Death of a Lost Boy

80s teen heartthrob Corey Haim died this morning at the age of 38. The actor, known for films such as Lucas and The Lost Boys, had a career long battle with drug abuse.

Sadly, when looking at Haim’s chart it’s very apparent that his greatest strength was also his greatest weakness. He had Rising, Moon, and Mars all in watery Pisces. Pisces is the sign of emotion and sensitivity which gave him the drive and talent to pursue acting. However, in it’s negative form, Pisces people often struggle with depression and addiction.

RIP Corey Haim.

5 thoughts on “Death of a Lost Boy

  1. Althea 9582

    God Bless Corey. It makes me think of my own mortality, as we are the same age. I can not even imagine leaving this earth now…with so much left to learn and do. Corey always struck me as a talented soul with secret and not so secret torment. May his burden finally be lifted and allow his spirit to soar!


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