Psychic Serafina: Overcome the Heartbreak of Lost Love

Overcoming Heartbreak and Moving On

When is it going to happen for me?

Are there any good guys/girls out there?

I just can’t overcome this heartbreak!

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I’m never going to be able to trust again!

How can I move on?

Why does this keep happening to me?

These are such wonderful questions and I have asked myself the same questions many a time. As a Medium/Psychic/Spiritual Guide, I often wonder as to the appropriate answers. We are all so unique in our personalities, yet so similar. We all want to love and be loved unconditionally and that is where we are the same. We all want to overcome the heartbreak!

Sometimes They Just Leave You 

A short while ago a young man of 19 asked me “What did I do wrong”? My answer: “Nothing. You are perfect exactly the way you are.” His linear brain wanted to know why she caused his heartbreak. He said things were going good and then one day she blew up at him and disappeared. I offered him a perspective that allowed him to relax and enjoy his journey into the mysteries of life and romance. Here goes….

Ask Yourself These Questions

Ponder this for just a moment: What if Divine Spirit/God/the Universe has bigger plans for us than we ourselves could ever imagine? What if all that time we spend wondering about what we did wrong or how we are not good enough keeps us from getting together with the right person? What if every person that comes into our lives is an opportunity for us to learn and grow, so that we can truly chose the person that matches us more completely? What if each time a relationship goes astray (each time we experience a heartbreak) we can look forward to moving closer to the man/woman of our dreams?

Move Enthusiastically Towards What You Want

Isn’t it better to move enthusiastically towards what you really want, instead of holding on to the pain and shame of a heartbreak? Many a time I have looked back at my life and wondered why I spent so much time in guilt or shame or pain, when I could have been having so much more fun moving towards what I really wanted. I remember saying, “Well, I don’t know what I want.” But really, I was just denying myself and staying in pain. My teacher would say, “Divine Spirit wants to give to you. Say yes!”

When it comes right down to it, we have all experienced heartbreak and perhaps if we go back in time, we can see patterns of betrayal, abandonment, disappointment, dishonesty, shame, etc.

How to Heal Yourself

So what can we do to heal our wounded selves? I use this for myself and I have offered this to my clients. It’s called, “Ho’oponopono” and it’s an ancestral Hawaiian chant:

“I’m so sorry. I love you. Please forgive me. I thank you.”

These are powerful words that you can chant daily. Many of you have heard me sing them to you on the line. If you do this consistently for a month (or longer if you like) you will see a change in how and who you attract into your life. It will help you heal your heartbreak. It’s not much fun getting together with a wounded soul, so take this challenge. I dare you! Here’s to the mystery of romance!

With love always,

Serafina ext. 6327

26 thoughts on “Psychic Serafina: Overcome the Heartbreak of Lost Love

  1. Mary A.

    It is crazy that this is the topic for Sept. 10th. The father of my kids broke up with me on this very day, even though I am pregnant with our second child together. I want to work it out for the kids, but he is being stubburn and difficult.

    I am hoping one day he comes around. Because I really want us to be a family. 🙁

  2. Sirelle

    After 35 years of marriage, how can you? You have not only lost the person you thought you were going to spend the rest of your life with, your best friend is not there anymore & hasn’t been emotionally for quite a while. You still have to see this person at every function your children have & that they have for the grandchildren you share. So heartbroken doesn’t really say it all. There just has to be another word out there that really and truly explains all of it. A broken heart can’t be healed, you can move on if your strong enough, however, how can you ever give your heart to someone else and trust them not to break it too. Still too upset to deal with it all, too much to take in.

  3. brenda

    we have loss of personal love things from a child. I never realized this till now. all this time some where in me I have grieved from these, when I wish I had known why all the grief. they may b e small at the time but important to only us. as a child on we take these losses for different reasons and shove them back and go on. we need some one to explain things to us and where to go from there. I am not sorry when someone passes and go to a medium after to talk. it makes it all go away. and I have had some really” deep” pain and talking to the other side made it instantly go away. I have been on a spiritual path for many years ,but its a day to day lesson. there is no LOSS only lessons for our life and we have to not let the loss mentally and physically hurt us. a wounded soul is a piece we give away and we just keep doing this till we have nothing left in ourselves.thats not meant to be.

