a fresh perspective about intimacy. What’s more, your Mars ruler transiting through Libra will turn your attention toward commitment and sharing. Passion, enthusiasm or anger will ignite sparks in your relationship. Folks searching for love will be drawn to people who mirror their ideal partner. Only time will tell if it’s a forever love.

Taurus Love Horoscope

Expect a fresh start in a close relationship as the New Moon illuminates your partnership sector. If you’re solo, you’ll be motivated to find someone special or at least get clear about wanting a commitment. Mars transiting through Libra can make you busier than you had expected, so try to pace yourself. You’ll be motivated to get healthy too.

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Gemini Love Horoscope

The New Moon will motivate you to focus on your work projects and fitness program. But it’s not all about work. Mars traveling through Libra is energizing your romance sector too. Your inner romantic will come out to play and ignite some steam with your paramour. If you’re solo, your heightened joie de vivre will be a magnet for admirers!

Cancer Love Horoscope

It’s time to fire up the connection with your sweetie as the New Moon launches a romance cycle. If you’re solo, a social gathering may bring in someone special—if your heart is open. Your creativity will be awakened too. Meanwhile, Mars in Libra will galvanize or unhinge a home project or family interaction, so strive to stay centered if chaos ensues.

Leo Love Horoscope

The New Moon will inspire you to focus on your family or improve your living environment. You may become aware of a family pattern you need to analyze, especially if it involves communications. Speaking of … Mars transiting through Libra will motivate you to speak up and express your ideas. Argumentativeness will be the downside, so take a moment if you start to feel annoyed.

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Virgo Love Horoscope

You’ll be inspired who express yourself around the time of the New Moon, which is illuminating your brainpower. Learning something new or deepening your knowledge about a subject you’re already familiar with can bring satisfaction as well new people into your life. Romance can be found online. Mars in Libra will motivate you to seek out new moneymaking avenues—some of which may be risky.

Libra Love Horoscope

The New Moon is launching a moneymaking cycle, so seek out new ways to broaden your income. Money or values can be the focus of discussions in a relationship. Mars transiting through your sign will motivate you to pursue personal satisfaction through the people and activities that energize you. You’re heightened assertiveness, allure and confidence will make you irresistible!

Scorpio Love Horoscope

The New Moon in your sign is launching a new personal cycle. It’s time to take some steps to realize your aspirations. You’ll be more open about desires, which will inspire romance. Meanwhile, Mars in Libra can make you antsy to move forward. Releasing the past will be the key to opening the door to love and other opportunities during the next six weeks.

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Sagittarius Love Horoscope

An awakening of your intuition and spiritual awareness will be the gift of the New Moon. Forgiveness and resolving/releasing the past will be part of the process. And expect some stimulating or stormy social interactions as Mars travels through Libra. A group gathering can bring in someone hot! Just know your boundaries when you’re around assertive people.

Capricorn Love Horoscope

You’ll be a magnet for social activities around the time of the the New Moon. Making new contacts can bring a professional opportunity and perhaps a potential paramour—if you’re looking for love. A collaborative project can bring romance too. Mars transiting through Libra will motivate you to advance your career. Networking will enable you to broaden your sphere of influence.

Aquarius Love Horoscope

The New Moon is bringing a fresh start in your career. Be on the lookout for opportunities to promote your projects or find a new path altogether. As for romance, look for love during a class, spiritual activity or trip during Mars in Libra. You’ll also be motivated to expand your horizons and impatient to move forward on a goal you’re pursuing.

Pisces Love Horoscope

The New Moon will shed light on your future and awaken your faith—if you go inward to perceive the guidance. Your intuition will be strong too, so be on the lookout for messages coming your way. On an earthier note, Mars in Libra can make passion sizzle, but you may need to release anger or resentment to fully enjoy the connection.

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    Are you related to Algean and Morty?? If so, I knew you years ago when I was living in Los Angeles – my mother was Lee.
    Have been involved with CP for many years – but love the daily horoscopes – they are right on for me.

    Thank you for your contributions.

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