Is There Someone Special for Me?

Juliet in London, writes:

I have been single for three years after a 10-year relationship, and although I am very happy being single, I would like to have someone special in my life. Do you see it happening?

Dear Juliet,

Even though it will be a while before you find happiness in a deeply bonded relationship, good things do come to those who wait! You have yet to experience your greatest love, but in roughly five years, that will change.

I’m sorry if that seems like a huge span of time, but sometimes the proper relationship cannot be rushed. Fortunately, I don’t see the next five years as you continuing on alone. You will have a special friend or two during that span, but more in the sense of companionship and gentle love. The second such relationship will be slightly more passionate than the first, but still not quite at the level where you find yourself thinking in terms of forever and eternity.

Your strength, independence, and resolve not to “settle” will serve you well, and the next five years will quickly pass by. When you meet “the one,” you will recognize that it is also a karmic connection, and will thank the fates for rewarding your patience with lifelong serendipity.

Brightest Blessings!


One thought on “Is There Someone Special for Me?

  1. Juliet

    Dear Red
    It fills me with shame that I didn’t reply to your message and thank you so very much for taking the time and trouble to answer my question. I apologise deeply.
    Your words have kept me from making (I am sure) huge errors of judgment with potential relationships that have since crossed my path, and for that, I cannot thank you enough Red.
    I read your reply very regularly and you have kept me strong throughout and I still will not compromise on what I know is true for me – and the years have passed and I am still hopeful that my one true love is still there on my path.
    Thank you so much Red – you cannot begin to realise how your kind help and advice a keep us from going off the deep end, and again I am sorry for not leaving a message for you sooner.
    I hope life is treating you so well Red, you are a true blessing. Thank you!
    Juliet xx


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