Easily Find Self-Fulfillment

Finding Fulfillment in the Process of Self-Improvement

Unlike the bulk of the other items on your day-to-day checklist of things to do, self-improvement is actually fun—and fulfilling. There’s no downside. Plus, it can generate change across the board in your life… anywhere you direct it, in fact! If you’re having trouble shifting gears from taking care of everyone else to taking care of yourself, it’s time to look at self work in a new way—as play. Here are three ways to do just that and incorporate some much needed me-time into your busy life in the process!

Shift Your Approach

Every team has a star player—and in your life, that’s you! Instead of putting everyone else first and telling yourself that you can afford to let your own needs slide (after all, you won’t be letting anyone down but yourself), get your head in the game, STAT! If you want to succeed in love, at work, as a parent or in any aspect of life it’s vital to be your best you. So instead of looking at your self-work as one more thing to add to your tedious to-do list, adjust your perception and instill this message in yourself as well as everyone around you: reflective, meditative “me-time” is good for everybody and everybody needs to take it. Not only will you taste the victory of taking control of your own life, you’ll have begun to shift the energetic playing field for everyone else!

Implement Your Strategy

Now that you’ve acknowledged your own need for fulfillment it’s time to put your game plan into action. Prioritize taking time for your own personal growth. That doesn’t mean squeezing in an hour to watch TV at night or having dinner with friends while your spouse watches the kids (though that stuff is important sometimes too), it means valuing yourself as an individual with wants, needs and dreams which need to acknowledged, evaluated and sometimes, adjusted. Balance is the goal of this game and if you can visualize how it will feel when you achieve it, you’ll be eager to get started. Remember, this isn’t meant to be torturous. Any activities you undertake for your own highest good should make you feel relaxed, present and reflective. Sure, you’re going to shake things up when you delve deep, but struggle leads to catharsis. Which is why you should.

Have No Fear

It’s not all fun and games when you’re facing down your demons. And while you may encounter some aspects of yourself you don’t particularly like when you’re totally honest with yourself – nobody’s perfect after all – you will probably find that the deeper you go, the more tension you release. A good cry goes a long way to alleviating years of pent up frustration and anger. Besides, what didn’t kill you the first time certainly can’t kill you now. The old adage is true, it can only make you stronger. So rather than running from your opponent (whether it be your own self-destructive patterns, a fear of change or anything else), recognize that you are up to the challenge of defeating it and remember: the prize—a life of endless possibilities—is truly worth it!

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4 thoughts on “Easily Find Self-Fulfillment

  1. Terry

    I am doing a self improvement already and reading this article summons up a lot pf what i’ve to do..I now put my self FIRST the disappointment is no longer [myself]!!!!!!!!!! I a not running from my opponent no more,i have faced it head on that demon “SELF DESTRUCTIVE”…….I am now felling freedom,happiness,joy and fullfillment because of the shifting of energy….your article gives me more strength to continue and raise my standards as a person…..THANKS…

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I really resonated with this article……

    I’ve lived my life, and have overcome many inner demons, while keeping in the back of my mind the saying the author used in the article : ” What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger “.

    That is WHY, Karmically speaking, we are down here on the Earthly plane……to face those obstacles that challenge our growth and to overcome those obstacles.

    And here is the BEST part…..the more obstacles you overcome, the easier it becomes to rise to the next challenge without the fear intact.

  3. Karel

    Some of the best time & investment I’ve spent has been on self reflection & self improvement. After going through a particularly difficult time in my life, I was not only motivated by the fact that I never wanted to find myself there again, but I had a real curiosity to learn & examine how it was that I contributed to these problems. I had a great desire to have a better, more balanced approach to my life & relationships Though the work was not always easy, coming out the other side as a much stronger version of myself, was well worth it. I’d a feeling of graduating to a higher level of self worth, esteem & standards of what is acceptable behavior in others & myself. And the ability to be able to identify these quickly while drawing healthy boundries, has brought me a feeling of freedom, joy, fulfillment & yes fun. The energy shift is powerful & the general absence of fear, liberating. I would highly recommend it!


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