Edie Falco is “Nurse Jackie”

It’s no wonder that Edie Falco nailed the lead role in Showtime’s Nurse Jackie. Born today in 1963, Falco is a mix of Cancer, the sign of nurturing, and Virgo, the sign of healing — the perfect combination for a nurse! With Sun, Mercury and the North Node in Cancer, she has deep feelings for her family or for anyone in need of some TLC.

She’s unusually sensitive, and a Sun-Neptune trine makes her even more so. Because Neptune is the planet of fantasy, its influence also heightens Falco’s acting skills. In addition, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto in Virgo indicate that she’s highly analytical and detailed-oriented. The Mars-Pluto conjunction says she’s also controlling. Virgo rules health, and Falco has fought a battle on two fronts concerning her body: She’s a breast cancer survivor and a recovering alcoholic. Like any good healer – even if it’s just onscreen – her personal struggles have undoubtedly made her more understanding of people grappling with their own flaws.

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  1. misskrystal

    Thanks, for this article…. I watch this…I just fell into it.. Never bored watching it. That always tells me if I like something…..I was pleasantly surprised. Miss Krystal


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