Boost Your Vibrations

Over a hundred years ago, during the Spiritualist movement, the best science of the day viewed atomic structure like little solar systems with electrons orbiting the nucleus. Many in the scientific community actually believed that there was nothing else to learn about reality. It is amusing to note that this bold statement was made prior to air travel. One could still buy live leeches at any drug store, to bleed out the evil spirits from a person’s body. Arthur Koestler addresses the many incorrect assumptions delivered by the scientific community throughout history in his book “The Sleepwalkers.” The highly esoteric teachings of the occult traditions presented a completely different view of reality. Science is finally catching up.

We exist in a vast sea of vibration. It is not incorrect to view the frequency of vibration as “spiritual light.” Today one can actually view an atomic crystal, and under extreme magnification all that one sees is rings of vibration. Scientists used to believe that the atom was an extremely dense substance. Today we know that atomic structure is literally empty, and the illusion of solidity is nothing more than powerful vibratory force.

Several years ago a prominent bio-molecular chemist began a research project having to do with homeopathic medicine. His aim was to prove through his expertise that homeopathy was nonsense. What he discovered surprised him. His efforts revealed that many of the weak homeopathic formulas operate on a cellular level to actually alter the resonant frequencies of the cells. It is safe to assume that many of the compounds are specifically designed to strengthen the cells resistance to various viruses and bacteria. Yet, this is only one example of how we may influence our own frequency.

Everything that we do, think and feel changes our vibration. We vibrate high or low in various areas of our experience. It is no coincidence that all of the spiritual disciplines somehow relate to achieving control over the levels at which we vibrate. Notice how the senses either raise or lower our vibration. Sound and color therapies play on our vibration levels as well. Happiness and sadness directly impact our body’s vibration level – consequently, affect our overall health.

So how is a person to maintain a consistently high level of vibration while enduring all of the stressful vagaries that life presents?

What are you emotionally attached to and why? Do those attachments create stressful or positive energy levels for you? Are you hanging on to dreams or reality? Hurting, feeling pain is a very low vibration and normally one’s response is not geared toward happiness, but merely the cessation of the pain.

I hear this all the time. “I can’t turn off my emotions.” “I don’t want to feel this pain.” “I can’t help it.” I DO understand. I have been there, done that. The answer for me has been a shift in my commitment. I am no longer committed to NOT feeling pain. In fact, bring it on, if that is what I need to pass through to know happiness. I am now committed to my happiness, thus my high level of vibration. Even the lowest of animals will avoid pain. We are so much more. We all deserve the abundance of the universe. Demand it of yourself and the universe will comply. Above all else, commit to this high frequency, and make no mistake, it IS God’s light.

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  1. yvonne

    I love all of the comments on vibrations, energy patterns, and being in touch with our own inner gifts of spirit. Especially knowing how to use them appropriately for our clients, friends and family. I do not have as many unique gifts as some of the ones I’ve read about, but I am learning to really enjoy the ones I do have! I feel blessed to be able to have such a wonderful team of guides and Guardian angels around me to help me distinguish between “truth” and the echoes of my own ego (or the ego’s of others). Finding my own passion is what allows me to be a valuable asset to those I work with who have very strong views about themselves and their chosen path through life. Many obstacles they face are based on outdated beliefs about their role in society and they are very willing to learn about how the new earth energies can enable them to overcome an outdated system of belief and move into a new era of prosperity that had not existed until recently. It also challenges me to look at myself and become more creative in my own views on life, the new shift, and what I need to do for myself to become even more effective as an asset to myself first, and then to my very unique clients.

    Authenticity is key!


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  7. Pola

    Dear Miss Krystal
    Kung Fu is the result of soldiers in need of shelter finding the support of monks who needed to protect themselves from thiefs whenever they left their temples (or even inside them). The soldiers gave tought them their skills in gratitude and the monks molded them to their beliefs. Hundreds of years later Tai Chi was born from Kung Fu.
    I´ve stopped practicing but our Sifu always told us we were never to start a fight, that this was merely a tool to strenghten the mind and body. And the state you get into is much like moving meditation.
    This is late and very short explanation but I think it covers the basis as to why your friend may be attracted to it ( If he hasn´t told you yet lol!) =)
    My congratulations to him on the black belt!
    Much love

