Your Weekend Horoscope: Change is Inevitable

Your Weekend Horoscope: Change is Inevitable

Your Weekend Horoscope

An important Solar Eclipse on Friday sets the tone for the weekend. This eclipse, in the final degree of the zodiac, ushers in the end of a major cycle in your life. Eclipses tend to “clip things out” of your life, clearing the way for a new beginning. You may vacillate around letting go, but change is inevitable. Here’s your Weekend Horoscope!

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A paralyzing emotional issue or wound is ready to be released. The only thing standing in the way of the process is a lack of faith in your own ability to heal. Find a way to let go of the past so that an empowered, new you can come to life.


An important friend might be leaving your life or you may end an association with a group that you have been a member of for some time. In either case, a parting may be in order, especially if you have been getting the short end of the stick.


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that a reevaluation of your career goals may reveal that a certain course has reached a dead end. You might not have the support required to continue. Consider this to be an opportunity to shift on to a path that holds more promise. Not all doors are closed.


Beliefs are only valuable for as long as they offer you the solace and direction needed to give your life meaning. A once cherished conviction may no longer fit the bill. There is no shortage of empowering philosophies or faiths. Seek out the teachings that call to you.


You may experience a significant change in the money you share with a spouse or in resources you receive from institutions or other people. This also pertains to loans, credit and inheritances. For bad or for good, the current circumstances may be drawing to a close, clearing the way to create better arrangements.


In either a personal or professional partnership, a major cycle is winding down. The relationship could be completely transformed or, if it has become untenable, it may come to an end altogether. Find a way to resolve your current issues so that you can be available for a new chapter.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows the Solar Eclipse activating your work and health sector. Changing your thinking about these matters helps to free you from the past and to create the reality you desire. Intention must be followed up with effort. You can trust that new actions will ultimately bring improved results.


Your days of wine and roses aren’t exactly numbered, but a certain style of dating and relating might be coming to an end. The time has come to upgrade your romantic practices and this probably involves seeking out a less costly means of courtship. The same principle applies to children and creative pursuits.


It is the final curtain call for a domestic drama. You may decide to move out of a home that has become too burdensome to maintain or you could make a significant change regarding family or roommate dynamics. Breaking free will help to take the pressure off.


The end of the road is in sight when it comes to something you have been learning or a way that you have been communicating with others. There is a need to pull back, conserve your energy, and keep your ideas to yourself. Review your recent experiences and decide what message you want to send going forward.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals the ending of a long-standing financial cycle. This coincides with the conclusion of a long-term goal. Don’t waste time lamenting what did or didn’t happen. Grasp the opportunity to make a fresh start. Prepare the ground to plant new seeds for prosperity.


With the Solar Eclipse in your sign, a major, personal transformation is underway. An old part of you is giving up the ghost, freeing you to invent yourself anew. Who do you want to be? And how do you want to be perceived in the world? It’s time to design a fresh, new you!

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  1. tracy

    Thanks Krishni, your forecasts are always lovely! Blessings, light and love from a pisces (cancer moon/ascendent) 🙂


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