Psychic Q&A: Her Psychic Intuition

Psychic Q&A: Her Psychic Intuition

Controlling Her Psychic Intuition

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Dear Cameron,

I was wondering how to increase my psychic intuition. Since I was six years old I could interpret dreams and give advice. I even told my mom once that Jesus didn’t look like the statues and paintings depicting his image. I can sometimes hear my spirit guide warning me and can feel good or bad things in all things. Also, I dream of future events before they happen as well. I have also kept people from making mistakes that could have been life-altering or helped them prepare for what’s to come. I just feel like I can’t control my psychic intuition and I want to tap into it when I feel like it and not when it feels like it. What can I do?


Psychic Cameron ext. 5412 responds:

Dear Andrea,

It’s wonderful to hear from you and to have a chance to answer a question that I imagine many California Psychics clients have as well. While I believe that every one of us has some level of intuitive ability, there are those of us who definitely have greater sensitivities. It sounds like you are one of these people with psychic intuition.

I appreciate the stories you shared from your childhood. Often, children are psychic because they haven’t learned to second-guess themselves and shut down the channel where information is received. The fact that you can still hear your spirit guide and that you are able to use that information to help yourself and others suggest to me that you weren’t shamed or made to feel embarrassed about your gifts, and are still connected to them. For those of you who weren’t encouraged—it’s never too late to begin to cultivate your psychic intuition or to improve on it!

What it sounds like you need right now, Andrea, is refinement, discipline, and structure. In the psychic world, we call it “tuning in” and “shutting down.” Tuning in is what you seem to do fairly naturally—you get information very often. Shutting down means that there is a point where you allow yourself to be “off duty” and where you get to tell your guides, “No psychic information right now. I’m trying to make dinner, go to a movie, etc.” Undisciplined psychics will sometimes walk into a room or stop people on the street and just read everything and everybody. In my opinion, that can be irresponsible, not to mention exhausting. A reading requires agreement, timing, and boundaries—something that all readers learn to develop over time.

My intuitive sense is telling me that you are considering a possible career using your psychic intuition but you are afraid that it may be too overwhelming. I suggest you look for a class in your area taught by a teacher you can trust. You will begin by learning to “read” people in the class. This can be a wonderful way to improve your psychic intuition in a safe environment and to learn to stop reading when the class is over. Over time, I believe, you will feel more confident in your abilities. As the psychic, you should always be in control. One final tip: Envision a white light surrounding you before and after a session. Many readers find this to be a source of comfort and clarity as they begin and end a reading.

I feel that you are on the right track—but again, having a mentor to help you learn the ropes will make your readings that much more meaningful in the end. As they say, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Good luck and don’t forget the most important thing: have fun!

Take good care,


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2 thoughts on “Psychic Q&A: Her Psychic Intuition

  1. Mariposa

    A great way to continue to hone your intuitive abilities is to practise daily meditation and gratitude. When you are regularly connecting with your inner self and the energies around you, your intuition and personal vibration raises which helps your gifts become more prominent, and in turn helps you become more confident.

    Gratitude is a bit harder to wrap your mind around, but it means taking the time every day to write down at least one thing you are grateful for – it doesn’t have to be anything amazing, perhaps it’s simply just gratitude that you got out of bed, but daily practise will teach your brain to look for the little messages that we often ignore.


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