  8. Joanne Fritz

    Intention is everything~ I work as a psychic, medium & energy healer~ I intend love & light and all that serves the highest good of all~ Study Deepak Chopra, Gregg Braden, Dr Dyer, and many others who teach the mechanics of managing the quantum energy. Consciousness creates matter,…always~
    In joy the light,
    From my heart,~Joanne~

  9. Michael D

    Phillip – I really get it NOW. We are traveling at 1K miles an hour on are own axis. We are traveling 67K miles an hour around the sun. The sun is traveling 492K miles an hour around the center of our galaxy. And the entire galaxy is moving in the univrse (at what speed – I have no clue). But if your vibrations are not worthy with positive intentions …. look at the expotential damage one is causing to their own energy – when you consider the force we are actually traveling. In turn – this gives a new meaning to “GOD’s SPEED”. Well, I am off to seek PLEIADES – I think its a key component. -Michael

  10. Psychic Jacqueline x9472

    Jacqueline x9472 said in reply to Gina Rose ext.9500
    Hi Gina Rose,
    I cant believe it is almost fall, time has certainly sped up.
    Very interesting that you harness energy, we pray for Mother Earth and help create a balance, she is sick, the fire is sick, the air is sick, the water is sick, so it is crucial for us to do our part in helping create a higher awareness, a higher vibration, giving back more that we take.
    Too we keep the energy flowing in a positive direction as well….
    Blessings and Hugs,
    Jacqueline x9472

  11. Jen

    Pilates is a type of yoga right? I definitely need to try something like that to boost my circulation. I live in CA and I’m always cold haha. I recently started acupuncture and that’s helped me so much to learn how to relax more and just boosted my overall health.
    Glad you’re feeling better 😀

  12. Sea Turtle

    Hi Jen,
    The pilates machines are sold on both QVC and the HSN-Home Shopping Network. They are really incredible machines in that they are so gentle on our joints and yet very effective.
    I’m 51 and starting to get such nice long muscles in my legs and arms and have lost so many inches! My stomach muscles are coming back after two children and my age!
    I find my posture is better because my stomach muscles are stronger and so I can hold my back straighter.
    I got one for both of my daughters-before they moved 🙁 all three of us would work out together. (miss those days)
    Pilates develops long lean muscles-more like a dancer-not bulky.
    I just LOVE that machine and it’s results.
    It’s not that expensive either…I think under $400.00 and you can often make payments.
    Hey, maybe they should pay me for being a spokesperson! 😉
    You’re gorgeous and’s good to keep our bodies strong too!
    Thanks for being so efficient with this blog!
    Happy Day!

  13. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Someone very very close to me is die hard about Kung Fu. Just got the black
    belt last week, finally…Thank God! They are very dedicated….Although I have
    tried to figure out what it is about this gentle soul, that is attracted to Kung
    Fu. Do you think gentle souls like it because it is a release? thank you…That
    is interested about the children…

  14. SeaTurtle

    Hi Gina Rose,
    I’m jumping in on an email you sent to Miss Krystal regarding exercise and your joints.
    I’d like to recommend that you look into a pilates machine. I bought one a few years ago from one of the tv shopping networks..(JEN, are we allowed to say where?)
    Anyway, I can tell you that it is especially developed with NASA technology to be very gentle on your joints while at the same time stretching and stregthening just about every muscle in the body, including the small “holding muscles”…
    I can tell you that I feel so much better and am much stronger. My posture is better and my core muscles are stronger.
    And, it FEELS GREAT! It is work but at the same time relaxing…lots of breathing with the exercises…helps me to relax.
    There are two attachments, one for whole body workout, and a trampoline attachment for an aerobic workout.
    Just a thought…it has really helped me. When I DON”T do it I start to ache…
    I think we’ll be talking later today…
    Looking forward to it!
    Prayers and hugs,

