Day in the Life: Psychic Robin

Day in the Life: Psychic Robin | California Psychics

We believe that a better understanding of our psychics can only deepen your connection with them when you call for a reading. In our continuing series, we talk to our psychics about their day to day lives. In today’s “Day in the Life”, California Psychics interviews Psychic Robin.

What does a typical day off look like for you, Psychic Robin?

All days for me begin the same- when I wake up, offer a small song of gratitude and go outside to greet the day. I like to rise before dawn so that I can watch the sun kiss the day and spread her colors of blue and scarlet across the painted sky. I listen to the horned owls hooting and the wrens singing as the morning music fills the winds. I stand amidst all four of the elements: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air and breathe in the day. I then enjoy a cup of strong espresso, the only true coffee.

I don’t have any routines, but I frequently go into the woods to reflect on the living tarot expressed in all the forest’s wonders. I walk about 10 miles a day, often accompanied by my canine companions. These walks help me feel calm, clear, connected, and at peace.

During my walks, I may gather berries, bark, leaves, and roots for medicine, sometimes meet an elusive Luna moth, foxes, or see a baby owl. I may be gifted with a tortoiseshell, a twisted branch or vine for my artwork, or chance upon a snake, the feminine sign of creation. Recently I found an injured baby squirrel and brought him home to mend.

When the woods offers me branches or shells, I craft staffs, wands, brooms, and sacred art pieces. On days when the weather is persnickety, I withdraw into reading and writing. I don’t own a television, and much prefer to read for enjoyment or continue with my many studies: scientific, symbolic, and spiritual.

I spend many happy hours in my wildflower gardens, under the grape arbor and the banana trees growing in the backyard, where the tiny tree frogs sing of the upcoming weather.

I enjoy painting the walls and doors of our home with trees, flowers, and butterflies and baking bread from nutritious flours.

As dusk falls, I often slip through the forest border into an old cemetery to experience the bats at dusk.

How does being a psychic effect your day to day life?

I would say being psychic enhances my life rather than affects it. Living in the woods attunes my psychic sensitivity, and my sensitivity prefers quiet natural spaces, so I have always sought the woodlands.

I respect my gifts and love how deeply I can reflect and connect on any topic or with any person. Being psychic assists me in seeing a situation from many different perspectives and together as a whole.

Did you develop your psychic abilities in an interesting way?

I grew up in an interesting family where many of us were gifted with artistic or spiritual talents and I was encouraged to explore. When I was an infant my grandfather held me and told my parents the birthmark on my elbow denoted a child who saw things others did not. I don’t know how he knew about the birthmark as he had lost his sight as a young man.

When I was just three, my sister left this world and hers was the first spirit I was able to communicate with.

I received my first tarot cards at age ten from my Halloween born mother and so it went from there. As I grew older, I began to travel so that I could continue to learn.

I spent years studying in a nondenominational temple where I became skilled in the Four Pillars of medicine: herbalism, astrology, alchemy, and numerology. I studied all the great spiritual paths and many lesser-known ones.

Much of my learning took place outside in the woods. In all sorts of weather, I learned the ancient skills of augury, scrying, animal communication, and how to travel the ley lines.
I combined this information with my anthropological studies from other cultures and sought the symbolism within.

Tell us an interesting story you think readers would like to learn about you.

Shortly after college, I traveled to Sardinia to learn more about my family history which is rich with seers and botanical healers. For generations, women with my surname were known to “see.”

I explored this wild world and went to see ancient Nuraghic structures which are much too small for an average human to stand in but suited me just fine. Nuraghe translates into “the house of the fairies” and some think they are portals to another world. It’s said if one enters such a place, one’s life would be touched by something beyond the linear boundaries of time and space. Alone within the walls of stone I felt peacefully embraced and integrated. I believe that for some of us, they are indeed portals.

Have you met someone famous?

I think we all possess a measure of fame but I can say that my father is one of the greatest men I have met. My grandfather came to this country with nothing and worked in the coal mines. They had no comforts, not even indoor plumbing in their tiny dirt-floored home. My father left home early and did everything from driving horses, factory work, and college to becoming the senior vice president of a large company. He taught me to laugh always and never look back.

Did you have a completely different career path in your past?

I studied theatre, anthropology, and creative writing in college and had a career in the professional theatre. I worked as a stage manager, costumer, and performer. This allowed me to travel the country and learn. I was also a live mannequin, a mime, and appeared in two short films.

I have written for metaphysical publications, gone on an archeological dig, and taught herbal medicine. I have also worked as a teacher, a baker, and a cook.

As you might have guessed I avoided offices and cubicles at all costs. My gypsy nature dislikes restriction.

What talents do you have outside of the psychic industry?

I am a writer, wildcrafter, and a woodland artist. I have published a book, many essays, and pieces for magazines and periodicals.

I create a variety of sacred art pieces and tools such as brooms, wands, staffs, amulets, and healing dolls using the elements of nature I grow or gather. Through my art, I help others to connect both to nature and to themselves.

I am a gardener, growing flowers and herbs for food and medicine. I love Lepidoptera and certain times of the year spend an inordinate amount of time finding butterfly eggs and raising them to adults. I create wildflower gardens and cultivate local plants to aid in their feeding and breeding. Caterpillars are the only species on earth that can transcend their bodily form to become another species entirely. I experience this as scientific, transformational ascendance and when I watch a caterpillar emerge from the chrysalis as a butterfly, I know I am in the presence of something immeasurable and deeply intelligent.

Have you helped a client in a memorable way?

I spoke with a beautiful soul who was bound to the past, convinced he was destined to keep repeating negative patterns in life which led to heartbreak. He was stuck in the past, frozen in fear of the future, and unable to evolve emotionally. I looked at his natal chart and saw a sun/Saturn parallel that could potentially have a strong influence over him, especially as Saturn was also in his fourth house and there was an unfavorable square in his Venus. With aspects such as these, one must develop strength and choose to transcend the emotional and physical challenges that might appear during the first half of life.

I spoke with him about how the past and future, love and fear are merely etheric, esoteric expressions of emotional evolution and though they affect the present, they do not govern the outcome. All potential is possible if nurtured with positive choices and actions. He said no one had ever told him he could choose or change his destiny and he was comforted.

A few months later he called me back exuberant, joyful, and in love. Through positive action instead of fear, he was able to move forward and find peace. He was able to see how neither the past nor the future rules us if we choose a positive alternative. That is what I hope to bring to all I am honored to speak with: a feeling of serenity and the strength to choose to live full life.

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