A Hurricane Convinces a Psychic of Her Gift

I have always been intuitive — beginning with prophetic dreams at a very early age. The mystical arts fascinated me during my teens, when Tarot cards were introduced into my intuitive arsenal. It was age 21 when my gifts charged up and I became able to plug in and control them more readily.

To encapsulate a long story, I was near death over a period of about two weeks of hospitalization for an unexplained ailment. During this critical time, I accepted my imminent death and began to have things revealed to me via prolonged visions. Although I did not perish and go into the light, I experienced such an ongoing time of lingering at the brink that I was reborn … and I truly view my second chance as a second life.

Fear of death was replaced by excitement for life, and eagerness to devour knowledge, and enjoyment of every moment of the human experience — even the unsavory pangs of betrayal and loneliness. My recovery was a speedy one, after the accurate diagnosis was made. I believe the experience had to occur. It was the most revealing, self-actualizing time in my life thus far. I embraced my humanity and my gifts and embarked on the first chapter of a new life. Although my professional life varied over the years, I have always embraced my intuitive self and kept that aspect of my conscience on the ready.

Hurricane Katrina destroyed my home, along with some professional dreams, and physically displaced me as well. It was actually a blessing, as it gave me the quiet and pause to realize that I needed to return to a more psychic immersion to heal myself and others, who longed to put their lives back together. Ever since the hurricane, I have worked as an intuitive in the professional psychic realm and would not change a thing. I have found my bliss … but the story has many chapters and volumes to come!

5 thoughts on “A Hurricane Convinces a Psychic of Her Gift

  1. Althea 9582

    Lonnie~ Thanks for your acknowledgment and support. Abigail~ You are so right; as I am where I need to be! And Jacqueline~ Your optimism and positive energy overflows…I’m glad to be here in the company of so many talented, compassionate intuitives. Thanks for your kind words Miss Krystal~ you are such a delight. I love our psychic family and look forward to interacting with you all via this medium and beyond!

  2. Psychic Jacqueline x9472

    What a roller coaster ride, so glad you are here with us, sometimes it does take an experience like this to get us to shift and become who we are going to be, things definitely happen for a reason,
    Many times these experiences truly awaken us into our abilities.
    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472


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