  15. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Well I don’t know about defending myself……I haven’t worked out in years due to my joints…..LOL
    But the martial arts, ANY type of martial arts, are a great way to learn focus and meditation….
    My brother, Peter, works with children at his DoJo academy…..he has does wonders with kids with ADD & ADHD disorders also with kids with discipline problems as well. They learn respect, discipline, and the ability to FOCUS. Their grades in school even improve as a direct result.
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  16. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    We can never go wrong with the golden rule. It is our ultimate “common
    and of course, giving out good karma to the world…
    We should never judge people for their spiritual beliefs…..All “gods”
    have power…But we do need to respect our differences….There are many
    highways to Heaven….By using the golden rule, we just can’t go wrong….It is
    Miss Krystal

  17. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Jacqueline,
    I totally agree…..wise words to keep in mind, especially since the holiday season is only a few months away now.
    Don’t know how summer went by so quickly……before you know it we’ll be into fall & winter.
    In Wicca….this is primarily what we do…harness energy, focus on energy, and send it back out in a positive direction.
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  18. Joyce (ext. 9598)

    The Golden Rule, me too! I’ve studied most of the world’s major religions (not deeply) but deep enough to see the Golden Rule everywhere in all of them. I think you are awesome Miss Krystal 🙂 I dunno where my eyes came from, lol…when I smile they completely disappear!
    Happy Saturday to you MK:)

  19. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Miss Krystal,
    I’ve studied eastern philosophy in the the form of martial arts when I was young….I used to be a brown belt. I did not study Japanese martial arts but Kung Fu Chinese martial arts. My sensai was Chinese….very harsh task master…but a very good one too.
    Studying this ancient martial art actually helped me learn how to meditate as well.
    My youngest brother is a second degree blackbelt who owns his own DoJo and competes professionally to this day.
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  20. Michael D

    Phillip – its all about VIBRATIONS – I just never knew it and now I KNOW ! Tell “J” that “JSS” has been sending some clients her way – because I told “JSS” that you refered me to her that I was working with “J”. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND IN PARADISE !! Michael

  21. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    My emphasis was eastern asian philosophy…it changed my life…my faith is in the old and new testament. More culturally, the old…spritually, combined… however…I still adopted a lot of chinese thought and customs, etc. I know I was chinese in a past life..I will look for a baby picture and post it one day..I looked chinese…my brothers used to tease me and tell me I was adopted..I am the only one in my family with almond shaped eyes..but I don’t judge people for having different faith..As long as they follow the golden rule, they are good with me!!
    miss krystal

  22. Joyce (ext. 9598)

    I TOTALLY hear you Miss Krystal 🙂 I’m from a split background like you too! Many times in my life I’ve looked back on it and realized how much easier it was for me to make the huge idealogical leap out of the whole western regligious dogma routines, to the more eastern ideas of oneness, because of it.
    When I was 12, I read Kahlil Gibran’s, The Profit, and then when I was in high school, there was a television series with David Carradine, called Kung Fu, which I was completely addicted! I guess I was bitten by the Eastern bug early, lol. For this though, I’ll be eternally grateful, cause now I’m free to enjoy all thought forms 🙂
    Phillip, I’d really love to hear more about your take on the Mary Magdalene story! We’ve been discussing it in my spiritual group ever since the book came out. I can’t wait to hear your take 🙂
    joyce #9598

  23. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    I feel that when you give good, you get the good back…I think also, when you have given GOOD to someone, and in exchange, they give you evil, there is heavy karma in that…..Negative energy is actually a weakness…I just think a lot of people take the good things for granted…The more we noticed the good things in our life, the better our life will be…At least this has served true for my life…
    so many people forget one thing:
    I think this is what makes relationships so unique…

  24. Psychic Jacqueline x9472

    Jacqueline x9472 said in reply to Gina Rose x9500….
    Well I’m sure as with your self and you “Wicca Beliefs” it is all about shifting the energy, changing events, bringing in good positive energy, I know that is the bases of all of our traditions, they are all about bringing, inviting good things, helping others, helping mother earth, the fire, animals, plants, as we help them they always help us back.
    As we help others sending only love to everyone and understand them and there intentions loving them for where they are and swithing the energy they give to us, if needs be, then that good energy will and always does come back in the intention we sent it out….
    Blessing and Big Hugs, my Sister!!!!
    Jacqueline x9472

  25. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Jacqueline…..
    I agree… is extremely powerful when harnessed and directed in a positive manner !!!!!
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  26. Teri Lynn X9625