  4. Gloria Iannacone

    Dear Serafina, Thank you so much for your encouraging words, you are so right! I will be trying your chant, as well! You are very sweet, Gloria

  5. Lianne

    I opened my email and it led me to this. It’s like it was written for me to read, as it is completely all the things that have been going through my head the last while. I’m almost 40 years old and can’t just stay settled in the rut….. I pray to make the proper choices…

  6. araanza

    Hi there, great article indeed!! When u comes to heart is”‘re weak, and emotional, sometimes we acknowledge a bad or simply no-committed relationship, but we stick around thinking we can fix it cause we don’t want to feel the guilt, pain,loneliness, we don’t want the feeling of “failure” cause that’s what it is, people called graciously ” experiences in life” is hurts deeply, you need time to trust again!! And your self esteem goes down drastically until you start believing in your self again!!
    I remember this guy I was dating for 6 months, and I asked one day “do you trust me”? And he answered like this”!!
    I trusted my ex-wife which I was married with for 25 years, and she cheated on me”!! Do you think I can trust you in 6 months??
    Definitive when our heart is not ready to trust-love again is better wait!! We will know when is the right time again!!
    Beautiful day!!!
    Araanza!! 🙂

  7. bernice

    I love this article. We are all at sometimes wounded, they say that those you love, hurt you more and that is so true, I still have love and feelings for those I have encountered, I have to be pragmatic and endorse those wise words that say we must embrace those who hurt us and thank them for the lesson so we can grow, and remember that the universe has grander plans when we develop and learn. 🙂

  8. Zuzana

    Love is a risk (no guarantee) but worth to try. It is too beautiful to lock ourself in – so embrace your self because every step we take is step on our path of learning… There are no losers or winners in love – in worst case we learn and grow in better case we blossom and shine 🙂 good luck to all of us 😉 remember every partner in our lives is there for a reason – our mirror. Your true soul mate will not let you down or criticize you in negative way, hurt you, abuse you… but will give you constructive criticism to help you open up from your shelf and become truly yourself and your best while standing by your side…

  9. Laura

    Absolutly amazing! Something has been on my mind the past week and I do not think i have ever been so unsure, scared, and utterly excited in all of my existance! I accept your challenge lol. TY!

  10. Cobalt violet

    Re-visiting the past to rehash it or projecting into the future to try to stave off past mistakes are both loser domains. The only place to be is right here, right now in this moment and if something happens while we embrace this moment we need to deal with it now. The only thing that’s real is now. The choices are to operate from a position of love or fear – so go all out for love, otherwise we diminish ourselves. Feel deeply!

  11. dp

    Serafina: I know this sounds so so cliche. but it went down just like that. I’m a Scorpio and He’s a cancer, things were going actually very good.i never would have thought. Over something so simple and our first not even a fight fight. one day a misunderstanding a dumb comment he made to me that hurt my feelings emotions were high he’s apologized but, just like that its as if we had nothing…
    I really needed to read this so I can get out of this funk two weeks is way to long to be hurt and blaming myself not to mention waiting for the text or calls to see if we are going to be back to our norm….

    Thank You my friend i have once again learned to not trust a man into my life!

  12. mihail mandalenakis

    I’m older than you guys and I have my share of disappointments in love. When I get interested in girl I ask a lot of question, I never go head over heels because you may hurt yourself deeply. never get too serious in a relationship unless the other side has committed (he)or(her)self and there’s no doubt that there’s going to be as planned with no proplems later on. And there is another approach; test the waters in different ways and watch the responds and never commit yourself deeply! good luck to me and to you reader too!

  13. Melissa

    Thank you Serafina for posting this it’s like this was written for me! Especially what u said abt big feeling guilty& maybe God has special plans for us that we don’t know ourselves. I have been betrayed the worst way possible by a man I thought loved me. Boy was I wrong! I’m still trying to process all of it in without going mental. Lol. Thank you.

  14. Marc from the Uk

    I love this article. We are all at sometimes wounded, they say that those you love, hurt you more and that is so true, I still have love and feelings for those I have encountered, I have to be pragmatic and endorse those wise words that say we must embrace those who hurt us and thank them for the lesson so we can grow, and remember that the universe has grander plans when we develop and learn. 🙂


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