    Hi Philip: I have found that vibrations are our Power, be it words, feelings, thoughts, intention. Energy is vibration, and vibration is Life. Mr. Masaru Emoto has shown us that water has hidden meanings through thought and intention. Since we are made up of 85-90% water and with intention can create a crystal formation of intention via water, it is always best to bring out the best energy of ourselves and feelings for others. As a psychic I have found daily lifting of vibrations through prayer, or tune/music or OM, and lifting of my feelings.
    Mr. Emoto stated in his book Love Thyself, that “To Love yourself is to love and thank all of existence”! When we vibrate to a vibration that is with the intention of good for self and life, we are going into harmony and healing with Self and Life!
    The crystal formation seems to manifest within our bodies yea though it appears for a short period of time, upon constant dwelling, thinking and feeling the same energy (good or bad depends on the person doing the deed)it will become cyrstalized as we confirm our thoughts daily and in sleep as well. That is why if we pour the vibration of brotherly/sisterly, God/dess, family with love over and over for Self and for humanity with intention through mental action a healing will occur, not only within but in Life as well.
    A goal worth striving for I believe! Go for the Vibe!
    Thanks, TeriLynn X9625

  27. Psychic Jacqueline x9472

    Jacqueline x9472 said….
    I had a thought the other day, I wonder when the energy field of this planet goes threw this shift that is occurring, How do you suppose will effect those that may struggle with some type of mental illness? Will it make them normal? (oh yeah– then question normal, I think, I know I surpassed normal along time ago LOL…) I wonder if mental illness isn’t part of a person living on a higher vibrational level that what is available here and perhaps they don’t acclimate….
    Just a thought.
    Jacqueline x9472

  28. Psychic Jacqueline x9472

    Jacqueline x9472, said in reply to Phillip 9485….
    Great Article Phillip, I love your new photo, I think that if people knew how powerful energy was and it’s qualities there is not anything that could not be accomplished, I think we have just touched the tip of the ice berg, even the healing methods that are coming out, I personally don’t see them being 100% effective there are too many component missing, but someday….
    Jacqueline x9472

  29. Psychic Jacqueline x9472

    Jacqueline x9472 said in reply to Amor….
    Very interesting, directing ones energy can be tricky, the reason why we experience pain, difficult times, is to bring on an awakening that is why there is so much going on during this time is to shift the planet, but….I believe we don’t have to experience the hurt, pain, go through hardship in order to shift, raise a vibration, it can be very easy choosing the thoughts, choose where to focus ones energy.
    It’s like choosing what shirt to wear, choosing what thought will be entertained, and those that will not be allowed to even enter into your mind, keeping the energy clear, around your staying happy, positive upbeat and knowing when it is OK to let go of the things that make you sad, “YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE SAD” this is a choice, Remember you are what you think and you bring in your thoughts.
    I hope this helps,
    Jacqueline x9472

  30. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    I came from a split religious marriage. I did go to Hebrew School. And I did study the old and new testament…
    But we always had a Godly household. I think because it was split, I did not want to really take a side….So I learned how to live both of those vibrations. You can have church or temple right in your own home…God can hear you….God knows your heart…I don’t like to belong to a group as I have some unique ideas and coming from this split background, I can see the prejudice in the world about spirituality…
    Being a product of split religion, where the Jews in my family are very devoted, and the Christians are prayer warriors, I learned my own way to serve God…And most of the time, it is in my own home…And yes, I have had many answers.
    Our dear founding fathers purpose, in America, was our freedom to serve God…And yes, that means in our own home, too.
    God Bless

  31. Phillip# 9485

    By the way, the new user pic I just added to my profile is a digital LILITH I stumbled into a year ago. Some people find it frightening. I only see the power and it is purely feminine. Unfortunately the whole Lilith story was twisted the same way the Mary Magdalene story was twisted. And THAT my friends was a crime of biblical proportions.

  32. Joyce (ext. 9598)

    Another awesome article Phillip! I love the subject of vibration. There is much talk of it these days … the Earth’s increasing vibration is being monitored by science now. They say it makes us feel as though time is speeding up.
    It sure does create a sense of anxiety for many. A mind focused on love and made free from judgement is all that is needed.
    It is God’s light indeed 🙂

  33. Gina Rose ext.9500

    yes….sometimes we DO need to experience pain in order to move on….I say ” bring it”.
    Commitment to happiness is everything….we are down here , on the earthly plane, to grow, learn and, thus, BE HAPPY as the end result.
    Phil, you should have named this article
    ” GOOD VIBRATIONS ” ( after the old Beach Boy’s hit )….
    good vibrational energy or ” good vibrations ” = a healthy mind,body,spirit.
    Phil…you have ” good vibrations “.
    Blessed Be )O(…..hugs
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  34. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Phil,
    ….. LOL….works for me…..I have plenty of those handy.
    Later….have to go meditate !!!
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  35. Phillip# 9485

    AMOR, I said I am no longer committed to ending my pain at any cost. I agree, we need pain to heal. But, I have a higher committment now. I am committed to my happiness and that generally translates to changing habit patterns and and letting go of my attachments that keep me stuck. No more emotional band-aids in other words. Blessings

  36. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Phillip,
    Phil as you know…..I have the unique gift of LITERALLY hearing the energy flow of people…..had my hearing checked many years ago, and I have above average hearing range.
    Hard to explain…but it is like standing under high-power electrical lines…..I can LITERALLY hear a clients pitch and tone…even how consistently their energy is flowing. Everybody has a unique sound to their energy…kind of like a fingerprint.
    I am clairaudiant in that I hear my Guides…but the above gift mentioned is a unique physical gift.
    This article helps me explain my gift…..interesting sidenote….people who regularly meditate have much better sounding pitch & tone to their energy and their energy flows much smoother than others who don’t. Meditation helps a person ” ground ” their energy and regulate it the flow.
    Doctors, over the years have called me,
    ( private clients of mine) to listen to their patients energy …..( I should make note that I do not do” the physical ” on CP line).
    Blessed Be )O(….Hugs…Gina Rose ext.9500
    ps….by the way, Phil, are you allergic to anything that I should be aware of ?

  37. amor

    Hi Philip, thank you for your article. It was just what I needed!!. And yes, the big question is how to keeping on having a high level of vibration while copping with daily life….
    MY last couple of days have been very hard. It seems that when I manage to stand on my feet, life pulls me down with something new. I really do try to have a good level of energy on my everyday, I think I’m a person with a lot of energy; I’m a person who lives life very intense but that can also lead to big frustrations. Sometimes I could feel that I can save the world!!!!…… I think my level of vibration can reach extremes!!!!
    But very true, my attachments are very stressful, gives me a very negative energy and I´m hanging on dreams. I know that. I’m still mourning about some things and healing about others.
    Mourning and Healing are two healthy process in life , painful by times to times, but necessary but, “hanging on”….as long as I´m hanging on, I’m not allowing myself to heal, isn’t that right?…. What do you mean when you say “I’m not longer committed to NOT feeling pain? You do allow yourself to be in pain… How do you turn pain into positive vibrations? Isn’t pain a source of energy it self? How do you reach that inner peace? …
    I do believe in God but I don’t belong to any church. I believe God is everywhere for everyone, no matter, geography, cultural background or how we name “God”…So I do pray everyday, and this is my prayer to you all ( sure you know it!). This does help me when I feel “stuck” and I can’t see the light!!!!!
    The Serenity Prayer
    God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
    courage to change the things I can;
    and wisdom to know the difference.
    Living one day at a time;
    Enjoying one moment at a time;
    –Reinhold Niebuhr
    (It is a little bit longer, but since I disagree on the last part, this is what I repeat to my self when I need)
    xxx amor

  38. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Phillip,
    Remember when I told you I could literally hear energy ????? And I told you I had especially keen hearing (?), I found this out yers ago when my hearing was checked by a Doctor. Well, these vibrations are part of what I can literally hear when a client calls.
    It is complex…..and it blends somewhere with my clairaudiant skills….but it is like standing under high-power electrical lines…the really big ones. That is exactly what I mean when I talk to a client about how their energy is sounding…do they have good pitch AND tone to their energy and consistent flow of energy (?).
    Great article, Phillip…I printed this one out.
    Blessed Be )O( & Hugs…Gina Rose ext.9500
    ps…..phillip,by the way, are you allergic to anything ?


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